Governor Palin's Election Coverage on Fox

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Governor Palin has been very busy with election analysis the last few days. Tonight is even busier. Already she spoke to Laura Ingraham today. Ian Lazaren keeps us updated on the Governor's schedule the rest of Election Day:

The Governor tweeted that she's headed to the Fox News studios. She'll be talking with Cavuto on the Fox Business Network at around 6 PM EST and with Shepard Smith on the Fox network (not Fox News) at around 7 PM EST. The Governor will be providing analysis at Fox News for the remainder of the evening and is expected to discuss the results with Karl Rove. Sheya and the team here will do our best to keep you updated on what the Governor is saying.

That tweet says:
Headed back 2 FOX studios after break for Central Park run.(Beautiful!) Outstanding FOX team great to work w @ America's election central!


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