Father's Day: I Love My Dad for Getting My Butt Out of Haiti!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day to every father and father figure who has poured himself into the lives of children. So very often children's perspectives of our Heavenly Father are shaped by their experiences with their earthly dads. That's why I am grateful for every father who has represented God well. Let's pray for dads to stand up as real men of God, to hold up that standard of righteousness, and to unashamedly let their children see them humble themselves before the King of kings and Lord of lords.

Today at church, our little kids did a special presentation for their fathers. This involved individually going to the microphone to talk about their dads. Wonderful things were said: I love my dad for teaching me how to play baseball; I love my father because he's cool; I am glad my dad teaches me about God; my dad lets me snuggle with him in the morning. These tributes were great. But my favorite has got to be the one given by little Ednel: I love my dad for getting my butt out of Haiti! Gotta love that honesty! After years of red tape, Ednel's adoption was expedited after the horrible earthquake in Haiti over a year ago, and he has fit into his new family perfectly. He has also fit perfectly into our hearts at Rock Solid Church.

God bless you, fathers. Enjoy your day.


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