Tim Pawlenty Out of 2012 Race; Governor Palin Weighs In

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Tim Pawlenty ended his presidential campaign this morning after coming in a distant third in yesterday's Iowa Straw Poll behind Representatives Michele Bachmann and Ron Paul. Granted, I'm no political veteran, but it strikes me odd that a person with serious presidential aspirations would drop out because of the results of a straw poll. I know the tradition of Iowa is very important to presidential politics, but I have to admit, I just don't get it. Look at history: how often has Iowa actually proven to be the presidential predictor?

Honestly, I find Tim Pawlenty a major yawn anyway, and I don't think he had a good shot at the nomination, but I view his early departure as a sign that maybe he shouldn't have been in the race to begin with. Again, perhaps it's my lack of political experience speaking, but if a straw poll--albeit in Iowa--in the summer of 2011, before some candidates have even entered the race, could do the trick, one just has to wonder if the sidelines are where he really belongs.

Earlier today, Governor Palin weighed in from Springfield, Illinois, where she took her One Nation Bus Tour to the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum.

Via Alex Moe:

"I think we will see more people coming and going" in this campaign cycle. "I hate to see that internal party events would be seen as the barometer for somebody to stay in the race or not. I would love to have seen Pawlenty stay in there and allow the voters to decide not internal political machinery decide who should be in the race and who should not. So I am disappointed that he has dropped out. Pawlenty, he is a good man who worked very hard, had a good record as a governor. He knew how to get along with the boys in the sandbox. He knew when and how to compromise in order to get things done in a blue state - a Republican in a blue state being effective. I have great respect for him and a lot of his staff members too, good guys, good gals. He has a great family. So I really, really hope the best for Gov. Pawlenty; he is a good man, and disappointed that he dropped out.

On whether Pawlenty quitting will impact her decision to run, she said, "No, I think this is more illustration of the comings and goings of a campaign in a very long season of politics. We still have many months to go, and I think we will see more people coming and going."

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George Washington August 14, 2011 at 6:23 PM  

Nice site. Motivation Truth, good combination. Along the tradition of Truth, Justice and the American Way that was a saying when I was a boy yet is rarely heard today.

"George Washington"
James Renwick Manship, Sr.
Second to None George Washington Living Historian
"Second to None:America's Washington" author

vulture August 14, 2011 at 8:46 PM  

Some go some others might jump in! Like Sarah... hopefully. Praying!

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