One Nation Tour: From the Road

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Please read the following email from SarahPAC:

Dear Friends,

The Palin family and the SarahPAC team were in Philadelphia, the birthplace of both the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, continuing the "One Nation" bus tour! So far, the tour has made numerous stops at historical sites from the World War II Memorial in Washington, DC, to the Gettysburg Battlefield in Pennsylvania.

This Memorial Day weekend, Governor Palin and her family were very proud and humbled to be able to pay their respects at many of the moving and beautiful monuments and memorials in Washington, DC and the surrounding area. The "One Nation Tour" was also able to mingle with many Americans who made the trip to our nation's capital.

Thank you for your tremendous support for the "One Nation Tour". This trip would not be possible without your generous support. Please help continue to fund the tour by donating to SarahPAC today!

Also, for the latest photos and updates, as well as a map of the "One Nation Tour" so far, click here!



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