Joining Governor Palin and Jewish Americans for Sarah Palin at "Heroes Among Us"; UPDATED

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

UPDATE: See this flier in full size at Jews for Sarah Palin by clicking here.

As I reported here, Governor Palin will be speaking at Heroic Media's "Heroes Among Us" on April 30th in Bethesda, MD. She will discuss motherhood and empowering women to choose life.

Jewish Americans for Sarah Palin will be there and will host a shabbaton in conjunction with the Heroic Media Benefit Dinner. As the flier indicates, I will be joining them that weekend as one of their "special guests," and though it indicates my involvement in Conservatives4Palin, of course, I will be representing MotivationTruth first and foremost.

I look forward to hearing Governor Palin discuss respecting the sanctity of life and family, as she is a strong example of both; she's walked the walk. I also look forward to being in the company of my Jewish brothers and sisters as they enjoy shabbaton.

Visit Jews for Sarah Palin to get additional information about this event, including purchase of tickets. You may also email them at


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