Fox News Interviews Governor Palin at Reno Tea Party

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Governor Palin spoke to Fox News at the Tea Party Rally in Reno. She called out the failed policies of the Obama administration and the need to "Fire Pelosi and retire Reid." Reiterating that the tea party movement is not about a political party but about common sense, time-tested solutions, she warned that the GOP had better stand on the side of "we, the people." She did add that she sees them embracing that message.

When asked about the attacks on tea party Americans and conservative women, the Governor talked at length about the slander, the false claims that they are inciting violence, allegations of racism, and the disdain some hold for women who manage to smile, be happy, love America, and yet are aggressive in their messaging. She was even asked about the suggestion that she is "Queen of the mean girls." Of course, the Governor continued to smile and remain focused on the issues at hand. Her message to us is to "keep the faith" in spite of all the opposition--and look forward to November 2nd.

With all that was discussed in the interview, perhaps my favorite part was this lighter sentiment Governor Palin expressed:

May we always be happy, and may our enemies know it.

(h/t Sheya)


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