Todd Palin's Uncle Shares Family Story

Sunday, June 5, 2011

This seems a little late, as it was originally posted on on Memorial Day, but it's never too late to celebrate those who sacrifice so much for their love of country. Tara Jollie, former Governor Palin staffer who graciously allowed me to interview her about the foolishness that is Frank Bailey, shared this article with me, and I want to share it with all of you. This story sheds further light on the type of family the Palins are a part of and the kinds of people who have influenced them and their children.

In an article she calls "Alaska’s Own, Son of the American Revolution," Tara Jollie posted the following reflection by Freeman Roberts, Todd Palin's uncle:

This Memorial Day article is dedicated to the valiant Americans who have fought and died to protect our freedom since the American Revolution. It is about six generations of the Freeman Roberts family. Each generation of Freeman’s family reflects gold standard values like many American families across our Nation. Thank you to all military families dedicated to the preservation of our way of life – and freedom. Freeman, thank you for sharing. Tara Jollie

Freeman Roberts, in his own words:

“I am a lifelong Alaska Native and commercial fisherman from Dillingham, Alaska. My father Freeman Alexander Roberts the first was born in Woodland, California, and grew up in Seattle, Washington. He attended Augusta Military Academy in Virginia where he completed his high school education. Years later he was a member of the Alaska Guard during World War II. I am US Navy veteran.

I am uncle to Alaska’s former first gentleman Todd Palin (my sister’s son) and great uncle to Todd and former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin’s five children. Todd and Sarah’s first born is Army soldier Track Plain who recently served our country in the Iraq war. Another grandnephew, Casey Kasten, is veteran of the US Navy. My cousin, Henry Alexander is a US Army veteran.

Our family story begins with James McAfee (1707-1785) and wife Jane McMicheal (1710-1783) who had a son Robert. Robert McAfee is my 8th great grandfather. Robert was a soldier in the revolutionary war and served in Col. Logan’s Illinois Regiment.

Robert McAfee (1745-1795) married Anne McCoun (1746-1794) and had a daughter Anne McAfee. Anne McAfee (1780-1889) married John Cardwell and had a daughter Mary Cardwell.

Mary Cardwell married James Alexander (1789-1860) and brought son Robert Alexander into the world. Robert Alexander(1816-1898) married Mary Phillips and had a son, George Washington Alexander.

George Washington Alexander (1846-1929) married Malvinna Winn (1852-1925) and had a daughter Gertrude Mary Alexander (1879-1976) who married Owen Ashton Black (1870-1941) and my father Freeman Alexander Black (Roberts) was born.

Gertrude later divorced Owen and married R. Knox Roberts. My father assumed the surname Roberts.

Freeman Alexander Roberts the first (1903-1949) married Goldie Anona Sterling and they had a daughter Jacqueline born in 1925. They later divorced. Freeman Alexander Roberts then married Mary Johnson. Daughter Audrey Anecia Roberts was born. This marriage ended in the death of Mary.

Freeman Roberts the first married again to Helena Marie Bartman and had three children: Freeman Alexander Roberts II (me), Marguerite Blanche Roberts, and William Owen Roberts (1948-1974).

I married Emily Marie Olson and we have four children. Keith Owen, Karen Rae, Lynelle Audrey and Freeman Alexander Roberts III.

My family all live in Alaska; it is our home. I hope to become an official member of Sons of the American Revolution soon and establish the Sons of the American Revolution, Alaska Chapter for the many direct descendants living in Alaska.

Like so many Americans, my family has a long history of military service to our country. I hope this short story is of some interest and enjoyment to you.

Sincerely, Freeman Roberts”

God bless Mr. Roberts, our troops, and our veterans--and God bless the Palin family.

Read this article at Tara's website by clicking here.

(h/t Tara Jollie)


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