Headed to Hear Gov. Palin at Winning America Back Conference in Missouri

Friday, April 30, 2010

I am headed to Missouri to attend the Winning America Back Conference on Saturday, where Governor Palin will be speaking.

Also scheduled to speak are Liz Cheney, J.C. Watts, and Fred and Jeri Thompson.

About “Winning America Back”

“Winning America Back” will be an action packed one-day event promoting conservative values with some of the biggest names in politics – including keynote remarks from Sarah Palin. This event will equip conservatives with resources to take action on the grassroots level to make a positive impact for our future. Like a lot of Americans, members of Preserving American Liberty are worried about the current state of our country and the lack of leadership from our state houses to Washington, D.C. Instead of standing on the sidelines, we ask that members of the community join us as we hear from conservatives from across the country on how to be a part of the solution and to see what we can do to make a positive difference.
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Palin Email Hacker Found Guilty of Obstruction of Justice and Unauthorized Access

The jury has found David Kernell guilty of some of the charges against him for hacking Governor Palin's email during the 2008 campaign.

According to WBIR:

A federal jury has found former UT student David Kernell guilty of obstruction of justice and unauthorized access in the breach of Sarah Palin's e-mail.

The obstruction of justice conviction makes Kernell a felon.


The jury found Kernell guilty of obstruction of justice. That carries a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison, with a fine up to $250,000.

Kernell was not found guilty of every charge. Read about that here.

(H/T C4P)


Hockey Mom Endorses Hockey Dad for Governor

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Governor Palin, America's hockey mom, endorses hockey dad, Tom Emmer, for governor of Minnesota. On Facebook, she writes:

The Straight-talking “Hockey Dad” with a Message for Reform

A patriotic fiscally conservative “hockey dad” who got his start in politics by serving on his local city councils is running for governor of the great state of Minnesota. His name is Tom Emmer, and I’m proud to support him.

Tom has based his campaign on three founding principles: “Honoring the Constitution, Expanding Liberty and Fostering Economic Freedom.”

Coming from a working class background, Tom is known as a straight-talker who is unafraid of taking on the challenge of reining in the size and scope of government. A proud father of seven, Tom is in this race for the right reasons – to provide bold, principled leadership that will leave Minnesota fiscally stronger for the next generation. He knows that government overspending is the real obstacle to reform. Tom says, “When a family experiences a change in its income, that family adjusts its budget accordingly. If they have less money, they spend less money. This simple form of money management is completely lost on state government.” It’s common sense statements like that which make Tom such an attractive candidate for Minnesotans who want real reform.

A family man who wants to leave his kids a better future, a “hockey dad” who once played for the University of Alaska-Fairbanks Nanooks, a patriotic commonsense conservative who wishes to serve for the right reasons – that’s Tom Emmer, and I ask you to join me in supporting him for governor of Minnesota.

Please visit Tom’s website here, and follow him on Facebook and Twitter. Let’s shake things up with this straight-talking “hockey dad” and his message for reforming government.

- Sarah Palin


Governor Palin Wins Again; Another Ethics Complaint Dismissed

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Governor Palin's attorney, Thomas Van Flein, gives details about another asinine anti-Palin ethics complaint dismissed. More importantly, he highlights the real reason she stepped down from her position as governor of Alaska. Of course, that reason is no surprise to those of us who recognize her servant's heart, understand the great love she has for her state, and simply listened to what she told us when she resigned.

Via Facebook (emphasis added):

Swing and a miss

Yesterday we learned that another “ethics” complaint that was filed against Governor Palin was dismissed as baseless. (If you are counting, the Governor is 26-0-1 regarding such complaints or suits, with one still pending). Only this complaint was actually filed after she left office, and alleged that the mere existence of the Alaska Fund Trust (the legal defense fund set up for her to help defray the costs incurred during the Troopergate fiasco and related machinations that followed in its wake) was violative of the Alaska Executive Branch Ethics Act as well as its solicitation or receipt of contributions. The raison d’être of the legal defense fund was inexorably linked to Governor Palin’s nomination as the Republican candidate for Vice President and the post-nomination political tactics arising therefrom; thus making the nomination sine quo non for the fund. In a detailed opinion, the complaint was dismissed as lacking a factual or legal basis. Last June, upon learning that a complaint against the Governor’s Anchorage Office Director was dismissed as baseless, Governor Palin’s then Chief of Staff Mike Nizich said, “This is not about holding the governor or state employees accountable. This is pure harassment.” That still rings true today.

When I discussed this with Governor Palin, she had an interesting take: “My reaction upon reading the opinion in this matter was not what I expected. Though I’m always pleased with the results of these investigations that prove the false allegations wrong, and I appreciate the detailed reasoning set forth in this recent opinion, I was primarily disappointed that the State of Alaska, the Attorney General’s office, and others, still have to spend time and resources addressing the abusive onslaught of frivolous complaints directed against me—even after I left office.”

At times (indeed, as recently as Sunday in a magazine cover story) people allege that the “real” reason Governor Palin stepped down was to “make money” (citing primarily her best selling book). As this most current complaint again emphasizes, Governor Palin stepped down for the right reasons—she did not want to see her state government continue to get bogged down with inane “ethics” complaints that were transparently political, plainly partisan, and diverting state resources. The voluntary relinquishment of power for the greater good is normally praised as an example of true leadership—just review any biography of George Washington—and it should be in this case as well. But for those who seek power for the sake of power, a selfless act is confusing, so a new narrative is created, such as the “profit” motive now being asserted with renewed vigor. Rest assured Sarah Palin had obtained approval to write her memoir while still in office without running into any conflict with the Alaska Executive Branch Ethics Act. Her financial future from her best selling book, though unknown then, would not have altered much whether she stayed in office or resigned, except the number of “ethics” complaints did dramatically decrease, so any legal fees associated with such complaints decreased concomitantly.

Let this latest dismissed complaint serve as a reminder for one of the real—and stated—reasons for her voluntary relinquishment of office, an office she campaigned for diligently, tirelessly and effectively. It stands as a marker that occasionally, every so often, there are public servants who can recognize the difference between self-interest and public interest. Sarah Palin is one such public servant.

- Thomas Van Flein, personal attorney for Sarah Palin


The POT(US) Calling the Kettle Black

We can count on some basic things in this life: you know, rain showers in April, the New York Knicks losing basketball games, and...Liberals playing the race card. Some things never change. True to form, it's April and we've been getting quite a bit of rain. It's NBA playoff time and the Knicks are already on vacation. And it's another day--any day--and Liberals are using race to advance their agenda.

Yes, it is common for the Left to create, capitalize off of, and then feign concern over issues of race. So nothing has changed there. But I have to admit that it threw me to see our so-called post-racial president so comfortable playing that card for all the world to see. Just pulled it out and threw it on the table--no big deal, right?

Watch the video below and then keep reading.

If you're like me, when you first heard this, you stopped in your tracks, wondering if President Obama had actually said what you thought he said. I was preparing for work with "Fox and Friends" on in the background. I couldn't believe Obama so bluntly stated that in order to win in November of 2010,

"It will be up to each of you to make sure that the young people, African-Americans, Latinos, and women who powered our victory in 2008 stand together once again."

So the Democrats' November game plan is to gather certain groups and get them to the polls, for once there, you can expect them to vote your way; after all, that's what they do.

His comments, indicative of his hubris and the Left's political slave master mentality, reveal Democrats' long-standing belief that certain people will vote for certain other people no matter what--no matter the issues, no matter his record. So his rally cry is simple. In part, it is: "Calling all Blacks! Calling all Latinos! Let's unite!"

Now, lest you be tempted to think that's okay, just flip the president's script for a moment. Can you imagine the outrage if Governor Palin had penned on Facebook, "It will be up to each of you to make sure that white people stand together once again"? Can you imagine what would happen if any Conservative made such a comment? A Conservative cannot even peacefully demonstrate against President Obama's policies or target certain Democrats who need to be ousted without being accused of racism and inciting violence. Governor Palin wrote:

We’re paying particular attention to those House members who voted in favor of Obamacare and represent districts that Senator John McCain and I carried during the 2008 election.

All hell broke loose after that Facebook note as the Left went into selective outrage and stupidity mode. But the president can target certain groups that he expects to line up, be counted, and do his bidding.

How are his comments acceptable?

They're not. They're offensive. His tactics are not new for the Left, but they certainly are beneath the office of the president, who was elected to be the leader of all Americans, not just the pockets of people he feels he has in his back pockets.

Furthermore, as one of those Black Americans, I am insulted at the thought that anyone would expect me to take my place and do as I have done. The president ought to be familiar with the phrase, "You're gonna have to come correct"--and he's going to have to do just that if he wants to retain those seats come November.

Now, I'm just a teacher from the state of New York, but I have a novel idea for President Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and the rest of those puppet masters in Washington. How about you offer all American people something to vote for? How about you embrace policies that will not put our children and their children in debt before they take their first breath? After all, perhaps more than all others, we "African-Americans and Latinos" are further hampered when we enter the world with that type of burden already upon our shoulders, and since you're so familiar with race, you should be well-aware of that.

I have another idea. How about you stop supporting the massacre of our children in the womb and calling it choice? Abortion is wiping out the Black and Latino populations more than any other. But of course, sir, you would know that, as you are a staunch advocate of Planned Parenthood, which purposely sets up shop in these communities. Margaret Sanger would be proud. That was her plan. How about that, Mr. President?

As an educator, Mr. Obama, I ask you to figure out a way to improve the educational success of the people you want to come out in droves for you in November. You can start in D.C. Then make your way to New York. Come to my school district, sir, where they will be cutting almost 50 jobs at the end of this school year. And we know the impact that will have on all, particularly the children of those "African-Americans and Latinos" you want to do you some favors at the poll. How about that?

One last idea. President Obama, how about you surround yourself with people who will stop telling these same groups of people that we're victims, and will start telling us the truth--that we can be victors not over-reliant on "the man"--you know, the government?

Yes, I'm outraged at the president's audacity of arrogance as he sits in front of his video camera and rallies the troops by pushing his same politics-as-usual nonsense that is detrimental to the very groups of people he's singling out and duping into submission. Give people something to work with, President, and maybe you won't have to resort to the same old, same old race games, because more and more of us are not moved by your race. We want results. So come correct or don't come at all.

Now, let's contrast President Obama's approach with that of Governor Palin. When she rallies Americans to remain encouraged and focus on November, she addresses all Americans. We all have a stake in the elections, as we all have been affected by the policies of the current administration.

For example, on Facebook she wrote:

This is just the beginning of our efforts to take back our country. Consider yesterday’s vote a clarion call and a spur to action. We will not let America sink into further debt without a fight. We will not abandon the American dream to government dependency, fewer freedoms and less opportunity. Change is made at the ballot box. If we work together, we can renew our optimistic pioneering spirit, revive our economy, and restore constitutional limits.

Stand tall, America. November is coming!

Governor Palin asks for all to take a stand by voting in November to undo some of this promised change the president is unfortunately delivering. She neither exempted nor exploited Blacks, Latinos, or even women. She spoke to people as people who care about their country.

While I'm sure that there are people who are inspired by Governor Palin because they relate to her as a woman, a wife, and mother, who find delight in perhaps casting their vote for one who may be the first female President of the United States, these same people often voice a desire to join with other Americans from all walks of life to move forward toward common sense solutions. She calls on them for that reason alone; they are Americans. And while I do find wisdom in reaching out to articulate our message to different communities, I do believe in coming correct to those people. And coming correct is not being presumptuous that you've got my vote in the bag. Coming correct is coming with a message of real hope and change, which is a message of uniting with all so that together we can move forward and better understand how each of us benefits from these solutions. Thus my support of Governor Palin; she comes correct.

In mid-March, before the vote that passed this government takeover of healthcare, Governor Palin wrote:

We know we’ll beat them at the ballot box, but we have to kill this bill before November. This is the final push. We must stand up and stand together one last time to insist on true market-oriented, patient-centered health care reform that reflects America’s values and the will of the people.

As I read these comments, I once again see a citizen leader who understands the necessity of all Americans to go to the ballot. While the president is asking certain groups to "stand together once again," to ride the wave of 2008, which is proving to be a washout to any one paying even a little attention, Governor Palin understands that we all have a stake in the direction of the country; therefore we all must "stand together."

Futhermore, the day after Scott Brown was elected in the Massachusetts' special election, Governor Palin wrote:

The special election yesterday in Massachusetts was truly amazing. It is a clear indication of things to come and a demonstration of the momentum we all share in the fight for the values and policies that will get our country back to work. The commonsense conservative principles of liberty and fiscal responsibility are on the rise, and that's why I'm going out and campaigning as hard as I can to make a difference. I can't wait to join all of you in supporting these great candidates and many more over the coming months.

Governor Palin's message in that note was clear: every one of us will benefit from the wave of common sense conservatism. Every person matters. Notice the words she consistently uses: "we all," "stand together," "all of you."

Governor Palin's focus is preserving America's values, her work ethic, and her future. She has set her gaze on 2010 and the support of candidates who will progress this nation. We're all in this. She doesn't take for granted that she owns certain groups of people, and she doesn't exclude anyone. She appeals to Americans--period--which is exactly the way conservatives and Tea Party activists always conduct themselves.

People like Governor Palin and Tea Partiers, who have never separated people into categories based on race, are accused of masking their prejudice by using coded language for "white America." Nonsense. Meanwhile, the President of the United States can come right out and say people need to basically bus Blacks and Latinos to the polls. Somehow that game plan is okay to Liberal loons because...well, that's what far Left Liberal racebaiters do. But Conservatives have a race problem?

Excuse the pun, but if that's not the pot calling the kettle black, I don't know what is.


Sarah Palin: The Businessman vs. the Bureaucrat

Monday, April 26, 2010

Rather than giving place to the same old Washington bureaucrat, Governor Palin gets behind a businessman with a track record for job creation. Via Facebook, she encourages Americans to support Pennsylvania's Tim Burns for Congress.

The governor writes:

In a year when Americans are desperate for job growth and frustrated with the reckless spending in Washington, the candidates running in the special election in Pennsylvania’s 12th Congressional District epitomize the problem and the solution. It’s a race between a career Washington bureaucrat and a small business entrepreneur.

Born and raised in Pennsylvania’s beautiful 12th district, Tim Burns’ story is like that of millions of successful small business owners across the country. He started a pharmaceutical technology company out of the basement of his house and grew it to over 400 employees. He worked hard and gave back generously to his community, in part by starting a charity to help children with special needs. In his spare time, he’s a “hockey dad” coaching his sons’ team. Last year, he attended a local tea party and spoke passionately about the danger that the policies coming out of Washington pose for small business owners like him. Reflecting on that day, Tim said, “I had not considered running until after the tea parties, but I decided that I owed it to my two children, who are 14 and 12, to do something. We’re in a fight for the very life of our country.”

Tim spent his professional life building a business from scratch that employed Pennsylvanians, and now he would like to bring his common sense pro-free market message to Washington. I’m proud to offer my support to Tim Burns in his campaign to bring real job creation to Pennsylvania’s 12th district. Please join me in supporting his campaign. Visit Tim’s website here, and follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

It’s been said many times this year that America is at a crossroads, and the decision we make in November will decide the course of our children’s future. The choice in Pennsylvania’s 12th district couldn’t be more obvious. Let’s send the job-creator to Washington to get this economy moving again.

- Sarah Palin


Rev. Franklin Graham Dissed; Gov. Palin: What a Shame

Friday, April 23, 2010

In 2001, Rev. Franklin Graham spoke out against the religion of Islam and its treatment of women. As a Christian, he wants Muslims to know that there is freedom through Jesus Christ. What else would he be expected to say? After all, he is a preacher of the Gospel. He never said the Muslim people were evil, never voiced any hatred toward them whatsoever. However, in this day that we're living in, it seems that Christians are expected to check their faith and First Amendment rights at the door.

So now Rev. Graham has been dis-invited from speaking at the Pentagon’s National Day of Prayer service.

Fox News reports:

"I regret that the Army felt it was necessary to rescind their invitation to the National Day of Prayer Task Force to participate in the Pentagon's special prayer service," Graham said in a written statement.

"I want to expresses my strong support for the United States military and all our troops," he added. "I will continue to pray that God will give them guidance, wisdom and protection as they serve this great country."

Earlier Thursday, Graham stuck by his remarks about Islam, including that Muslims are "enslaved" by their religion,

Franklin, the son of famed evangelist Billy Graham, told Fox News that he loves Muslim people and wants them to know that God loves them, even if they can be saved only through Jesus Christ.

"I want them to know that they don't have to die in a car bomb, don't have to die in some kind of holy war to be accepted by God. But it's through faith in Jesus Christ and Christ alone," Graham said.

Graham said said he loves the Muslim people, just not their religion -- which he called "horrid" for its restrictions on women.

"I love the people of Islam but their religion, I do not agree with their religion at all. And if you look at what the religion does just to women, women alone, it is just horrid. And so yes, I speak out for women. I speak out for people that live under Islam, that are enslaved by Islam and I want them to know that they can be free," he said.

Read the full article here.

So a few people complain, and now a man who has displayed selfless love and generosity to countless people is not allowed to participate in a prayer service. How sad.

America can always count on Governor Palin to be a voice of common sense, an advocate of free speech, and of course, an example of unabashed faith. Today she addressed this issue via Facebook. She writes:

The Army’s Loss in Dis-Inviting a Good Man

My, have things changed. I was honored to have Rev. Franklin Graham speak at my Governor’s Prayer Breakfasts. His good work in Alaska’s Native villages and his charitable efforts all over the world stem from his servant’s heart. In my years of knowing him, I’ve never found his tempered and biblically-based comments to be offensive – in fact his words have been encouraging and full of real hope.

It’s truly a sad day when such a fine patriotic man, whose son is serving on his fourth deployment in Afghanistan to protect our freedom of speech and religion, is dis-invited from speaking at the Pentagon’s National Day of Prayer service. His comments in 2001 were aimed at those who are so radical that they would kill innocent people and subjugate women in the name of religion.

Are we really so hyper-politically correct that we can’t abide a Christian minister who expresses his views on matters of faith? What a shame. Yes, things have changed.

- Sarah Palin

She's right. Things have changed in this regard, and this is not the type of change the vast majority of Americans desire. In fact, some of us find it downright appalling.


Sarah Palin: Institutionalizing Crony Capitalism

Via Governor Palin's Facebook page:

In the wake of the recent financial meltdown, Americans know that we need reform. Not only have many individuals learned lessons about personal responsibility through this, but we’ve been able to engage in a discussion about government’s appropriate role.

The current debate over financial reform demonstrates what happens when political leaders react to a crisis with a raft of new regulations. First off, the people involved in writing government regulations are often lobbyists from the very industry that the new laws are supposed to regulate, and that’s been the case here. It should surprise no one that financial lobbyists are flocking to DC this week. Of course, the big players who can afford lobbyists work the regulations in their favor, while their smaller competitors are left out in the cold. The result here are regulations that institutionalize the “too big to fail” mentality.

Moreover, the financial reform bill gives regulators the power to pick winners and losers, institutionalizing their ability to decide “which firms to rescue or close, and which creditors to reward and how.” Does anyone doubt that firms with the most lobbyists and the biggest campaign donations will be the ones who get seats in the lifeboat? The president is trying to convince us that he’s taking on the Wall Street “fat cats,” but firms like Goldman Sachs are happy with federal regulation because, as one of their lobbyists recently stated, “We partner with regulators.”

They seem to have a nice relationship with the White House too. Goldman showered nearly a million dollars in campaign contributions on candidate Obama. In fact, J.P. Freire notes that President Obama received about seven times more money from Goldman than President Bush received from Enron. Of course, it’s not just the donations; it’s the revolving door. You’ll find the name Goldman Sachs on many an Obama administration résumé, including Rahm Emanuel’s and Tim Geithner’s chief of staff’s.

We need to be on our guard against such crony capitalism. We fought against distortion of the market in Alaska when we confronted “Big Oil,” or more specifically some of the players in the industry and in political office, who were taking the 49th state for a ride. My administration challenged lax rules that seemed to allow corruption, and we even challenged the largest corporation in the world at the time for not abiding by provisions in contracts it held with the state. When it came time to craft a plan for a natural gas pipeline, we insisted on transparency and a level playing field to ensure fair competition. Our reforms helped reduce politicians’ ability to play favorites and helped clean up corruption. We set up stricter oversight offices and ushered through a bi-partisan ethics reform bill. Far from being against necessary reform, I embrace it.

Commonsense conservatives acknowledge the need for financial reform and believe that government can play an appropriate role in leveling the playing field and protecting “the dynamism of American capitalism without neglecting the government’s responsibility to protect the American public.” We’re listening closely to the reform discussion in Washington, and we know that government should not burden the market with unnecessary bureaucracy and distorted incentives, nor make a dangerous “too-big-to-fail” mentality the law of the land.

- Sarah Palin


Hacker Trial Halts Palin's Celebration of Reading Appearance

Thursday, April 22, 2010

This week the trial began for David Kernell, the young man who hacked into Governor Palin's email when she was running for Vice President of the United States. Kernell is the son of Democratic Representative Mike Kernell of Memphis.

ABCNews reports:

Jurors in the trial of a former college student charged with hacking Sarah Palin's e-mail account in 2008 heard testimony Tuesday that the accused man didn't believe in what Palin wanted to do when she was the Republican vice presidential candidate.

Palin has been subpoenaed to testify at the trial of 22-year-old David Kernell, and Assistant U.S. Attorney Greg Weddle said in court for the first time that Palin's husband, Todd Palin, and their daughter, Bristol, are also potential witnesses in the trial that could last a week or longer.

Kernell's attorney told a federal jury that his client had no criminal intent and guessed his way into Palin's personal e-mail.

However, Kernell's former college roommate gave his testimony to open the trial.

"He definitely talked about how he didn't believe in what she wanted to do," David Omiecinski, Kernell's former University of Tennessee roommate, testified as the chief prosecutor used video monitors to show jurors copies of the e-mail and obscenity-laced Internet postings traced to Kernell.


Kernell was a 20-year-old college student majoring in economics when prosecutors say he hacked into the Yahoo! account Palin sometimes used for state business.

A prosecutor told jurors that Kernell had hoped to derail the campaign for vice president.

U.S. District Judge Thomas Phillips denied pre-trial defense motions to have prospective jurors answer a questionnaire asking if they have strong political feelings about Palin. Kernell's attorney, Wade Davies, cited Palin's speaking slot at a tea party movement convention and frequent television appearances.

Convictions on all four felony charges — identity theft, wire fraud, intentionally accessing Palin's e-mail account without authorization and obstructing an FBI investigation — could send Kernell to prison for up to 50 years.

Read the full article here.

Because Governor Palin has to testify at the trial, she had to bow out of a previously scheduled event: the Barbara Bush "Celebration of Reading," which is taking place tonight.

Shelby Hodge of Culture Map writes:

Palin was to be the headliner of the annual literacy fundraiser. Celebration of Reading officials got word only Wednesday of this glitch in the programming. It's a major disappointment to Palin fans, who were looking forward to a real-life glimpse of the charismatic politico.

Jean Becker, the former President's chief of staff, said this morning, "The Bushes are obviously disappointed but they certainly understand . . . and these are circumstances beyond her control."

Read more here.

David Kernell is a young man, and there's no time like the present for him to learn that actions have consequences.


Back on Track

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

After being ill for two days, I now feel like I can actually stand up straight and get back to what I do best: teaching and writing.

Here's a little of what I missed:

* Track Palin's birthday - April 20th. Happy 21st Birthday, Track. Thank you for your service to our beloved country.

* Oklahoma City bombing - Apil 19, 1995. Can you believe it's been 15 years?

* Columbine school shootings - April 20, 1999. I remember that day well, and I wrote about it last year here.

I will be getting back on track. Now, it's off to work.

God bless.


Happy Second Birthday, Trig Palin

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Happy Birthday, Trig Palin!

Governor Palin tweeted the following picture of Trig:

Unfortunately, some people--and I use the term lightly--have decided to post disgusting comments where the governor has posted Trig's picture. How do they live with themselves? Yet some of these same people will whine and complain that we're the ones promoting hate. They will reap what they have sown.

Thank God most people are leaving loving well-wishes for Trig, and I added my own.

The truth is Trig Palin is a blessing and a gift from God. The fact that he is has totally transformed my way of thinking, and I am so glad his parents have shared him with the world. He has been created in the Father's image and covered in His love.

Below is a full post I published in December called "Trig Palin's Testimony." It deserves to be copied and pasted here on his birthday.

(Video H/T Sinistar)

When I see Trig Palin, I smile. When I see him smiling and playing around with his father--as he is in the video--and kissing his mother--as he is in the picture--I smile even more.

Trig is a testimony to the beauty and value of all God's children. I thank God for families, like the Palins, who recognized from the beginning that "every good and every perfect gift" comes from God.

I shake my head when I think about this startling statistic: 90% of Down Syndrome babies are aborted. Look at Trig's smile, hear his giggle, sense how much his father loves him, feel how much he loves his mom--and tell me he's not worthy of "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness." You can't, because he is, as is every single life.

Thank God for His wisdom; He gave Trig to just the right family.

Happy second birthday, Trig. The best is yet to come!


Judi McLeod: Sarah Palin Could Be the Most Genuine, Real Politician I Ever Met

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Judi McLeod of Canada Free Press attended Governor Palin's speech in Hamilton, Ontario Thursday night. The encounter obviously left quite an impression on her.

She wrote:

I attended the event thinking that perhaps Gov. Palin was getting a little full of herself, but I was wrong.

Sarah Palin could be the most genuine, real politician I ever met.

If only more politicians could be more like the down to earth Sarah Palin, we’d all be better off for it.

Read more here.

Contrast that wake up call to what Cathy Areu of Catalina Magazine had to say on Bill O'Reilly last night. She called Governor Palin a diva, and the only thing she had to back that up was the fact that the governor has made quite a bit of money since July.

So she has a beef with making money? Without any proof whatsoever, she insists that the money just has to change her because that's what money does.

O'Reilly handled her pretty mildly, and even so, he set her up to make herself look like the catty, jealous woman she obviously is. Perhaps Ms. Areu should have a talk with Judi McLeod. Maybe then she'd learn that some people can actually acquire the American dream through a combination of God's blessings and hard work without turning into the bitter loons Areu appears to be or the elitist brats she's accusing the governor of now being.

When O'Reilly said she can have money and still relate to others, Areu states:

"I don't think she can. I don't think she can. I don't think she can relate to the folks."

Three "I don't think she can"s--or four or five, for that matter--won't make her any more sensible, and certainly won't change the facts. No matter how many times she states her opinion, it remains an opinion--one that belies the experiences of a plethora of people, including Judy McLeod, Adrienne Ross, and so many of you. And you know what I always say anyway: "a person with an experience is never at the mercy of a person with an argument." Areu has an argument, and not even a good one. The last time I checked, "I don't think" won't hold up in court, although I don't think she thinks either!

To her insistence that "money changes a person," I say, yes, it allows you to pay your bills, give to charity, and do some things you weren't able to do before. So what's the problem? I suppose she would trust Governor Palin more if she had remained in office and allowed the sufferers of Palin Derangement Syndrome to continue their quest to bankrupt her family and her state.

Areu needs to take note of something else that really changes a person. It's called poverty. Most of us don't want any part of it. It's highly overrated!

I can't seem to get my brain wrapped around some people. Whether it's President Obama apologizing for American exceptionalism or Cathy Areu hating on the governor for taking advantage of the American dream, it's absurd. I've got a message for all who subscribe to such ridiculous mindsets: "Whether we like it or not," America is a place where we have the right to pursue happiness. Indeed, we are the envy of the world. And those of us with common sense will not apologize for taking advantage of what hard work and opportunities afford us.

As Judi McLeod discovered, once in Governor Palin's presence, it doesn't take long to realize that she is genuine and down to earth and that we need many more like her, people who possess a great love for God, country, and service. May we be blessed to be among those who have learned to balance the American dream with a servant's heart--and may we never apologize for it.

Below is Areu displaying Palin Derangement Syndrome:


Preview of Palin's Women of Joy Appearance (Update: TV Spot)

Friday, April 16, 2010

Tonight, in just about an hour, Governor Palin will speak to a sold-out room at the Women of Joy Conference in Louisville, Kentucky.

Their website states:

Together - Women of Joy and you, for 3 days, 2 nights and 1 purpose - to glorify God in joyful praise! What happens when thousands of Christian women gather in one place? Amazing worship, the exposition of biblical Truth, strengthened relationships, encouraged spirits and deepened faith.

Joe Arnold writes a preview of the event:

Sarah Palin has drawn thousands of women to Freedom Hall in Louisville, for a Friday night speech at the start of a three day Christian women's conference.

"We came for Sarah Palin," said Patricia Core of Springfield, Missouri.

"Her love of America, her wanting to put America back on the right track," Core continued, "Change is not working for me, and it's not working for a lot of people. And we need change and we need to get back to our basic values, what our nation was founded on."

What does Core hope to hear in Palin's speech?

"I hope she says I'm running for President," Core said, a thought echoed by many supporters standing in line to register for the conference.

"I want her for my next President," said Karen Schwochow of Flint, Michigan. "I do. I am dead serious about that. I think that her values are something I want in my President. And she is a gutsy lady who won't take no. She will stand up to anybody. And she has far more experience dealing nationally than that duffus in the White House has."

Read Arnold's full article here.

Core will not get her wish granted. Governor Palin will not announce a run for the presidency tonight, I'm sure. In fact, I imagine she will touch on politics, but politics likely will not dominate her speech.

Nonetheless, while I don't agree with calling the president a "duffus," I certainly agree with the rest of Core's words. The governor sparks such a strong reaction in people because she is a breath of fresh air, she is fearless in taking on the enemies of American greatness, and she is our best hope for getting this nation back on track with common sense conservatism and upstanding values.

I pray tonight will be an uplifting and encouraging experience, not just for the registrants, but especially for Governor Palin.

(H/T C4P)

Update: Below is the Women of Joy TV spot.


Obama Apologizes; Palin Pounds

President Obama's apology for American greatness left many scratching their heads this week. No, he didn't use the word "sorry," but his words were fraught with remorse. And for what? Does he have a problem with being strong? Would he prefer we were just like everyone else--everyone else who looks to America to be that dominant force for good in the world? What exactly did he mean when he said America was a superpower "whether we like it or not"? Not only do we like it, we want to keep it that way!

Governor Palin called him on it in a tweet yesterday and in a Facebook note today. Once again, she takes the lead in speaking up for American exceptionalism, our military prowess, and our president's questionable (to put it mildly) leadership ability.

Via Twitter:

Unbelievable, Outrageous“Whether we like it or not,we remain a dominant military superpower”-Obama YES,Mr.Pres,we LIKE knowing we r strong

Via Facebook:

Mr. President, is a strong America a problem?

Asked this week about his faltering efforts to advance the Middle East peace process, President Obama did something remarkable. In front of some 47 foreign leaders and hundreds of reporters from all over the world, President Obama said that “whether we like it or not, we remain a dominant military superpower.”

Whether we like it or not? Most Americans do like it. America’s military may be one of the greatest forces for good the world has ever seen, liberating countless millions from tyranny, slavery, and oppression over the last 234 years. As a dominant superpower, the United States has won wars hot and cold; our military has advanced the cause of freedom in Iraq and Afghanistan and kept authoritarian powers like Russia and China in check.

It is in America’s and the world’s interests for our country to remain a dominant military superpower, but under our great country’s new leadership that dominance seems to be slipping away. President Obama has ended production of the F-22, the most advanced fighter jet this country has ever built. He’s gutted our missile defense program by eliminating shield resources in strategic places including Alaska. And he’s ended the program to build a new generation of nuclear weapons that would have ensured the reliability of our nuclear deterrent well into the future. All this is in the context of the country’s unsustainable debt that could further limit defense spending. As one defense expert recently explained:
The president is looking to eliminate the last vestiges of the Reagan-era buildup. Once the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are “ended” (not “won”), the arms control treaties signed, and defense budgets held at historic lows while social entitlements and debt service rise to near-European levels, the era of American superpower will have passed.

The truth is this: by his actions we see a president who seems to be much more comfortable with an American military that isn’t quite so dominant and who feels the need to apologize for America when he travels overseas. Could it be a lack of faith in American exceptionalism? The fact is that America and our allies are safer when we are a dominant military superpower – whether President Obama likes it or not.

- Sarah Palin


Tea Partying in New York (includes pictures)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

I met some great patriots today when I went down to the Tea Party in Kingston, NY. Peacefully, we demonstrated our great love for America and our disapproval of the direction President Obama and Congress are taking us.

As the pictures show, there were very creative signs all over the place, American flags, as well as Gadsen flags. I've included pictures of some of them.

Piles of cars drove by with people honking wildly and flashing thumbs-up. Yes, there were also some disgruntled people passing by. One woman, for example, stuck her head out the window and yelled, "You suck! You suck!" But those haters were far outnumbered; they did not dampen our spirits, and they did not incite us to respond in kind.

I wore a sweatshirt with a picture of Governor Palin and the words, "America's President." A few expressed their admiration for it. One woman exclaimed, "Go, Sarah!" I handed out "Sarah 2012: A New Energy for America" bumper stickers and "Sarah Palin President 2012" buttons, both designed by the 2012 Draft Sarah Committee. Clearly, people love the governor because she loves America, is proud of America, and never feels the need to apologize for America.

As I was heading out, I met a gentleman NRA member when he stopped me, shook my hand, and remarked that my Palin sweatshirt and my Tea Party attendance were definite contradictions to the lies about conservatives and the Tea Party movement. So...yes, there are Black people who attend Tea Parties around the country, and no, the movement is not a racist one. He and I had a great conversation, and I left even more proud of my country and very glad I drove the 40 minutes to join fellow Americans to declare, on Tax Day, that we are taxed enough already, we are counting the moments till election day in November, and we're taking our country back!

I live-tweeted the event. In case you missed them, check those tweets out here.

See pictures below.


Governor Palin at Boston Tea Party

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Governor Palin spoke at today's Boston Tea Party and lit it up, starting her speech with an all-important question: "Massachusetts, do you love your freedom?!" Then, as always, she showed our military respect by leading the crowd in thanking and applauding them for defending that freedom.

Watch her full speech here.


Bittersweet SRLC (w/ pictures)

SRLC 2010 is over, leaving me with some sweet memories, leaving me with a bitter taste in my mouth. One might say it was bittersweet.

I got stuck in traffic driving to New York City to fly out of state on Wednesday. It was horrendous, and I almost didn't make it. What should have taken about 2 1/2 hours took an extra hour. It was bumper to bumper for that hour, too. I was so rattled by the time I got to LaGuardia, I looked forward to just resting during the flight to St. Louis, Missouri. Once I landed, I was to take a small plane to Cape Girardeau--or so I thought. It turned out to be a toy plane! Ladies and gentlemen, it was a 10 passenger plane, and there were only 3 of us passengers! I'm talking, sitting right there with the pilots, the plane being tossed around because of the wind, and praying to remind myself that God has a plan for me and didn't bring me to Missouri to kill me!

My friend, Kristi King, met me at the airport and took me to her job to see where she works. From there it was on to her parents' house. They fed us well: chicken and dumplings and collard greens. Now, understand: I was raised in New York, but I come from a southern Black family. I didn't know white people could make collard greens, but Mama Earlene "put her foot in" those greens, as they say! They were right up there with my Aunt Mary's collards--and that's saying something! Southern folks can cook--period.

After a few hours there, we went to Kristi's and talked, laughed, prayed, and finally slept. The next morning we made the nine hour drive to New Orleans. I love road trips, and this was no exception. Again, we laughed, talked, sang, and listened to Going Rogue on CD. We had a wonderful time. The whole trip was that way: tons of silly times and tons of serious time--praying and talking.

At the conference, I met some people from the 2012 Draft Sarah Committee, C4P, and Team Sarah. Several times people came up to me and said, "Are you Adrienne Ross? I read your blog" or "I read your work on C4P." My favorite was when I'd hear, "Thank you for all you do for Governor Palin." Palin supporters are always looking out for her.

I can't count the times people told Kristi how much she looks like the governor. Some wanted their picture taken with her. One woman was following behind her to sneak a closer look, just to find out if it was Governor Palin. Now that was interesting! Mind you, Kristi is almost 6 feet tall, and with heels, she was over 6 feet! But they're right; you can't deny the resemblance.

Almost missing my flight was not the only unnerving situation. Somehow my registration lanyard disappeared off my arm and into thin air. I had to beg to get another one. It was time-consuming and utterly ridiculous. I'm glad I finally got one, for it was needed to vote for Governor Palin in the straw poll.

The poll brings me to the bitter part. It is low-down dirty how Mitt Romney and Ron Paul paid people's way to SRLC if they would agree to vote for them. Rather desperate and pathetic, and not just a rumor. I knew well before the conference Romney was doing this because someone I know, a Palin supporter, was offered a free ride if he'd but vote for Romney. Of course, the bribe was declined. My friend would not be bought. Even with the Acorn voting tactics being employed, Governor Palin came in third, which to me equates to first since the ones ahead of her bought many of their votes.

Of all the speakers, and there were some good ones, Governor Palin was the best, most energetic. She discussed energy at length and went into foreign policy issues. Her speech was substantive, passionate--and presidential.

Placed on each seat in the ballroom was Alaskan caribou jerky with a SarahPAC tag. This was very generous and creative of the governor--and yummy, I might add.

Above all else, there was indeed one definite highlight for me, an honor and a blessing--but I'll keep the particulars to myself! :) That's how I roll, y'all!

Late Saturday afternoon, Kristi and I headed out for the long ride back to Missouri. She had decided that the next day she would actually take me herself back to St. Louis for my flight because after seeing the toy airplane, she did not want me to have to get back on it. Praise God for that! Unfortunately, I was in for another nailbiter. We were following the GPS, and it took us on a wild goose chase. By the time I got to the gate, they were already boarding. I was like, oh my goodness...I can't get into Missouri, and I can't get out. What in the world?!
Honestly, I actually wasn't ready to go home, but one must work so one can eat!

I arrived in New York City Sunday after the hour and a half flight. Once retrieving my car, I drove the 2 1/2 hours to get home...and the rest, as they say, is history.

Those few days were filled with sweet moments, laughter, tears even. It also had the bitterness of StrawPollGate. But even that couldn't take away from the significance of the trip. I thank God for the opportunity, and as I always say, "The best is yet to come!"

* Pictures courtesy of Kristi King


SRLC: Kristi King & I Interviewed By AFP (w/ pics)

Monday, April 12, 2010

Immediately after Governor Palin's speech at SRLC, my good friend and fellow 2012 Draft Sarah Committee Organizer (Missouri), Kristi King, and I were stopped and interviewed by AFP.

Writer Allen Johnson first highlighted the governor's speech:

Sarah Palin, one of nine presidential hopefuls on the weekend straw ballot at the Southern Republican Leadership Conference, brought cheering delegates to their feet as she advanced conservative policies for energy, nuclear weapons, and other issues for the congressional mid-term elections in November.

"The election is only seven months away," Palin said, then in a clear dig at Obama's signature theme, added: "Now, when they say - 'yes, we can', we stand up and say - 'oh, no you don't.'"

Palin advocated for stronger national security and economy by increasing domestic oil and gas production.

He also discussed Newt Gingrich's speech from the previous night:

Newt Gingrich, the former speaker of the House of Representatives and another candidate on the Republican straw poll for president, called Obama "the most radical president in American history."

In an address to the conference Thursday night, Gingrich accused Obama and his fellow Democrats of building a "secular, socialist machine" to expand government at the expense of taxpayers.

Gingrich also said Republicans who win congressional seats in November should refuse to fund the Obama administration's health care reforms. A Republican Party icon, Gingrich says he has not yet decided whether to run for president.

He introduced his interview with Kristi and me by piggy-backing off those two speeches:

Meanwhile, Palin's 27-minute address on Friday to Southern Republicans, seemed to energize her supporters at the conference, especially women.

"Newt Gingrich is a very smart man," Kristi King, 36, a retail manager at an optical company in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, said moments after Palin's address.

"But he's not Sarah," said her fellow delegate Adrienne Ross, 39, a 7th grade English teacher at Hudson, New York.

"She doesn't talk over people; her appeal is common sense conservatism," said Ross, one of the few African-American delegates at the conference. Part of Palin's appeal is her unequivocal support for Israel, said Ross, adding: "Our president is sort of flip-flopping on Israel right now - that makes me nervous."

Allen Johnson certainly captured my approval of Governor Palin's substantive, passionate, and energetic speech.

My one beef with the way he wrote up the article is the manner in which he quoted Kristi. It comes off like she was talking up Newt Gingrich and I was interrupting to state that Governor Palin was better. Actually, when asked about Gingrich, Kristi made it clear that his intelligence was to be respected, but that he did not have the appeal, energy, or support of Governor Palin. She made it clear that although Gingrich was definitely deserving of admiration, Governor Palin was the clear leader. The night before, in fact, during his speech, Kristi tweeted:

Is listening to Newt Gingrich...he's a smart man but he ain't no Sarah Palin!

Of course Kristi was right, and I agreed wholeheartedly with her. Governor Palin espouses common sense conservative principles and articulates them in such a way that has caused multitudes to stand up and take notice.

Read Johnson's full article here.

*** Check back to read more on SRLC and see pictures of Governor Palin and others.


Back from SRLC

Sunday, April 11, 2010

I have just returned from the Southern Republican Leadership Conference. I thought I would be blogging throughout, but that was not the case, although I did do some live tweeting.

I won't be blogging about SRLC tonight either, so I will do my best to share some of the experience with you at another time.

I'll just end with this: it's always good to see Governor Palin and listen to her share the common sense conservative message. She was as passionate, personable, and yes, presidential as ever.


Headed to SRLC

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I am headed out tomorrow morning, beginning my journey to the Southern Republican Leadership Conference, with an overnight stop in Missouri.

SRLC takes place in New Orleans, where Governor Palin will be speaking Friday. Also in attendance will be Liz Cheney, Newt Gingrich, Bobby Jindal, Rick Perry, JC Watts, Sean Hannity, Mike Pence, Michael Steele, and many others.

I am very much looking forward to voting in the straw poll. My vote, of course, will be for Governor Palin, the one so many Americans are hoping will be the next President of the United States. Let's get it done!

I intend to keep you updated as much as possible here at MotivationTruth, so keep checking in. I will probably also be tweeting. My Twitter handle is @Adrienne2012, so be sure to follow me if you want to hear what's going on.

God bless!


Dr. King Assassinated 42 Years Ago Today

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Forty two years ago today, on April 4, 1968, the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated in Memphis, TN. One thing in particular stands out to me about his death: the day before, he gave the speech which seemed to prophesy the end of his life. Somehow he knew, and yet he declared he was without fear.

In this powerfully-delivered speech, King declared that Black Americans would get to the Promised Land. I wonder if he'd say we've arrived--or that we're still on the plantation.

Below is the video clip of that portion of the speech, and below that, find the transcript.

We've got some difficult days ahead. But it really doesn't matter with me now. Because I've been to the mountaintop. And I don't mind. Like anybody, I would like to live a long life. Longevity has its place. But I'm not concerned about that now. I just want to do God's will. And He's allowed me to go up to the mountain. And I've looked over. And I've seen the Promised Land. I may not get there with you. But I want you to know tonight, that we, as a people, will get to the Promised Land. So I'm happy, tonight. I'm not worried about anything. I'm not fearing any man. "Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord."

* Happy Birthday today to one of my favorite poets, Maya Angelou. Little known fact: Angelou didn't celebrate her birthday for many years because it was the date on which Dr. King was assassinated.


Palin's Real American Stories Owned Competition; Reairs Tonight

"Real American Stories," hosted by Governor Palin, debuted Thursday night on Fox. Tonight at 9 PM EST, Fox will reair this inspirational show highlighting ordinary Americans and their extraordinary stories.

Yesterday, Greta van Susteren, whose spot the governor's show aired in, blogged about Thursday's show and took on the haters who whine about everything Palin does, regardless of how successful she consistently is. We can always count on Greta to call it as she sees it.

She writes (emphasis added):

Have you seen the TV critics' reviews of Governor Sarah Palin's special? Nasty is a description I would assign to some of them. What is so bizarre is that not one single person who took a nasty swipe at her is remotely as successful she is. You don't have to agree with everything Palin says (I do not) but how can you deny her success? If you look at the ratings for her special, she easily beat the competition in the time slot! What is with the critics? Even with no TV experience, she crushed the competition. The critics are saying, among other things, she was boring. If she were boring with her ratings for her special -- what are the other networks who were crushed in that time slot saying today about their programming with their experienced anchors? It tells you a lot about the critics when they whack the winner and give a pass to those who are failing. It is rewarding the loser. Why can't they enjoy the woman's success?
Because they're haters; that's why, Greta!

Read the rest of Greta's thoughts here.

Ron Devito of US4Palin writes about "Real American Stories," responds to the Left's criticism of it, and also voices "one point of contention" with something Greta states in her blog. See what Ron has to say by clicking here.

Ratings tell the story, and Governor Palin owned the competition on Thursday night. If you missed the show, or would like to see it again, be sure to tune in at 9 PM EST tonight.

Click here if you've never seen the promo. Also, read my write-up of Thursday's debut by clicking here.

Our fellow Americans have stories that offer us incredible inspiration. Let's not miss out on hearing them.


It Was All About a Man

Resurrection Sunday Celebration was filled with great joy and praise today! The presence of God was awesome, and only the name of Jesus was honored. "Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved"--Acts 4:12.

How can we do anything but celebrate when we worship a risen Savior? He's alive! Let's make Him the Lord of our lives--not just once a year, but every single day.

Nick sang the song below in church today. Beautiful and so true: it was all about a man!


Praise Dancing to Worthy is the Lamb (Updated)

Saturday, April 3, 2010

This "Worthy is the Lamb" dance is absolutely powerful. The praise dancers of my church, Rock Solid Church, have studied and practiced the video below and will be ministering the same dance tomorrow at our Resurrection Sunday--Easter--services.

The song is most appropriate and certainly the Truth, and the dance really says it all.

For some reason I was not asked to participate in this praise dance; I wonder why! Actually, it's a very difficult one, and they're smart enough to know I had a hard enough time mastering our "Glorious" dance! (See a video clip of that dance here.)

The "Worthy is the Lamb" dance begins about 18 seconds into the video. He is indeed worthy! God bless.

UPDATE: Our praise dancers did an amazing job dancing to this song today. It was anointed, and God was glorified.


Governor Palin Celebrates Easter Hope

Friday, April 2, 2010

The Facebook note that Governor Palin just released reminds me of why I support her so vehemently. She is bold, outspoken, and real. During this holiday--one that means more to Christians than any other holiday--the governor proclaims the hope that we have and acknowledges the Source of that hope.

No, the government will never be my hope. My hope resides solely in the fact that Christ paid the ultimate price for my sins. He gave His life for mine.

This is Good Friday, the day commemorating Jesus's crucifixion. Without that death on the cross, there would have been no resurrection. Therein dwells the difference between Christ and others who declared themselves Lord: He's alive! And because He lives, I now have abundant life--and a hope that remains, no matter what's going on around me.

Governor Palin shares on Facebook:

For many of us, the arrival of Easter means the arrival of a new season of joy – of Easter parades, Easter egg hunts, chocolate bunnies, and sweet Peeps topping off a family meal. Some may wonder why we merrily celebrate at a time when we’re remembering Christ’s crucifixion on the cross. And there is something to that. Good Friday is, after all, about God who became Man, dying on the cross for our sins. And yet we celebrate Easter Sunday, and we are right to do so.

“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life” (John 3:16). This one verse sums up the miracle that is the Easter season and helps explain the celebration. Yes, Christ died for us, but in the end Easter isn’t a season of sadness. Ultimately, the story of Christ’s rising from the dead three days after the crucifixion is the story of the triumph of hope over despair.

Hope is one of America’s unique virtues. Hope makes us dream and achieve the seemingly impossible. It’s who we are, and it’s why we’re able to always believe that our best days are yet to come, both for our families and for our country. Easter time reminds us that we have every right to believe that this hope is based on time-tested truths and a solid foundation.

On behalf of the Palin family, I wish you all a peaceful and reflective Good Friday and a blessed and happy Easter Sunday.

- Sarah Palin


Palin's Real American Stories - a Tribute to American Spirit

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Governor Palin's "Real American Stories" was both touching and inspirational. Everyday Americans sharing their challenges and triumphs speaks to each of us.

One story shared belongs to Cole Massie, a young man with special needs who finds purpose and hope in his dog. The governor asked him what his next goal was. He so eloquently said, "The sky's the limit." That's the kind of spirit America needs. That's the kind of spirit I need more of. Certainly we have our obstacles, but I'm in total agreement with Cole: the sky is indeed the limit!

The "Real American Stories" debut was a tribute to the indomitable will of the people that make up this great nation. Yes, the best is yet to come.

* If you missed the show, Fox News is replaying it Sunday night at 9 p.m. EST.


Tune in to Governor Palin on Fox Tonight

Reminder: Tonight at 10:00 p.m. EST on Fox News, Governor Palin's Real American Stories debuts. Tune in tonight--and tell all your friends. In the midst of the hardships we're going through, let's take time to pay tribute to our fellow Americans whose stories will serve to both challenge and inspire us.

On Facebook today, Governor Palin writes:

America is exceptional! It’s not her politicians that make her so; it’s her everyday people and the values Americans hold so dear. During this special week let’s take time to honor some exceptional citizens who may have felt ordinary, but by acting on opportunities in front of them, they’ve accomplished some extraordinary things and have made this world a better place. “Real American Stories” highlights some good people who help lift America’s spirit. Enjoy their stories as they inspire all of us to look beyond self and strive to contribute to this great, blessed country.

I will be guest hosting “Real American Stories” tonight on Fox News Channel. The show airs at 10pm EDT, 9pm Central, 8pm Mountain, 7pm Pacific, and 6pm Alaska time.

- Sarah Palin

Whenever the governor appears on television, Americans tune in by the droves. Tonight must not be an exception. Let's join the governor in celebrating our fellow Americans.

See the promo here.


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