George Washington Crosses the Delaware in Flag Day Parade

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Happy Flag Day!

Saturday, the annual Flag Day parade in my city was held. My church, Rock Solid Church, is involved each year, as we seek to represent our nation, serve our community, and most of all, honor our God. We are so very humbled to come home with a trophy every year. I say that while giving God the glory because it really is what we would call a God-thing. Mrs. Brenda, my pastor's wife, prays each year for God's direction for the float. He faithfully gives her the direction we are to take, and John is the artist who knows how to make it work, with the help of so many others in the church. We won Best Overall Float: Best Representation of the Red, White, and Blue this year.

Our procession included banners, flag dancers, American flags, children in hay wagons, candy throwers, people handing out tracts, music, and of course, the main float--George Washington Crossing the Delaware, equipped with costumes and the likeness of water, icebergs, and fog to simulate how cold the crossing was.

The first picture below is the plan Ms. Brenda followed, and our guys crossing the Delaware did their best to emulate that plan, as seen in the portrait--from stances, to facial expressions, and even to injuries. The pictures that follow are various angles of the float and pictures of the particpants during the line-up and preparation stages, as well as photos of the actual parade. I'm proudly carrying the American flag during the parade. Can you find me?

Last year we highlighted the Founders and the signing of the Constitution. You can read about it and see those incredible pictures here.

Enjoy the pictures, and while doing so, listen to the song we marched to. The Youtube of Chris Tomlin's "I Will Follow You" is at the end.


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