Bristol Palin is "Making a Difference For Life"

Friday, October 1, 2010

Bristol Palin was at the Visalia Convention Center last night to speak at the Tulare-Kings Right To Life Annual Fundraiser. Her abstinence message was obviously well-received by the attendees inside, while a few anti-abstinence people protested outside. They have a right to protest, but the message will still get out, for people, like Bristol, who want to make a difference are willing to be a voice--no matter the opposition.

ABC posted the following video report, retrieved here:

After the event, Bristol posted the following note on her Facebook page:

Thank You Tulare-Kings Right to Life

Tonight I delivered a speech to the Tulare-Kings Right to Life in Visalia, California. I was honored to receive the invitation, and it was my hope that sharing my story tonight would aid this wonderful group in their crucial work on behalf of unborn children.

Let me tell you a little about the Tulare-Kings Right to Life for those who couldn't make it tonight. This group encompasses thousands of volunteers who fight on the front lines everyday to defend the life of the unborn child. One part of their mission is to educate Californians and Americans on the sanctity of life, and to help women facing unexpected pregnancies to choose life. They also stand against "abortion on demand" government policies and laws, and hold firm against the construction of abortion clinics in the Fresno area.

The wonderful staff, volunteers and donors who are part of the Tulare-Kings Right to Life are saviors to the unborn child and I am so blessed to have had the opportunity to meet with these heroes and to share my story with them tonight.

You can learn more about the Tulare-Kings Right to Life by clicking here: Tulare-Kings Right to Life.


Bristol Palin
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