Palin Adviser, Peter Schweizer, Shines Light on D.C. Legal Corruption

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Peter Schweizer, Governor Palin's foreign policy adviser, has been getting quite a bit of attention since recently releasing his earth shattering book, Throw Them All Out. I'm in the process of reading his book now, which exposes legal corruption in government--corruption that will leave the reader absolutely appalled. Today, he appeared on MSNBC.

Thanks to Stacy Drake, I also learned of an article Schweizer wrote for Big Government. Drake introduces the article this way:
Peter Schweizer posted an article yesterday over at BigGovernment on the congressional insider trading hearings led by Rep. Spencer Bachus, who also just so happens to be featured in Schweizer’s book “Throw Them All Out.” In this piece, Schweizer showcases Representative Bauchus’ use of these hearings as an attempt to “whitewash” his own actions by using carefully selected “experts” on the panel discussion, and feigning his own “victimhood.”

Please read the full article, which Schweizer ends with this:
The American people have not spoken precisely because hearings like the one Rep. Bachus held today haven’t let them. Rep. Spencer Bachus orchestrated a list of witnesses designed to protect his wealth and the wealth of his friends in Washington. Voters must keep the pressure on. And if the “Bachus as usual” antics continue, the American people must throw them all out.


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