Unmasking the Left's Hatred for Governor Palin

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

This is really too good to excerpt, but since I must, I implore you to read the full article. "Top 10 Reasons to Hate Sarah Palin" really does break down the unfortunate truth of why Palin Derangement Syndrome is so vile, why some don't just disagree with her but vehemently hate her. I will share a few of these reasons with you, but click to read them all.

Megan Fox writes:

10. She’s Prettier Than You (and She Couldn’t Care Less)

“Caribou Barbie,” they sneered while insinuating anyone as attractive as Palin couldn’t possibly house a brain behind that stunning face. And she is stunning. Palin is one of those beautiful women for whom doors open, heads turn and lesser beauties fade. She’s one of those girls I imagine had a hard time keeping girlfriends if any were too self-conscious to be lost behind the radiance that is Sarah.

And yet, she is the most unassuming beauty queen I ever saw. How many women on TV can you name who would be caught dead in waders (giant rubber pants with suspenders that make even a taut size 4 look like she weighs 200lbs) and slugging giant halibut with a billy club? And yet, there she is on her show, Sarah Palin’s Alaska, without a stitch of makeup, hair a mess, up to her elbows in fish guts (having a marvelous time) and still managing to look better than most Cover Girls. It must really burn Maureen Dowd that on her best day (with professional makeup artists) she can’t hold a candle to Sarah Palin working a slime line.


Of course, Palin doesn’t care about any of this and would probably not approve of my bringing it up, but I can’t help myself. Much of the hatred from the Left (especially from the women) stems from this type of petty jealousy.


It might also have to do with the optimistic, baby-loving, country-loving, family-centered outlook conservative women embrace. It’s better for your pores to have a spirit of love.

Ms. Fox certainly didn't surprise us with her number 10. The fact that jealousy drives much of the irrational disdain for Governor Palin is not lost on anyone.

This next one really bugs the haters:
6. She Hunts

All leftists hate hunters. It always cracks me up that during the presidential election cycles we will invariably be bombarded with hilarious photos of the limp-wristed leftist candidate trying to carry a gun on some pheasant hunt while appearing cool. Nine times out of ten, he’s carrying it wrong or struggling under the weight of the unwieldy thing he’s never before touched, let alone fired. The reason they do this is not because they’ve discovered a love for hunting but because the majority of Americans believe in hunter’s rights and either are or are married to, or have family members who are hunters! During an election, progressives must lie and try to pretend to be like most Americans when in reality, they are anything but!

They usually out themselves like Obama and his famous “bitter clingers” line,

[T]hey get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment

They just don’t understand why anyone would rather fill their freezer with totally organic meat they tracked, shot, skinned and butchered themselves instead of paying twice as much for worse quality at Whole Foods. And, like Kate Goesslin, they can’t figure out why anyone would want to slog through the cold, rain and mud when there are hotels with restaurants where food magically appears in front of you. They just have no concept of the pioneer spirit, they are so removed from it with hands freshly exfoliated and moisturized with something that cost more than most American’s weekly grocery budgets. So it’s no mystery when Sarah shows us how she stocks her freezer for the low cost of a few bullets and some serious hiking, the Left recoils in horror. Self-sufficiency isn’t on the menu of totalitarian regimes. The little people must be made to rely on the government for their very existence. Those who don’t are a threat to the power structure.

The following reason they hate Governor Palin especially troubles and saddens me. I wish it weren't true, but indeed it is. I've seen enough of the jokes about Trig, the horrible things written and spoken about her not "choosing" to terminate him within the womb, the heart-wrenching statistic that 90% of babies with Down Syndrome in this country are aborted. Her stand for life annoys the snot out of many. The fact that she's not a hypocrite but walked the walk when reality came knocking at her door, causes them to despise her. I don't believe in condemning those who have made horrible mistakes in the past, including having an abortion. I believe God offers miraculous forgiveness to those who have done so. His grace, mercy, and love are amazing--and His desire is to bring healing and restoration to those who will confess their sins. However, some so-called feminists feel like Governor Palin owes the world an apology because she did not have an abortion, but chose to embrace Trig. That mindset is sick, for lack of a more fitting word.
5. She’s Pro-Life and Lives It

Of all the reasons to hate Sarah Palin (if you’re a moonbat) this is the one they won’t say out loud but believe me, it’s at the top of the list. In the leftist manual, a woman should never even consider keeping a disabled child. And if she actually does it, she is regarded as a freak. Someone who has no consideration for the groaning planet, heavy with the weight of too many people. A leftist believes even healthy babies should be pruned for the good of the species, so you can imagine their outrage at a person who willingly brings a child into the world who is less than perfect to consume more precious resources.

This may be the most disgusting of all leftist beliefs. The absolute arrogance of the Left is astounding. They believe they can be the arbiters of life and death, that only they know what is best for all of us and the planet and the universe for that matter. How would we survive without them telling us what to do? It’s a mystery.

It pierces their souls (if they have souls) when a woman such as Sarah makes a choice for life because they don’t have the moral character to make the same choice. Their guilty conscience makes them hate anyone who has more compassion than they. Progressives love to talk about compassion but their words never require them to actually be compassionate. When someone else lives in a compassionate way (and isn’t ideologically copacetic) it sears what is left of the conscience inside a leftist. It reminds them who they really are; people who advocate for the killing of the most helpless among us. (Death-loving tyrannical eugenicists.)

I love this next one, and how true it is that no matter what happens, Governor Palin emerges smiling, happy, and unmoved.
4. You Can’t Rattle Her

Despite the attacks, which unarguably have been the worst and most vicious in history, Sarah is still standing, never once bowing her head in defeat. Not only is she still standing, she ridicules and tweaks the Left regularly. They hate this.

I believe what Megan Fox listed as number 2 is really number 1, for there really is but one main reason Governor Palin is so despised. We saw it during the campaign and we still see it now. It's a spiritual battle.
2. She Loves Jesus

Everybody knows the Left only proclaims to love Jesus during elections. If anyone should mention Jesus’ name at any other time of the year they must be some sort of fundamentalist FREAK. Sarah has never been ashamed of her faith and is willing to admit she prays for guidance. This makes her a major target. A “bitter clinger,” if you will. One of those psychos who believes a man once walked on water.


The problem is, most people in this country identify as Christians and we know we’re not crazy and so by default we know she’s not crazy either. This makes the left hate her and us more than ever.

Access the full article by going here.

Governor Palin represents everything the Left ought to love but utterly hates instead, perhaps because for her it's real not just ideology--all of it: her love for God, her belief in the power of women, her strength and work ethic, her beautiful inner spirit that manifests on the outside. This has garnered her the diabolical vitriol of the Left. But while they hate her, so many Americans love her for what she stands for because when we see the values she embraces, we see ourselves. And as we see ourselves in her, we see every attack against her as an attack against us, and we fight back.

Governor Palin has what it takes to lead this country. And for every reason Leftists hate her, God-fearing, freedom-loving, common sense Americans have at least ten reasons we love her and would be thrilled to call her President, if she decides to take that step we're all hoping she takes.

(h/t Sheya)



Kristi King,  January 3, 2011 at 6:36 PM  

You know what's really sad? The leftists that encourage the act of aborting Down's/handicapped babies to save on resources are the same leftists that cry foul when Alaskan's shoot wolves to save on THEIR resources. It doesn't make any sense as to why they think that human life is less important than the life of wolves???

Adrienne Ross January 3, 2011 at 6:52 PM  

Kristi, you hit the nail on the head. The hypocrisy is blinding. But I have found, as I'm sure you have, that the far-Left get much more bent out of shape over animals than they do human beings. I wish it were not true, but time after time we see it is so. Governor Palin, as do many Alaskans, have things in the proper order and perspective.

Thanks for commenting!

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