'The Undefeated' Success - Examining the Numbers

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Undefeated is making box office history, although the mainstream media wouldn't want you to know that--just as they wouldn't want you to know the truth about Governor Palin's record and accomplishments.

John Nolte has the numbers:

Box Office Mojo is a universally accepted and respected source for box-office numbers, mainly because they’ve always done a very professional job of sticking to numbers and avoiding the business and political nonsense that tarnishes so many others. As of today, they’re reporting that at 10 locations, “The Undefeated” grossed $65,132, or $6513 per screen during its opening weekend. We also know that at some locations, director Steve Bannon’s documentary sold out completely and garnered as much as $10,000 per screen. But for argument’s sake, let’s use Box Office Mojo and take a sober look at how well the Palin documentary did in the best kind of apples-to-apples comparison available — and that’s in the genre of political documentaries and the number of screens it opened on.

Fair enough?

You with me so far?

As you can see in the Box Office Mojo the chart below (original here), which looks at historical theatrical opening weekend numbers of political documentaries going back 20 years, ”The Undefeated” did remarkably well in the only categories that matter:

Compared to every other political documentary ever made…

1. “The Undefeated” ranks as #15 in the all-time highest grossing debut category (and this includes Michael Moore’s unique hold on this category). However — and this is a mighty important however – nine of the films ranked above the Palin doc opened on more screens — in some cases, hundreds more.

2. On a comparative number of screens (less than 10), “The Undefeated” enjoyed the fifth highest-grossing debut in the history of political documentaries.

3. Opening on a comparative number of screens (5 to 25), “The Undefeated” enjoyed the sixth highest per-screen average in the history of political documentaries.

Read the rest here.

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