Kyle-Anne Shiver Confronts 'Shameless Liberal Media'

Sunday, January 9, 2011

In the wake of the horrific shooting in Arizona by Jared Loughner, Kyle-Anne Shiver writes:

I don’t think I’ve ever been so repulsed by the shameless liberal media as I am today, watching and reading the purely “hate-hate-hate-!!” rhetoric blaming Sarah Palin’s “targeting” of Gabrielle Giffords’ Arizona district for Saturday’s tragedy.

When a mentally unbalanced young person commits a violent act, it is nothing but a horrible tragedy. It is human nature to try to make sense of a senseless act, to try to place blame and make all the circumstances add up to some sort of false-security “solution” to block similar tragedies in the future. But none of that excuses those who indulge their human bent without restraint. Restraint in matters such as this is the function of reason.

Commentators, who have indulged in political finger-pointing in the aftermath of tragedy, using familial and national grief as a leftist revolutionary tool, ought to be thoroughly ashamed of themselves.


As for all the purely shameless left-wing jabs at the Palin piñata in the wake of a horrible tragedy, this outrageous display ought to be enough to convince millions more Americans of the complete moral vacuity of the “progressive” community.

Read the full article here.

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