Greta Van Susteren Agrees with my Palin 2012 Prediction

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Greta Van Susteren has set forth her reasons why she's guessing Governor Palin is planning to become President Palin. On Gretawire, she writes:

First, I have absolutely no inside track (despite what some may think) but I am guessing Governor Sarah Palin is running for President in 2012. Basis for my guess ? First, she has never said no. In fact, she told me in an interview about 8 weeks ago, and this remark has been repeated by other journalists to her and by her, she has the “fire in her belly” interest in running. This is not a yes, and it is not a no but leans more in the yes direction. In that interview I tried to get a more definitive answer out of her as to whether she is running or not but only got admission of “fire in the belly.” Second, we have not heard much from her since her bus tour which makes me suspicious that she is gearing up (but just a guess…maybe she is doing something else? writing another book? spending time with her family? ) Third, as the days go on, some of the declared Republican candidates are having a few troubles – whether it be a gaffe or troubles raising money. This must be tempting to a politician looking at the race and who has not said no. Fourth, I read in the Des Moines Register that there are Palin volunteers – not from a Palin organization – all over the ground in Iowa. Fifth, there seems to be a media strategy – two weeks ago a documentary about her time as Governor opened in Iowa and then yesterday the cover story in Newsweek Magazine hit the newsstands. Sixth, she has already gone through the media digging into her life and past which discourages many politicians. Seventh, are there any signs she is not running other than that she is not physically in Iowa and has not declared a candidacy?

What do you think? Is she running? or not?

Visit Gretawire here and respond to her poll question.

I have maintained since 2008, when I first became involved with the 2012 Draft Sarah Committee, that Governor Palin was running for President in 2012. My recent predictions can be accessed here and here.

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