Bristol Palin's Various Projects

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Bristol Palin is engaged in a plethora of projects lately. She is showing how multi-faceted she is and how committed she remains to the things she believes in most.

Ron Devito of US4Palin covered Bristol's music video endeavor. He shared the following about the video she starred in:

Bristol Palin has cut a music video “In this World of Mine” with a local Alaskan rock band, Static Cycle, according to wide-ranging media reports. According to Laura Clarizio of the Examiner, Bristol plays the role of Mother Nature in the music video, which was filmed in Chena, Alaska. In her role, Bristol wore a mink coat with her eyelashes and eyebrows iced.

Devito also reminded us of the work Bristol continues to do for women who find themselves in "less than ideal circumstances":

Perry Center Speech

Bristol will be the featured speaker at a fundraiser for The Perry Center, a West Fargo home for unwed mothers.

In addition to making speeches before large audiences, Governor Palin's daughter is also doing one-on-one interviews.

Today, she was a guest on the Tammy Bruce radio show. Click here to find out how to hear what Bristol had to say to the well-known conservative talk radio host.

Bristol also had a sit-down interview with Scott Hennen in Fargo, North Dakota. She discussed various topics, including her son, abstinence, the unwavering support she receives from her parents, wanting her mom to run for president, and even Tina Fey. She repeatedly stated how "blessed" she is. There was one topic, however, in which Bristol refused to invest any time. See her interview below:

Read J. Shane Mercer's account of this interview at Inforum.

If you're not already a friend of Bristol on Facebook, you can get on board by clicking here.

(h/t Ron)


Anonymous,  October 7, 2010 at 11:36 PM  

Thank you! Bristol is such a mature lady for someone her age. I'm hoping that she and Mark have a great Monday. I want her to be able to celebrate her birthday coming up soon on the show!

I guess you have to suscribe to hear the podcast. Could you give a breakdown of the interview?


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