Bristol Rocks on DWTS, Acknowledges Voter Support; Updated with Results

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

NOTE: Don't read the update at the bottom if DWTS has not yet aired where you live and you don't want the results now.

Bristol Palin was fabulous on Dancing with the Stars last night. Not only was her technique sound, but she came with great fire--and the judges loved it!

Deborah Starr Seibel reports:

But what everyone in the audience was talking about was the surprisingly strong showing by Bristol Palin, who managed to rack up 23 points for her graceful tango before coming in second-to-last for the marathon. Nevertheless, she wowed with a newfound confidence on the dance floor.

"I realized that if I didn't go all out, I was gonna go home," said Palin, who is known to be painfully shy. "So I tried my best to go all out." The 20-year-old single mom somehow managed to survive dancing in a disastrous monkey costume last week, to say nothing of forgetting her steps.

That survival has led to much speculation that the Tea Party may be warming up their voting fingers in preparation for next week's election by voting for Republican Sarah Palin's daughter. Does Bristol think that's what's going on? "I'm sure they're backing us up," she said. "It's just my mom's supporters."

Added her partner, pro Mark Ballas, "I have no idea what the Tea Party is. But I'm from England and I like tea. So, whether it's a tea party, a coffee party, or any other beverage party — as long as it's non-alcoholic — we appreciate any support we can get."

Of course we're backing her up! Every vote counts--and we're exercising our right! Tonight we'll find out what next week holds for Bristol and Mark.

Dance Bristol Dance!

UPDATED: Bristol and Mark are on to next week! The judges requested they dance again tonight; their performance was even better than last night!


Anonymous,  October 27, 2010 at 1:25 AM  

Please, Bristol and Mark are doing well because they are working hard, can we give them some credit for hard work? Mark for being an excellent teacher, and Bristol for working hard, and listening to Marks advice and teaching.

Adrienne Ross October 27, 2010 at 7:22 AM  

Anonymous @1:25 AM

Of course, Bristol has been working hard, which is why she's performing well. On this blog, on Twitter, and on Facebook, I always highlight how well Bristol is doing, no doubt, as a result of her hard work. I always credit her. But in honor your request I will reiterate:

Bristol is ROCKING it! As I wrote about when I posted my interview of her, her day consists of hours and hours of practice, tackling the challenge of coming out of her comfort zone, and being willing to get into the part. As I wrote in yesterday's post, Bristol was fired up Monday, and it showed, and as I updated last night, she was even better in the encore performance--all due to hard work. She's very gracious to acknowledge the voting, recognizing it does play an important role. Therefore, I want to continue to encourage people to utilize their voting power to keep Bristol and Mark working hard and performing well.

Dance Bristol Dance!

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