Governor Palin's Visit to NYC's Historic Sites; Updated

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Update: Great photo below (Photo credits: AP):

Via SarahPAC early today, Governor Palin said this about the Big Apple:
Good morning! It's Fleet Week here in NYC and I've had the honor of meeting many Sailors, Marines, and Coast Guardsmen. Thanks to all for their service. Had a great time in the City.

Enjoyed some great NY pizza with Donald Trump and his wife last night in a nice quiet setting, Times Square.

We're getting ready to fire up the bus for another beautiful day talking to Americans about the foundations of our great nation. Check back in throughout the day.

Later, she posted:
What a wonderful day to visit the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island!

Seeing all the young students on field trips - and generations of families visiting as one - I was reminded of a Ronald Reagan speech from Liberty State Park in September 1980. He spoke of the Americans who passed through Ellis Island and whose first glimpse of their adopted country was the grand statue in New York’s harbor. He talked about our shared values and the common thread of the American dream across an endless mix of backgrounds.

And I was struck by the many visitors from overseas who were drawn to this place, not merely for its aesthetic beauty but also as a symbol for freedom and liberty.

Ellis Island and Liberty Island truly endure as lasting beacons of hope and the opportunity to live an American dream. Lady Liberty is the symbol of unity and friendship we have with other freedom-loving nations. It's also a "warning" of sorts, as France encouraged us to keep democracy alive as the recipient of this gift... basically telling us not to blow it. Thank you for this reminder, France!

Now on to visit colleagues at the FOX studios.

- Sarah Palin


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