Vote for Bristol in "DWTS" Finals

Monday, November 22, 2010

Bristol made it to the "Dancing with the Stars" finals through her hard work and determination. She represents what the show is supposed to be all about: someone with no dancing experience learning from a professional, combined with people voting for the person they want to win. That's the way it works. It is unfortunate, to say the least, that Bristol has been threatened and demeaned by haters who simply cannot stand to see success attached to the Palin name. Nonetheless, Bristol has continued to grow and develop on the show. She has come so far as a dancer, and that's what people are seeing, and that's why they're voting for her. Nontroversy over.

Here's the voting information once again:

The number to call or text (AT&T customers only) your vote for them is 800-868-3407. You can also vote online by going here. You get to vote several times, several different ways. Use all your options for Bristol. Voting begins when the show starts. You have until 30 minutes after DWTS ends to vote via phone and text. However, you may vote online until 11 a.m. Eastern the next day.


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