'Sarah Palin's Unlikely [Black] Supporter'; Really, ABC?; UPDATED

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

ABC really needs to get a clue. There's a reason they, and others like them, are called the lamestream media. They named an article "Sarah Palin’s Unlikely Supporter." Why this title? Well, the whole basis for the use of the word "unlikely" is based on race. Sonnie Johnson, interviewed in Stephen Bannon's The Undefeated, is a tea party patriot who happens to be Black. According to the ABC title, this makes her some type of enigma. I continue to shake my head at the left who are so fond of projecting their own issues with race onto the right. They are the ones who view people of darker skin tone in the context of race alone, rather than as human beings who have the same reasoning capacity and love of country as others do.

Sonnie Johnson loves this country and loves what it represents. Therefore, she loves Governor Palin. The article highlights her support of the Governor. Their surprise, as evidenced by their title, unnecessarily sticks out like a sore thumb.

As I discussed here and Whitney here, Sonnie explains her support for the Governor:

The one trait I love about Sarah Palin is the one no one talks about. Her main promise, above everything else, is to get the hell out of my life. I would love a President who didn’t believe it was their job to create jobs. A president who isn’t scared to let the free market work because SHE believes in Free Markets. And isn’t afraid to spend her time taking on the Corruption in Washington, instead of burdening the American People with more regulations. A President who doesn’t believe in punishing the rich, but creating a level playing field where every American, connected or not, can obtain and build wealth.

These values are not limited to pockets of our society, but all people benefit from a freer, more prosperous, more ethical government. Why is it "unlikely" that Sonnie would crave such a place for her children to grow up in?

ABC News’ Sheila Marikar reports from Iowa:
There’s the stereotype of the Sarah Palin supporter, and then there’s Sonnie Johnson.

The 30-year-old African-American mother and wife is featured in “The Undefeated” as one of the many people Palin captivated when John McCain thrust her onto the national stage as his vice presidential running mate in 2008. In Pella, Iowa today for the premiere of the film, Johnson said she latched on to Palin when the former Alaska governor took the stage at the Republican National Convention.

“We were watching it on TV and my daughter was like, ‘A girl can be president?,’” Johnson recalled. “And I said, ‘Yes, baby, girls can do anything.’ That was the moment -- I saw that look in my daughter’s eye, that anything in possible. The next week, I went to my very first political event, and that was to see Sarah Palin. John McCain and Sarah Palin.”

Johnson has become increasingly involved in the tea party since then, speaking at tea party events around her native Virginia. She’ll give the keynote address at an event held by the Charlottesville, VA. tea party on the Fourth of July with her young daughter by her side.

“She’ll be on stage with me,” Johnson said. “I want to get her involved, little by little. I like to say that for the black community, nothing will change until we learn to love our children more than we love the Democratic party.”

The truth, as I thoroughly explained here, here, and here, is that the principles for which Governor Palin fights are vital for all Americans but absolutely essential for the Black community. Sonnie Johnson's support for these principles should come as no surprise. In fact, it's basic common sense. The more the message is heard--truly heard--the more it will be received--by people of all backgrounds.

May the multitudes of Americans get behind Governor Palin and declare, as did Sonnie Johnson in Iowa:
“I’ll peddle her today,” she said. “Basically, I put the option out there that if she’s going to run, I’ll be hers through 2012. Anything I can do, I’ll be hers.”

Read the full article here. Sonnie Johnson has a great story that ABC does manage to capture, in spite of their obvious surprise at such "unlikely" support.

(h/t Irma E. Muñoz)

UPDATE: To be clear, I don't have a problem discussing race. I do discuss race. I have discussed, for example, how conservative principles are an asset to the Black community, how Governor Palin's values are vital to the survival of the Black community. My purpose in pointing to ABC's strange comment about Sonnie Johnson's race is that it has no place within this article. It serves to portray her as different from other Governor Palin supporters in an attempt to continue the narrative that Governor Palin's appeal is only to certain Americans, when in fact, she appeals to a wide range of people, and what she stands for is valued by many. The reference to the unlikelihood of Ms. Johnson's support is totally out of sync with the article. It's pointless in terms of substance. It further serves to paint Black conservatives as different from other Black people, to perpetuate the sell-out, not really Black, or not Black enough accusation we so often endure. The otherwise fair, interesting article should have remained one about substance alone. But ABC had another agenda, which they tried to innocently slip in with their title.


Steve Brennan June 29, 2011 at 6:46 AM  

Nailed it Adrienne! Ross/Johnson 2020!!!(Gonna have to keep the ball rollin' in 8yrs.)

Conservative Pup June 29, 2011 at 8:46 AM  

Excellent! Perfectly stated and true as can be. ABC's agenda can be seen a mile away. Divisiveness is the name of the game with this administration and their media.

nativevoice June 29, 2011 at 9:19 AM  

You are so right sister. Come campaign time I want to see you right by the governor where you belong. I am sick to death of the leftist agenda divide and conquer. Sonnie will be there too, hopefully showing the strength and unity of this movement to take back our country from the masters of Washington.

viator June 29, 2011 at 7:03 PM  

The sum of all their fears

” I like to say that for the black community, nothing will change until we learn to love our children more than we love the Democratic party.”

Legal Insurrection

Anonymous,  July 1, 2011 at 1:33 AM  

Hey Adriene!! M. Minnesota here! :-) I have a hard time logging in with Wordpress. Anyway Sonnie hit the nail on the head when she said "Who do you Love? You children or the Democratic party? Someone who is very creative and Musical could compose music and video R & B and/or Hip Hop music video of that theme "Who do you Love?" The video needs to have pictures of Robert "Sheets" Byrd.

Anonymous,  July 1, 2011 at 12:05 PM  

M.Minnesota Here!!
We all loved Sarah's Right to life speech in Indiana. It would be soooo great if she could now, or when she is a POTUS canidate (whichever is better legally) to hold a fundraiser for the
toomanyaborted.com It is a charity that brings to light and gives comfort to those in the African-American community regarding abortion.

The Website is very interactive.

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