Governor Palin in Manchester, NH; UPDATED with Video

Monday, September 5, 2011

Governor Palin spoke at a Tea Party Express rally today in Manchester, New Hampshire. Fired up and feeding off the enthusiasm of those assembled who broke into chants of the now-familiar, "Run, Sarah, run" plea, she again took on President Obama's failed policies, the permanent political class, crony capitalism, and corporate welfare. She described candidates who should be welcomed into the race, and the description sounded a lot like...her. (Just sayin'.) These would be candidates with "a proven record of reform," a "willing[ness] to take on the tough challenges," and a "pro-growth agenda."

If I get access to the video's embed code, I will update this post with it. In the meantime, you can watch it at SarahPAC here.

See pictures of the rally at SarahPAC here.

Via SarahPAC, Governor Palin posted the following after her speech:

Just wrapping up an awesome four day trip to the Hawkeye and Granite States. Visiting with residents there it's easy to see why they play such an important role in vetting America's leaders. Todd and I were able to interact directly with informed Americans and hear their concerns first hand outside the media spin.

Yesterday morning I joined the "Jump Right in and Run" half marathon in Storm Lake, Iowa and last night in Manchester, New Hampshire we enjoyed a lovely dinner at the Puritan Back Room. The local folks we met with were wonderfully nice and true American patriots. Their concerns were common - the massive burden of government on small businesses, the abysmal economic and employment rate and their strong desire to restore America.

These good folks are tired of politics as usual; Tired of being spoon-fed by packaged politicos and tired of the twisted sound bites and 30-second ads. They want solutions and they deserve strong, honest leadership.

Thank you to the citizens of Iowa and New Hampshire for your hospitality, your thoughtful questions and picking up where the media left off in vetting and challenging us all on our vision for America's future.

Have a safe and happy Labor Day. We will see you again soon.

-- Sarah Palin

UPDATED: Here's the video, via The Right Scoop:


RedPa September 8, 2011 at 10:35 PM  

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