Bret Baier Profiles Governor Palin in Fox's 12 in '12 Series

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

As posted here, Bret Baier profiled Governor Palin tonight in his 12 in '12 series for Fox News. This series is dedicated to potential 2012 presidential candidates. Personally, I think Baier could have done a better job with the interview. Governor Palin has been leading the conversation on such things as the economy, health care, energy independence, and national security. She has been bringing a common sense message, something she articulates quite well. No doubt, she was prepared to do so in this particular interview. Bret Baier missed an opportunity to hear more from her on these issues, focusing instead on the "she's so polarizing" nonsense.

Nonetheless, here's the video, via C4P.


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