Summoning Palin's Endorsement

Saturday, November 26, 2011

As the GOP presidential candidates face ebbs and flows in their campaigns, there is no wonder Governor Palin's endorsement has been sought-after. Real Clear Politics has speculated where the Governor may place her support, but that remains to be seen. What is already quite clear is the candidates know the power the Governor holds. As the 2010 mid-terms elections revealed, her stamp of approval is able to positively influence a campaign, sparking both boots-on-the-ground support and finances. No doubt this is why immediately after announcing her decision not to seek the 2012 GOP nomination, a Palin endorsement was vehemently summoned.

Whomever she chooses to endorse for 2012, if anyone at all, will have a huge base of support from which to draw. While it is not likely that each of Governor Palin's supporters will back the person she backs, many of them are, in fact, waiting for her to say the word. They will then lend their support to that individual, for they believe her choice will be the most common sense choice for defeating President Obama, someone most in line with her values--values they share.

Mark Whittington writes:

The most sought-after endorsement of this political cycle will be from a woman who holds no political office and is not currently seeking one. That is why each of the Republican candidates have done the equivalent of kissing Sarah Palin's ring.

So how, according to Whittington, will the Governor reach such an important decision?
The criteria Palin will use to determine who to endorse will be who will be best for the country, in her judgment, and only secondarily who will be best for her own political fortunes. Palin has some definite ideas about how the United States should be governed, particularly in the suppression of honest graft in the congress and crony capitalism. Whomever is best suited to advance her agenda will get her endorsement.

And just what would a Governor Palin endorsement accomplish?
Palin's endorsement would take a struggling campaign and take it to the top tier. It would take a surging campaign and send it over the top. It could be the difference between getting to accept the nomination at next year's convention or just being third from the right on the stage during the unity demonstration.

Read the full article here.

(h/t Josh Painter)


Irma November 26, 2011 at 7:33 PM  

Thanks for posting Adrienne. Personally I yet to choose anyone for 2012. As a matter of fact our primaries are now in March and I'm tired of the GOP games. If between now and March I haven't decided on the candidate to represent me I am going to write-in Gov. Sarah Palin. Yes, that is correct. My family and I have been discussing this for sometime now and that is what we've decided to do. Now I know there is no one person who will do all things but I do know that I am accountable to God. He is the one I will please NOT the GOP. As long as I am doing what He has called me to do and please Him in the process all is well with my soul and that of my loved ones.
God bless you Adrienne and keep up the good work.

Art Telles November 26, 2011 at 11:32 PM  

IF - I was advising Sarah Palin on whom to endorse...

Let's see whom "IF" might be that Sarah might endorse.

- Romney - no way Jose
- Gingrich - yes
- Cain - yes
- Perry - yes
- Bachmann - yes
- Santorum - yes
- Paul -no
- Huntsman - no

Ok next -

- Gingrich - uh, maybe
- Cain - yes
- Perry - yes
- Bachmann - yes
- Santorum - yes

Ok next -

- Cain - uh, maybe
- Perry - uh, maybe
- Bachmann - yes
- Santorum - yes

Ok next -

- Bachmann - uh, maybe
- Santorum - yes

Ok next -

-Santorum - yes


- Gravitas
- Experience
- Knowledgeable about how House and Senate work
- Consistency on social issues
- Consistency on moral issues
- Consistency on economic issues
- Consistency on science issues
- Definitely "knows" islamic jihadistic and shariaistic agenda
- Has never, EVER, never thought about thinking about sitting on a couch with Nancy Pelosi


Of course, more could be added, such as family, faith, prayer, etc., but this makes the salient point...

... Rick Santorum knows "we the people" and how Washington works and does not work.

And, who knows, sometimes the "first are last" and sometimes the "last are first" in the mysterious ways that Yahweh works.


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