Left Depicts Gov. Palin as Hitler. Where's the Outcry?

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Where's the outrage from the media, from the Left, from the NAACP, from Al Sharpton & Company? Where are the people who are so quick to point out some supposed racism, extremism, and every other ism among Republicans or the Tea Party movement? They should be all over this, shouldn't they?

Via Big Government:

A video showing protesters outside an Americans For Prosperity event has surfaced on the internet. It shows the protestors with signs depicting Sarah Palin and Glenn beck with Hitler mustaches and the label “Naz-Tea Party” over their pictures. Also depicted as Hitler is GOP candidate Adam Kinzinger running against Rep. Debbie Halvorson (IL-D) in the 11th District in Illinois.

Adam Kinzinger, a decorated veteran, is running against Democratic Congresswoman, Debbie Halvorson. Governor Palin endorsed Kinzinger, which apparently makes him fair game to be treated in the same despicable manner some treat her.

Whitney Pitcher addresses this recent development on C4P:

Apparently, when some are trailing in a tough campaign, they feel the need to resort to extreme, horrific, and completely uncalled for measures, such as depicting your opponent and other conservatives such as Governor Palin and Glenn Beck as Nazis and chanting out, "outsource Adam, not our jobs". The Left proves itself again as possessing no scruples.


Gateway Pundit has identified one of the protesters as none other than Halvorson's newest campaign manager, Julie Merz, who, by the way, also once worked for Speaker Pelosi. Other protesters include Missouri Deputy Field Director for Obama's presidential campaign, Anna Markowski. The protesters, who were picketing against the Americans for Prosperity group in Joliet, ended their night by walking across the street to one of Halvorson's campaign offices.

Read all of Whitney's post here.

Atlas Shrugs' Pamela Geller, in "The Nazis are Coming! Dem Congresswoman and Democrat Supporters Participate in ‘Palin-As-Hitler’ Rally," writes:

The Nazis are coming! That's what the national socialist party is howling. And that which they falsely accuse us of, they do with reckless abandon, painting leaders of the rational as Hitler. They painted Bush with the Hitler brush, and the shill media said nothing, did nothing, saw nothing. But they were only too happy to lie, manipulate images and photoshop pictures to smear and slander good people, accusing us of doing it to the sainted failure in the White House (go here and here). I vlogged their slander (go here to watch video with fauxtography and screenshots back in August 2009).

But now they are actually doing it, gleefully rubbing their hooves, and the silence of the media is deafening. They have no shame. When they deliberately won't report the news because it refudiates their narrative, they lie about it. Take a good hard look around, people: the enemy within, the fifth estate are destroying this country brick by brick, line by line, freedom by freedom.

This is Goebbels-style propaganda. Big Media is going down in flames. What diseased little hypocrites they all are.

Read Geller's full article here.

Josh Painter gathered, from around the web, a sampling of responses to this appalling display of hatred. Here are a few he quoted:


It's ironic that the same party that points their crooked finger at the GOP and the tea party as the ones hurling violent rhetoric are the same ones that use Nazi symbols to paint the opposition with.

Don Surber:

Why should I pay tax dollars to support people who carry Nazi signs?"

RedState.com's Erick Erickson:

"Does Barack Obama sanction his own grassroots army comparing Republicans to Hitler? If not, will he see to it that this employee is fired?

Stacy McCain channels Captain Louis Renault:

It appears that not a single major news organization in Illinois — not the TV stations, nor the Chicago Tribune or Sun-Times — has done any actual reporting on this story.

Hmmm...I'd say that I'm expecting an outcry from the lamestream media at any moment, but I'd be lying.

Read more from Painter here.

Here's what the Kinzinger campaign had to say:

It was shocking to see the images displayed by protesters in Joliet this week. When I decided to run for office, I understood the nastiness of politics but never envisioned this kind of attack. Congresswoman Halvorson’s campaign has denied involvement, but video of protesters retiring to her office following the demonstration indicates otherwise. The campaign’s spokesman stated that Halvorson shares my concerns about the public display. If that is indeed the case, I respectfully ask that she use the evidence at hand to launch an investigation into the activities of her campaign and its participation in the Joliet protest, and take appropriate action.

Read their full statement here.

No matter how many times I see the double-standard, I cannot get used to it. For the record, I'll say it: it's not right for people to depict President Obama as Hitler, and neither is it right to depict Governor Palin or one of her endorsees as Hitler. People on the Left, however, don't seem to care too much about the extreme actions--and there are many--by people on their side of the aisle. They're too busy sniffing out perceived extremism on the Right. As I have said before, I will take people more seriously when their outrage against the Right is matched by their passionate opposition to the obscene, vulgar, and dangerous treatment Governor Palin, and everyone associated with her, receive.

You can help. Sign up at the new site, Organize4Palin, to support candidates Governor Palin has endorsed, including Adam Kinzinger.

(h/t Pamela Geller, Whitney Pitcher, Josh Painter)


Janelle September 19, 2010 at 11:38 PM  

Adrienne, we. the flyover people, the chattering class, the mad as hell folks who don't see government as our betters are going to change this. DC hasn't grasped this fully yet, the media for the most part is clueless, local and state governments are vulnerable. It's flat out time to really change all of them. Back to the basics....no more hero worship for political office at all. It will be such a hard job that only the best can do it for a limited time. Which was the way it was designed in the first place.

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