First GOP Presidential Debate Scrapped

Saturday, April 2, 2011

As reported here, Governor Palin was going to pass on the leftist media-run presidential debate anyway, the first GOP debate heading into 2012, scheduled for May 2nd. On that date, she's once again putting her support for our military into action. This decision caused pundits to speculate that she's not running for president. I said then that these talking heads knew not what they were talking about, and her participation in "Tribute to the Troops" said nothing about 2012 at all.

Those who were so quick to dismiss Governor Palin, of all people, from the 2012 campaign season, now have this to consider:

The first GOP presidential debate set for early May has been canceled due to lack of interest…from candidates.

The Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation announced that it’s moving its “Reagan Centennial GOP Presidential Primary Candidates Debate” from May 2 to Sept. 14, 2011. The reason? Not enough big names have declared their candidacy, and therefore the foundation is struggling to secure participation.

“Although there will be a long and impressive list of Republican candidates who eventually take the field, too few have made the commitment thus far for a debate to be worthwhile in early May,” said John Heubusch, executive director for the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation, in a statement. “The Reagan Foundation’s first Republican presidential primary debate will move to the fall, allowing enough time for the full slate of candidates to participate.”

Politico, NBC, and Telemundo are also sponsoring the foundation’s debate.

The first debate of the presidential season now belongs to Fox, which is sponsoring one on May 5 in South Carolina.

Read here.

So Governor Palin isn't the only potential candidate not to commit to this particular debate, is she? No doubt, however, she's the most important.


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