William Dixon Breaks Down 'What Exactly is Wrong with Sarah Palin...'

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Read this article by William Dixon about what's behind the disdain for Governor Palin by those on the Left and the Right:

Rush Limbaugh is fond of saying the left will always tell you whom they fear by making that person the focus of their most virulent attacks. The left despises Sarah Palin. They say she is stupid and incapable of ever assuming the role of president. They mock her education, (B.S. University of Idaho), her small town background and her political accomplishments ( 2006 - 2009 Governor of Alaska ). When she resigned the governorship, they said she was a quitter. Just recently, the left indicted her as being responsible for the shooting of Congresswoman [Giffords] in Arizona.

But what of pundits on the right, the Peggy Noonan-Karl Rove types? They hold Palin in equally low esteem. And what of conservative women? Many just viscerally dislike her. Ask them about Palin. You’ll get a response which begins with a shaking of the head and some comment about being inexperienced. Press them for facts. You will find most of these women ignorant of Palin’s background and remarkable accomplishments. Why is that?

Is it because Sarah Palin does not look at all like the admired but camera-challenged women in government, such as Hillary Clinton and Justice Sotomeyer? She has not the stern, formal look of a Maggie Thatcher, the British Prime Minister who turned around England’s economy nor of Golda Meir, the tough former leader of Israel. Palin is softer, attractive, plain spoken albeit with a sometimes irritating voice. Does her appearance put people, especially women, off?


Sarah Palin is openly Christian and prays regularly. She was president of a Christian group in high school. She is “pro life” and rejected terminating her last pregnancy when she found she was carrying a baby with Down’s Syndrome. Perhaps that is the problem for some of her critics.

It seems unlikely that her performance as mayor of Wasilla, cutting taxes while expanding the town’s facilities so that it could grow, would be anything but a plus. Just so her role as a member of the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission. She outed two corrupt officials, one of whom was chairman of the state Republican Party.

Was she wrong in running for governor to oust a corrupt and wasteful officer of her own political party? Was it lack of wisdom which led her to sell the state plane, cut expenses of her office by 75 percent and pass a bipartisan ethics bill? Was she impolite in chasing away the oil company lobbyists so that she could start work on a stalled pipeline for natural gas? Not likely.

President Obama was elected because he appeared to be extraordinary. His academic pedigree and soaring rhetoric shielded from voters his appalling lack of real-world experience and complete lack of substantial accomplishments. His presidency is struggling.

By contrast, Sarah Palin, despite her talents and obvious achievements, seems very ordinary. Americans, believing the smears and punditry, will likely reject Palin without really getting to know her. Once again the nod will go to a member of the cultural elite, a group which has routinely failed to govern well.

Read this in its entirety here.

Let me make two points right away. First, I have never found Governor Palin's voice "irritating." I'm not sure where that comes from. Second, I disagree with Dixon's final point: the nod will not go to an elite just for the sake of selecting an elite. We are in a unique time in political history, a time where people are fed up to the ceiling with politics as usual. I choose to believe that once the campaigning--with its competitive primary season, speech-making, fact-checking, and lovers of truth holding the lamestream media's feet to the fire--ends, the American people are going to know the candidates, and they will respond by speaking loudly and clearly in the voting booth. And should Governor Palin decide to run, they will know her. This, I believe, will cause her to be the last one standing.

William Dixon's piece should be quite thought-provoking for those who need to do some soul-searching about why they harbor such disdain for Governor Palin. Those of us who are not so deranged are not surprised by many of the points he makes. Governor Palin is an accomplished woman whose record alone merits the respect of being considered a formidable, viable candidate for President of the United States.

(h/t Doug Brady)


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