Dan Riehl Essentially Agrees with my Palin 2012 Prediction

Monday, July 11, 2011

Dan Riehl seems to have come to the same conclusion today that I did yesterday when I wrote:

From her own words, I deduce that the only thing that can stop her from taking this all-important, life-changing step is an outright plea from her family not to run. She suggested in this article, however, that her family isn't asking that of her, and that they understand that it costs to do the right thing, to make an impact, to effect change. I, therefore, make the prediction I have made for almost three years now: Governor Palin is running for President of the United States. I add the prediction that the announcement is coming soon.

Riehl stated it this way:
If there’s a conclusion to be inferred from the Newsweek item, it would seem to be that she is running. Her family seems on board with it and that is the only real obstacle she mentions, after all.

Riehl conceded that he was simply inferring, but his gut reaction appears to be the same as mine: we both apparently have arrived at the logical conclusion that she's running.

I don't mind being in such good company when it comes to assessing Governor Palin and her 2012 decision!

Read Riehl's full article here and his follow-up piece here.


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