Video: Governor Palin Speaks at Restoring Honor Rally

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Mediaite has covered Governor Palin's speech at today's Restoring Honor Rally at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC. Frances Martel writes:

Palin dedicated her speech to the troops, honored several American soldiers, and thanked the greatest Americans, both large and small in legacy, for their contributions.

Before going through a list of US soldiers that were receiving awards today for their exemplary service, Palin took the time to go through some of America’s greatest leaders– George Washington and Abraham Lincoln and, of course, Martin Luther King, Jr. She thanked him for providing “a dream that would challenge us to honor the sacred charters of hour [sic] liberty, and reminded the audience that, “in honoring them [the great Americans], we must not forget the ordinary men and women… our men and women in uniform, a force for good in this country, and that is nothing to apologize for.”

Read more here.

Below is the speech via C-SPAN, retrieved from Mediaite:

(h/t Whitney)


Sunflower Ranch August 28, 2010 at 3:38 PM  

Beautiful speech!! Thank you so much for posting it!!! God bless America!!

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