Governor Palin Helps Usher in New Face of GOP

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Tuesday's election was indeed historic, and for more than one reason. What Republicans managed to do in seizing control of the House is definitely noteworthy. Americans sent a clear message to the Obama administration that boils down to something like this: "Can you hear me now?"

Governor Palin endorsed several Mama Grizzlies, propelling these women forward in their efforts to serve their states and their nation well. Nicole pointed to this "GOP Year of the Woman," in her post, "27 GOP Women Elected to Congress And Governorships." Governor Palin endorsed ten of these women.

Not only has this election season brought women to the forefront of the Republican Party, but it has historically changed the face of the Republican Party. The Left prides itself on what they deem a lock on minorities. In fact, they think they own us. Not so. More and more are stepping forward to proclaim the common sense values that conservatives espouse, that Governor Palin espouses. This election highlighted several of these people.

Newsy reports:

Minority candidates rode the GOP wave Tuesday night, as Marco Rubio, Tim Scott, Susana Martinez, and Nikki Haley all produced historic victories.
(See video below.)

In its report, which uses CNN, The Root, Stateline, NBC, and C-SPAN as sources, Newsy touches on the role the Tea Party has played in this. That's a far cry from the racism smear unfairly thrown at tea partiers who have simply demanded fiscal responsibility, limited government, and Constitutional freedom. Governor Palin endorsed every one of these winners, which is a fact the lamestream media won't point out because it would clash with the racism narrative they push. The truth is the Governor helped create this historic moment in the GOP, choosing to throw her common sense support behind common sense Americans. 2010 has been the year that people we may have never heard of before offered their service out of a desire to restore--not "fundamentally transform"--the exceptional America they love.

If the Left's agenda is detrimental to anyone--and it most certainly is--it is doubly detrimental for minorities. Nonetheless, Democrats have been successful in coercing us, duping us, and trapping us into going along with a system that simply does not work to promote progress. It is counterproductive to our success. The message Governor Palin embodies and boldly proclaims, however, is one that empowers, protects, and provides. It is the message that must be heard, for it is particularly vital for minority communities, which is a subject I intend to focus on in the days ahead. Common sense conservatism benefits all Americans, so may it continue to spread like wildfire into areas where it has heretofore not been embraced.

Governor Palin's voice and the people she has endorsed are already influencing the direction of the country, as evidenced by Tuesday's historic election. She has her Mama Grizzlies in 2010, the GOP Year of the Woman, and for that we are most grateful. In addition, she has helped usher in what may very well be the new multicultural face of the GOP, for which we are also grateful.

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opditch November 4, 2010 at 11:14 AM  

At the end of that Video from there was a claim of "harsh race rhetoric" still out there. Where was that seen in this election? I must have missed it. What do you think Adrienne? Was it there? Or is this a false claim from Obama friendly CSPAN?

Adrienne Ross November 4, 2010 at 12:45 PM  


Yes, I saw that rhetoric in this election. It came from the same direction it usually comes from: the Left.

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