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Friday, September 9, 2011

This evening, Madeleine McAulay and Connor Lanser of The Two Teens Tonight Show interviewed me. The two teenagers do an admirable job of hosting their blog talk radio show. Tonight, they were very much interested in discussing my impact as a teacher and methods of motivating students, countering liberal bias in education, and my own interactions with co-workers in light of my political perspectives. In addition, we talked about my support of Governor Palin, the current political climate, America's hope, President Obama, and 2012.

The interview is below, and I'm on for about the first 23 minutes:

Listen to internet radio with The Two Teens Show on Blog Talk Radio


Greg Legakis September 10, 2011 at 12:46 AM  


I watched your Sistah Talk interview. Wow, what a strong, smart, brave and beautiful woman you are.
God blessed you with patience and virtue and it really shined thru in a very, shall we say, un-ideal setting.

You made some great points, not only about Sarah, but even more so, about how the Dems have kept Blacks on the proverbial plantation thru their enslaving policies and programs.

I bet you felt bad for these women because they were too stubborn and blinded by their entrenched beliefs to ever see the truth that you see so clearly.

I hope I get to meet you someday and give you a big Mama Grizzly Bear hug for your courage, your support of Sarah and your contributions to C4P.

Hopefully at the inauguration we will have a big C4P Meetup.

May Jesus continue to guide you and walk beside you.


Greg Legakis

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