Governor Palin Speaks at CA's South Valley College

Monday, May 2, 2011

Yesterday, Governor Palin spoke at the dedication of Golden Eagle Arena at South Valley College in Lemoore, CA. Via KMPH:

Sarah Palin came out to an adoring crowd and she adored them right back.

"I hope you don't take it for granted what you have here in California. It seems like really beautiful pieces of a puzzle come together here in California where you have the man power the work ethic that's here. You have the technology and you have the God-given natural resources here. So the only thing standing in the way is a government that doesn't understand that they need to back off and allow you to do what you do best," Sarah Palin said.

And for Central Valley farmers like Ron Pereira from Los Banos, Palin spoke words he understood.

"She's right on. Our water issue here in California, especially with a wet year like this year, and we have only 80 percent. I mean it's ridiculous. Why don't we have 100 percent?" he said.

Palin hit the water issue hard calling the Central Valley's water issue a government-imposed drought that needs to be reversed.

"This is the epitome of the place for potential and this is the epitome of the place for government to have realized, ‘We screwed up. We're taking away people's livelihoods by shutting off their water. Lets undo some of the mistakes that we have done in this community and let's allow these people to have their jobs, their livelihoods, to have what it is that their work ethic from prior generations,'" said Palin.

Former governor Palin also spoke of oil and gas prices. Another issue affecting everyone here.

"The oil prices. Our fertilizers are double what they were in the past. It's just really hard for us to survive," said Pereira.

Palin gave the audience something to chew on.

"In the future, people are going to be looking here at the Central Valley and trying to find out ‘what's it gonna take for the people to rise up and have your voice heard,'" Palin said.


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