Governor Palin Discusses Faith and Family at Liberty University

Sunday, October 9, 2011

On Saturday, Governor Palin spoke at the Extraordinary Women Conference held at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia. The Governor spoke about faith and family, and she shared her personal testimony. Click here to read the WSLS account of the event. Apparently, the crowd was moved by Governor Palin's words, for they rewarded her transparency with several standing ovations.

I would have loved to be at this gathering of Christian women because I've noticed over the last three years that as much as she captivates an audience while speaking about the Constitution, limited government, American exceptionalism, fiscal responsibility, or energy development, Governor Palin is never more in her element than when speaking about faith. That's when she's both the most exciting and the most inspirational. The reason is simple. It is her faith that drives her, guides her, and strengthens her. Her faith is the lens through which she sees the world. It's why she is able to speak and act with such conviction, even when faced with intense opposition. It is who she is. Of all the reasons I respect her, and there are many, her unashamed faith in Christ is number one.


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