Attendees of FL Screening of 'The Undefeated' Speak - Video

Friday, July 8, 2011

Take a look at what attendees of a Florida screening of The Undefeated had to say upon leaving the theater. It is clear that this film leaves an impression upon people, as it provides them deeper knowledge of who Governor Palin is and what she has accomplished. Too many people have only known her through the lens of the mainstream media, and we know they have an agenda. Why is it that as people become aware of her true record, they can't help but respect her more? See for yourself.

Buy tickets for yourself, some friends, and especially some people who have held a negative opinion of Governor Palin. Let them form their own opinion of her based on facts, not media propaganda. The movie premieres next Friday, July 15th. Go here to buy tickets and find out where The Undefeated is showing. If it's not showing in your area, take steps to change that by voting here to bring it to a theater near you.

(Video retrieved from C4P)


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