Gov. Palin's Email Hacker Sentenced

Friday, November 12, 2010

David Kernell, son of Tennessee state representative, Democrat Mike Kernell, who was convicted of hacking Governor Palin's email, was sentenced today. Emily Stroud writes:

A federal judge sentenced a former University of Tennessee student convicted of hacking Sarah Palin's e-mail to one year and one day in federal custody.

David Kernell was arrested in 2008 for hacking the former Alaska governor's e-mail.

The judge recommended that Kernell serve his time at the Midway Rehabilitative Center on Magnolia Avenue in Knoxville, a half way house. The judge noted it is close to Pellissippi State Community College where Kernell took classes this summer. He would be able to continue his studies and counseling for depression.

The Federal Bureau of Prisons will decide where Kernell serves his sentence and when his sentence starts.

The judge also sentenced Kernell to three years probation following his term in confinement.

Friday morning, David Kernell himself spoke briefly in court just before Judge Thomas Phillips sentenced him on two counts: felony obstruction of justice and misdemeanor unlawful computer access.
Read more and see video here.


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