Reno Tea Party Express Live Stream; Updated

Monday, October 18, 2010

I received an email yesterday from, which reads in part (initial emphasis added):

Fellow Patriots,

The Tea Party Express kicks off at 10:00 AM in Reno, Nevada, on Monday, October 18th. Joining the kick-off party will be Sarah Palin, among many other special guests. (Many thanks to!) will provide a LIVE broadcast of the entire event. You can watch the live broadcast via's special page set up at's Ron Futrell will be anchoring much of the live broadcast for the entire Tea Party Express tour, so please be sure to tune in often and share the link with everyone you know!

Will this tour make a difference?

In 2008, Barack Obama set out on a whirlwind tour aimed at bringing energy into the ground game for the purpose of getting voters out and to the polls. This final Tea Party Express will do the same for the free-market movement.

We strongly encourage all activists to attend a rally where possible, watch the rallies online where not, and do everything possible to energize friends and family to get out and vote on November 2nd.

This is the final leg in battle we've all been a part of for the past year and a half. What we do in the next few weeks will determine the survival of our Liberty.

You may also watch the live stream below or go to if you have trouble accessing it otherwise.

Remember, this will begin 10:00 AM Reno time, which is 1:00 PM Eastern. Be sure to watch if you're available. The time to make a difference is now!

UPDATE: Live stream embed has now been removed. I will post Governor Palin's speech shortly.


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