Back from Missouri, Back to the Grind

Monday, February 28, 2011

Winter break for the kids at school afforded me the opportunity to spend eight wonderful days in Missouri. I just returned last night, and it's back to the grind again--back to work, back to snow, and yes, back to the treadmill.

But before I get too far out of vacation mode, I thought I'd post a few pictures--in memory of my enjoyable no-work week :)! The first was taken at the birthday party Kristi threw for her dad. The next one is from praise and worship practice at her church where she's on the sax. (She also plays the guitar.) Then there's the cozy picture of the fireplace, in front of which we had a couple Scrabble battles, ending in Adrienne victories! I certainly wish I had that fireplace with me now because coming back to the New York cold has been chilling!

I love Missouri. It's peaceful, it's relaxing, and it's just plain cool. Thanks for making it so awesome, Kristi--and a special thank you to Kenton and Pam! God bless you all.

To hear some anointed music, check out Kristi on the saxophone as Cape First Worship ministers "Even Now" under the direction of Brent Anderson.


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