Bristol Moves on to Week 6; Updated

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Don't tell me every vote doesn't count! Bristol and her partner, Mark, have survived week 5 of Dancing with the Stars after the judges gave them the lowest scores of the night, a total of 18. Bristol's supporters, exercising every one of their votes, should take heart that their efforts were not in vain. Our votes, combined with Bristol's hard work and dedication, are sending her on to the next round.

Team Ballin expressed both delight and surprise at the announcement that their performance of the Jive was not their last. They thanked the voters and are excited to come back and dance some more next week.

We're all very much engaged in the current political climate of our nation. We have Governor Palin's back as she addresses the important issues that are before us, and we enjoy seeing the positive impact she's having on America leading into these mid-term elections. Lately, we've gotten to see another Palin in action. Isn't it a most-enjoyable diversion to tune in each week and join the Palin family in cheering Bristol on to victory?

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UPDATE: Governor Palin tweeted after Florence Henderson was voted off last night:

Florence Henderson... what a lovely lady! What a story! She reflects grace, beauty, energy, inspiration. America loves you, Florence.

Both Bristol and Florence have talked about how close they got during their time together on the show.


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