2012 Will Bring a Palin 'W' or a GOP 'L'

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Radio talk show host John Phillips, guest writing for the Los Angeles Times, explains why the best chance Republicans have of winning in 2012 is if Governor Palin is the GOP nominee. Agreed! I do not, however, agree as vehemently with every point he makes in the article. But this is certain: the Governor stands head and shoulders above all other possible candidates. She's the right choice because she's right on all the right issues. Besides that, she's got the guts to take the necessary stand on those issues. Below are his points to which I can say, "Amen":

Somebody asked me the other day who the Republicans should plop atop their presidential ticket next year. And I said, Sarah Palin.

Before you look at your computer the same way you looked at the television when Charlie Sheen enlightened you on the meaning of 'Winning' and 'tiger blood,' hear me out.

Listening, not looking at the computer funny at all, and in total agreement thus far.

He continues:
I was put under the gun (if you're still allowed to use that phrase) on Sean Hannity's Great American Panel on the Fox News Channel. Upon further reflection, I think I'm more right today than I was when I spontaneously cheer-leaded for the former Alaska governor on national television.


This is the Republican Party's best shot at sneaking in an actual true blue authentic conservative, who can take on all of Washington's sacred cows and then become the most vilified person in the country.

The man for that job is Sarah Palin.

Would a President Huckabee put his office and popularity on the line to take on the highly unpopular, yet urgently necessary issue of entitlement reform? Not likely.

Could you see a President Romney taking the risk of being vilified as a xenophobic racist by demanding an enforcement first approach to illegal immigration? No way, Jose.

How about a President Mitch Daniels going up to Alaska and drilling for oil like a crazed dentist? Good luck.

Sarah Palin? Check. Check. Check.

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