Nothing to Hide: SarahPAC Adviser Says Everyone Should Read Gov. Palin's Emails

Friday, June 10, 2011

The media is beclowning itself. They are salivating over the release of the emails from Governor Palin's time in office. It's unlike anything anyone could imagine. Everyone is looking for dirt--some juicy tidbit--and they're willing to scour through thousands and thousands of emails to uncover it. What a joke. So what does the Governor and her staff say about all this? Obviously, they have nothing to hide.

According to CNN (emphasis added):

An adviser for Sarah Palin encouraged "everyone" to read the emails the state of Alaska released Friday.

"The thousands upon thousands of emails released today show a very engaged Governor Sarah Palin being the CEO of her state," Sarah PAC Treasurer Tim Crawford said in a statement. "The emails detail a Governor hard at work. Everyone should read them."

State officials released 24,000 pages of emails Friday from former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin's administration. The material includes emails from her official and private accounts dealing with state business.

Apparently the lamestream media aren't finding the kind of incriminating evidence they were so sure existed, so now they've resorted to saying all the dirt has been redacted. Such desperate souls.

ABC reports:
A spokesman for Gov. Sean Parnell tells reporters what they can and cannot expect to see in the emails and explained that they have been redacted to shield the "executive deliberative process" and attorney-client privilege. She said there were no requests by the Palins to redact anything.

This circus act will continue, no doubt, for what else could the media possibly have to cover? Surely there's nothing more important going on in the country today--you know, unemployment, the economy, the war on terror, the horrible job President Obama is doing. Nah, why focus on unimportant things like that when Governor Palin's emails are available? Unreal.

(h/t C4P)


Tanya G.,  June 10, 2011 at 10:43 PM  

If only that had shown such due diligence in vetting Obama before the election, and holding him accountable for his actions now that he is in office. Isn't interesting that they were salivating at the prospect of reading these tens of thousands of emails, but could not be bothered to read the 2000+ pages the of healthcare bill that forced upon us?

Small Business Resources June 13, 2011 at 2:33 AM  

What strikes me about that Politico piece is how ridiculous is the premise, that somehow the long lost Palin appears through her emails, and that she is so different from what Palin “has become” or “became” — as if there were no interceding events, like, say, a years-long attempt to destroy her by the very people now poring through these emails, that served to explain or even justify the change in Palin’s attitudes toward the press, the GOP establishment, etc.

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