Frank Bailey's Tell-Nothing Book

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Frank Bailey, former trusted aide to Governor Palin, has some tell-nothing book out today. I will deal more with this later--how nothing he says is worth trusting. In the meantime, I'm copying below what I wrote about this guy back in February when news first emerged that he was shopping a book deal. It merits repeating. More later:

"Ridiculousness of Frank Bailey"

In the last several days, the news regarding Governor Palin has centered around Frank Bailey, a former aide turned traitor, who decided to link up with Jeanne Devon, a current and future anti-Palin extremist, to author what is being touted as a tell-all book. Said book supposedly will reveal who the Governor really is via emails they exchanged. Bailey claims excerpts of his manuscript were leaked as he shopped for someone crazy enough to publish this book by an obviously disgruntled ex-employee.

First of all, does he not lose all credibility by joining forces with a woman everyone knows despises Governor Palin? Who in the world would take him seriously? Second of all, the excerpts that were leaked seem to tell us only that the Governor is innocent of any corruption, cared about her image (who doesn't?), and was much displeased with attacks against her family. Hardly earth-shattering. We don't know all Bailey intends to say, but most rational, intelligent people wouldn't put up their lunch money, much less their faith, on his word.

Bailey's decision to write this book causes us to scratch our heads in wonder at why anyone would take emails intended to be private communication between people who work together--and supposedly trust each other--and share them with the world several years later. What's the motive? What does he stand to gain? The obvious answer appears to be cash. No wonder he's struggling to get anyone to publish his manuscript. His decision to engage in such low-life behavior is indeed questionable, to say the least, and certainly speaks more about him than it does about Governor Palin.

Robert Stacy McCain had this to say about Frank Bailey's "Cashing In":
OK, so you get hired to do a job and, when the job’s over, you try to hustle a buck by stabbing your former employer in the back.

Explain to me why anyone should ever trust you. Or better yet, explain to me why anyone should ever do anything except spit on the ground when your name is mentioned.

Must be nice to get your book proposal promoted by Politico, you worthless two-faced backstabbing crapweasel.

To read C4P's thorough coverage--all in one click--of the ridiculousness of Frank Bailey and his manuscript, go here.


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