SarahPAC Unveils New Website

Monday, April 18, 2011

SarahPAC, Governor Palin's official political action committee, unveiled their new website today. You can take a look at the impressive new site at

The site captured the attention of Politico:
Sarah Palin rolled out a new website for her PAC on Monday with significantly more content and features, along with a vehicle for Palin to start gathering email addresses and information from her supporters.

The new site,, is a necessary step if Palin intends to run for president and for the first time gives her organization the ability to interact with her supporters by providing a centralized location to collect data and solicit donations. Though Palin maintains a staff of several seasoned political hands, she had yet to build out some of the basic needs of a political organization — including an email list.

SarahPAC Treasurer Tim Crawford told POLITICO that the new site has been in the work for some time and was designed to engage more directly with Palin supporters.

“We needed a new website, one that was more interactive,” Crawford said. “We’re certainly engaging with Sarah’s supporters.”

The site was led midday Monday by video of Palin’s Saturday speech in Madison, Wis., and features of her recently television interviews under the headline “Setting the Record Straight.”

The website includes a sign-up for email updates and several links steering supporters to a contribution page.


The new site, in conjunction with the speech, is the first move in sometime that will give oxygen to speculation that Palin is planning a presidential run.

Read more here, and don't forget to visit, take a look around, and donate.


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