Roderic Deane Announces Sunday's 'Waiting for Sarah Palin' Interview Line-Up

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Roderic Deane has a huge line-up set for this Sunday at noon Eastern. While waiting for Governor Palin's 2012 announcement, her supporters have seen the years turn to months, the months to weeks, and hopefully the weeks to days. Roderic wants to talk to some of her most ardent supporters now that the time is near.

I'm looking forward to joining some of my Palin-supporting colleagues on the air tomorrow. However, having spent the last few days sick and congested, I told Roderic my goal is just to be able to talk clearly enough not to sound like I have a clothespin on my nose and to not cough throughout the entire interview!

I had the pleasure of being on his show in July. You can listen to that interview here.

Below is the information for his Blog Talk Radio Show. Listeners can call in to (310) 982-4283.

The Roderic Deane Show - Sunday, September 25, 2011 - 11:00am to 1:00pm Central Time

Show Title: Waiting for Sarah Palin

Show Description: "Sarah Palin told us to keep our powder dry and that we would know soon enough about her plans. In the meantime, how do we choose to wile away the in-between?"

Show Schedule:

Hour 1:

Peter Singleton - Co-Coordinator of the Iowa chapter of O4P (Organize4Palin)

Ron Devito - US4Palin publisher; Coordinator of NY4Palin, an O4P affiliate

Hour 2:

Adrienne Ross - MotivationTruth publisher; Conservatives4Palin editor/contributor; US4Palin contributor

Stephen K. Bannon - Producer and Director of Sarah Palin documentary, The Undefeated

O.P. Ditch - Vets4Sarah organizer; Major participant in the Maryland chapter of O4P


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