"Fox News Watch" Panel Crushes Vanity Fair Hatchet Job; UPDATED

Sunday, September 5, 2010

The "Fox News Watch" panel discussed Michael Joseph Gross's Vanity Fair article about Governor Palin. Even Kirsten Powers, well-known for her Liberal worldview, made it clear what she thinks of Gross' hatchet job. She didn't allow the fact that she and Governor Palin sit on opposite sides of the political aisle to influence her ability to see the piece for what it is: garbage.

Here's the video, thanks to Sheya at PalinTV:

Update: Via Josh Painter:

And in this Fox NewsWatch Face Off, Hanican and Jim Pinkerton continue the debate. While Hanican continues to whine about whining and gratuitously slams Gov. Palin over the authorship of her book, Pinkerton deals with substance, making the point that the real burden of proof is on Gross and VF to back up their wild claims, which they have refused to do:

What I find interesting, too, is that while Hanican insists Governor Palin is constantly whining, he strongly states that if the Vanity Fair article is laced with lies, she "ought to come out with both guns blazing." Uh, is it me or has he just contradicted his whole argument? Didn't he just call that kind of self-defense "whining"? So let me ask the question: Sir, should she speak out against the constant lies or shouldn't she? Decide which side of the fence you stand on and stay there because I've heard straddling it is quite uncomfortable.


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