Bristol Palin and Lifehouse Maternity House

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Via Facebook, Bristol Palin released the following Facebook note about her recent visit to Lifehouse in Louisville:

Recently I was invited to Louisville by the Lifehouse organization. This group has a wonderful pro-life mission and provides outreach, education and sanctuary to young women who need a safe place to give life. I was privileged to be able to meet so many wonderful people and I was moved by the stories of so many brave young women who chose life for their children even under the most challenging circumstances. I know I was supposed to enlighten and motivate the audience, but I was the one enlightened and energized by these wonderful people.

I’d like to especially thank Robin, Pam, and Joan for their amazing work on behalf of these young women, for their gracious hospitality, and for the tour of the Lifehouse maternity home. Thank you to the young women living at Lifehouse who shared their testimony with me; each one truly was an inspiration. Thank you to the donors for your generous support financially and through volunteer activity. Thank you, Lifehouse, for your selfless efforts and ministry to young women facing difficult situations and decisions.

Lifehouse is a remarkable program and I was honored to be its guest speaker at its annual event to help raise funds to expand the size of their maternity home. The home is operated by 100 percent private donations, and recently received a $400,000 private match commitment for their planned expansion to grow the home from 7 bedrooms to 13 bedrooms. By helping Lifehouse raise the additional $400,000 match, they will be able to fund their expansion, and assure their help to young women for years to come. For more information about Lifehouse’s mission and to donate, please visit their website by clicking here. 


Bristol Palin

PS – Please enjoy some of the photos from my trip to Lifehouse.
See the pictures at Bristol's Facebook page.

Below is a Facebook note from Joan Smith, Lifehouse's executive director:


I can not begin to tell you all the great comments that I have heard since you spoke at our Lifehouse Banquet. I promised anyone who attended that they would leave with a better understanding of Lifehouse and our mission and better understand the hardship and pain that the brave young women make to give life to their child. You so helped to relay that message from the heart to those in attendance and the young women from Lifehouse who gave their testimonies along side you felt an immediate connnection to you.

We are just so blessed that you were willing to vist Lifehouse and speak on our behalf. Know that we will keep you and your family in our daily prayers and you are always welcome to come back for a visit.

Joan Smith

Lifehouse Maternity Center.


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