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Friday, October 28, 2011

Nicole Coulter, my Conservatives4Palin colleague, and many other Palin supporters, have been working tirelessly to plan and execute Grizzly Fest '11. In just a matter of a couple weeks, they have rallied the troops, designed a website, started a Facebook page, created a Twitter account, and organized a huge online event, with show-down set for tomorrow from 2-5 p.m. Eastern. To see the schedule of events, go here.

Prominent conservative voices and activists are fired up and involved in this project, which is designed to continue to advance the principles Governor Palin espouses and has committed herself to--with or without a title. Participating in this event are radio talk show host Tammy Bruce; columnist and Fox News contributor, Jedediah Bila; Texans for Sarah Palin creator, Josh Painter; Tami Nantz, blogger outreach coordinator for Smart Girl Politics Action; Stephen Bannon, producer of The Undefeated, the documentary about Governor Palin's career; Jackie Siciliano, senior community guide of Team Sarah; and many others. Go here to see a complete list and to learn about each.

When Governor Palin announced that "at this time" she would not seek the GOP nomination for President, some may have thought her supporters would pack it up, turn off the lights, and settle for whatever and whomever politics-as-usual threw our way. Not so! Her supporters have always been inspired by her tenacity and love for this country. When she decided not to run for office now, she made it clear she was not retreating. In fact, she felt she could do more good, impact more policies, and fight harder for freedom without the shackles of a title. She also made it clear that part of her battle for America would entail working hard to get common sense, freedom-loving, fiscally conservative people elected to Congress. Grizzly Fest is committed to the same principles, for they seek what Governor Palin calls a fundamental restoration of America--not the transformation President Obama desires. This is just one step toward that end.

Concerning this goal, Nicole writes:

Those of us who have followed Governor Palin’s career for these last three years (or longer) admire her in many ways … for her straight talk, for the fearless challenge she presents to the status quo, for her policy positions … and for her servant’s heart. We have drawn inspiration from Governor Palin’s words in Going Rogue, America By Heart, and from the bold message of reform in The Undefeated.

Now, our challenge is to take all that, and boil it down into a set of policies and principles that we can carry with us into the political battles ahead whether Governor Palin reconsiders her run for office or not. Our mission is to translate what we admire about Governor Palin into ideas from which to evaluate other would-be leaders at the local, state and federal level.

And then it’s my fervant [sic] belief that we’ll naturally start noticing other hidden “Palins” out there at all levels who share these convictions and we can work to get them elected, with a long-term goal in mind.

In her article, "Why Grizzly Fest?" Nicole writes:
In her Oct. 5th announcement, Governor Palin urged supporters to continue to fight to restore America’s “greatness, goodness, and our constitutional republic based on the rule of law.”

That is why on Oct. 29th we will gather the Palin “tribes” for Grizzly Fest, a historic online summit to move ahead with a positive agenda of reform. We’re not going away!


We will renew, reload and re-organize.

After the historic elections of 2010, the conservative movement is on the ascendancy.

Now more than ever we have an opportunity to unite alongside Governor Palin to actively and “aggressively” support true public servants who will stop runaway government debt and job-killing regulations. We have the unique opportunity to promote free markets and energy independence. We have the opportunity as a large grassroots movement to continue to hold our elected leaders accountable, and to dismantle the government crony system that stymies our entrepreneurial spirit and siphons away untold billions from our public treasury.

We must fight for leaner government at all levels. We must defeat the permanent political class.

Governor Palin gave us the VISION of what we wanted in a leader.

Now it’s still up to us as constitutional conservatives to make that vision a reality across the country, to advance her vision of reform, ethics, and fiscal responsibility, and to support leaders with the restoration agenda.

The battle awaits us. And we remain UNDEFEATED.

Tomorrow, I will put up the livestream of Grizzly Fest and offer more information about this historic event. Don't miss it.

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