Governor Palin on Hannity Tonight; Updated with Video

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Governor Palin will be on Sean Hannity's television show tonight at 9 p.m. Eastern. He tweeted the following, which can be nothing but Sean Hannity's way of drawing even more attention to his show:

Could a Palin-Trump alliance be forming? @SarahPalinUSA weighs in tonight at 9 pm on @hannityshow!

A Palin-Trump alliance? Hannity has a way--both on his radio and television shows--of producing teasers that last forever and attempt to attract attention. I don't know anything about any alliance between the Governor and The Donald, and I'm sure that as entertaining as Trump is, he can't seriously be compared to Governor Palin in terms of substance, record, and experience. However, if Hannity will do us a favor and simply discuss the issues that are actually important to the American people, Governor Palin will have plenty of insight to share.

UPDATE: Here's video of the interview (via The Right Scoop):


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