Alaska, Happy 52nd Birthday

Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy 52nd Birthday, Alaska. We celebrate you for your rich history, vast land, strategic location, and abundant resources that need to be tapped into--as the youngest and first female governor of the state wisely reminds us time and time again.

Whitney Pitcher pointed out earlier in an article Governor Palin retweeted:
When Secretary of State William Seward purchase [sic] Alaska from Russia in 1867, many deemed it “Seward’s folly”, as Alaska was seen as a large, detached, sparsely populated area. However, Alaska’s most well known resource, oil, was first discovered just 29 years later when drillers found oil at Cook Inlet in 1896. Alaska’s natural resources and location now provide both energy and security to America.

Here Ron Devito added:
Alaska’s location is of vital strategic importance to our national security. The point is best seen looking at a globe, for a Mercator projection distorts. Alaska directly borders Canada. You can not only see Russia from one of Alaska’s outlying islands, but some such as anthropologist Margaret Mead have theorized that in the winter you can walk the 30 miles across the Bering Strait from Russia. The Bering Strait theory has its partisans and detractors, but the point is Alaska is very close to Russia.

Russian air force pilots routinely make incursions into our airspace. Alaska is home to missile interceptor sites which exist to defend us against ICBMS that could be launched by North Korea, Russia, or China.

Alaska’s North Slope holds vast untapped reserves of natural gas and oil. Indeed, nearly 90% of the state’s revenue comes from taxes on the income of energy producers.

My thoughts: We are America: strong, prosperous, the world's leader. Alaska has a vital role in securing our energy independence so that we don't have to rely on other nations that don't have our best interests at heart, that don't even like us. It's time the federal government released its heavy hand and allowed the Last Frontier to do what it can do best. Once again, government, get out of the way and allow common sense to rule and reign.

Happy 52nd Birthday, Alaska!


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