Governor Palin's Policies and the Black Community; Part III: School Choice

Monday, February 28, 2011

During the month of February, I have been focusing on how Governor Palin has a pulse on the issues that are of particular relevance to the Black community, unlike this current Obama administration. Previously, I tackled both abortion and unemployment. The abortion issue is especially vital, as it is killing off the Black population, and if embracing the pro-life message is the heart of our survival, then our education, without a doubt, is the brain.

School choice is one of those issues to which we return repeatedly--and for good reason. As a public school teacher, I realize people are interested in where I stand on this issue, just as they are interested in where I stand on the Wisconsin situation. The answer is simple: I stand on the side of kids. Period. I'm no perfect person; therefore, I'm no perfect teacher. However, I didn't get into the profession for any reason other than kids. Therefore, they must remain the top priority. I am not in debt to unions, teachers, or systems that work against the success of students. I firmly believe that students need to be given every possible opportunity to succeed, and for many, the public school simply doesn't cut it. This is why school choice is so important.

It certainly isn't news that giving parents choices in their children's education opens up avenues otherwise closed. It creates opportunities for children to blossom, and isn't that what education is all about?

Governor Palin understands the power of choice when it comes to educating our children. As far back as her run for governor, in the Palin-Parnell 2006 campaign booklet, New Energy for Alaska, she stated:
My administration will support existing programs that already offer alternative school options available throughout the state, including charter schools, rural boarding schools, home school options, correspondence schools, and vocational/technical, and magnet schools.

The booklet also points out:
Sarah supports parental choice so that parents can choose what is best for their children -- vocational training, a public school, charter school, private school or home schooling.

As C4P reported here, Governor Palin was not able to advocate for vouchers as governor because it's unconstitutional in Alaska. Her inability to push for vouchers in her home state does not indicate an absence of support for it at the national level, however; it was an issue of the Alaska Constitution which she was sworn to uphold. Her record is clear that as governor she took very seriously upholding the Constitution, even when she personally disagreed.

Now, as a common sense voice for issues of importance beyond the state of Alaska, issues of national relevance, the Governor has recently weighed in once again on education, showing her support for school choice. After President Obama's State of the Union Address, she wrote:
Of course, it’s nice to give a speech calling for “investment” and “competition” in order to reach greatness. It’s quite another thing to advocate and implement policies that truly encourage such things. Growing the federal government is not the answer.

Take education for example. It’s easy to declare the need for better education, but will throwing even more money at the issue really help? As the Cato Institute’s Michael Tanner notes, “the federal government has increased education spending by 188 percent in real terms since 1970 without seeing any substantial improvement in test scores.” If you want “innovation” and “competition,” then support school choice initiatives and less federal control over our state and local districts.

The Governor is correct in pointing to Tanner's comments, for the link between educational success and educational choice is clear. The Heritage Foundation has been all over this issue. A few months ago, they released the following:
A new study released this week by the Department of Education’s Institute for Education Sciences found that participation in the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program “raised a student’s probability of completing high school by 12 percentage points, from 70 percent to 82 percent, based on parent reports.” The news is a victory for school choice and education reform advocates across the country. Patrick Wolf, lead researcher at the University of Arkansas School Choice Demonstration Project, said:
These results are important because high school graduation is strongly associated with a large number of important life outcomes such as lifetime earnings, longevity, avoiding prison and out-of-wedlock births, and marital stability.

As I've pointed out in the previous two topics I've taken on during this series in February, if these issues are important within the country at large, they are absolutely vital within the Black community. And where does President Obama stand on this issue? We need look no further than D.C., where Blacks are drowning in failing schools, to see the need for school choice and to also see the President's response.

The Heritage Foundation tells us:

The D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program has provided a lifeline for low-income students out of failing and dangerous D.C. public schools—some of the worst in the nation—by giving them the chance to attend a private or charter school of their choice. However, after Obama was elected in fall of 2008, Congress quickly began to dissemble this program. In 2009, 216 students had received scholarships for the upcoming school year, only to have them rescinded shortly thereafter by the Administration. Then, Congress blocked new students from entering the program. Today, the 1,210 that remain are left to wonder if funding will continue beyond 2011.

Despite research showing the success of students in this program, President Obama has done nothing to stand up for them. Evaluations show that 91 percent of students who participate in this program graduate from high school, compared to 70 percent of their peers with similar characteristics. Contrast this with the average D.C. high school graduation rate of 49 percent. Beyond improved academic attainment, these students are able to escape the high rates of violence in D.C. public schools.

As Kevin Chavous, head of the Black Alliance for Educational Opportunity, told The Wall Street Journal earlier this month: “All presidents have the bully pulpit. … This president in particular has the power to change hearts and minds instantly.”

Yet President Obama has remained silent while children just like those portrayed in Waiting for Superman could be benefiting from school choice.

While the idea of a superhero coming to save the nation’s schools is far-fetched, it doesn’t take a “man of steel” who can “leap tall buildings in a single bound” to save the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program.

For now, D.C. kids are waiting.

Take a look at his heartwrenching video:

Frances Reid, Chairman of The National Black Republican Association, holds back nothing as she blasts President Obama's lack of commitment to school choice and the impact on the Black community:
With not one scintilla of shame, President Barack Obama continuously blocks all efforts to provide school choice opportunity scholarships for poor black children that would help them get out of failed inner-city schools. Obama's total lack of concern about the plight of the poor is stunning, but not surprising in light of his socialist ideology and slavish loyalty to teachers' unions who put their own selfish economic interest above the basic educational needs of poor blacks.

Ignoring the tears and pleas of black students, Obama terminated the school choice program in the District of Columbia in his 2011 budget, sending impoverished children back into the failed DC public school system where they are not even being taught to read, write and do simple math. This lack of basic skills needed for employment and prosperity provides the toxic fuel for the deplorable conditions in black inner-city communities. In those urban cesspools there is staggering school truancy and black-on-black crime, ranging from rape, car-jacking, drug-trafficking, theft and murder. Seventy-percent of black babies are born out of wedlock, the school drop-out rate is over fifty-percent and the unemployment rate is an incredible seventeen-percent.

The documented crisis in black communities stirs no emotional reaction in Obama. Undoubtedly, the disgraceful situation in black neighborhoods is the direct result of the disastrous socialist policies of Democrats who have been running those communities for the past 60 years. Even more contemptible is the fact that Obama and his fellow Democrats have built their power base on the backs of poor blacks and readily engage in the despicable practice of race-baiting and victim mongering to win elections.

While Obama is busily catering to teachers' unions for his own partisan political gain, black parents are frantically trying to elevate the worth of their children's education. Sadly, a low-income mother in Ohio, Kelley Williams-Bolar who got her daughters into a quality school outside of her district of residence, was prosecuted, convicted and sentenced severely because she did not comply with the strict letter of the law. This desperate act by a loving mother, which resulted in her being deemed a criminal, demonstrates clearly that black parents do, indeed, want their children to be well-educated.

The untenable public school status quo has resulted in parents binding together in groups around the country in a quest to obtain educational reform and parental choice. One such organization is the Black Alliance for Educational Options (BAEO), and that group can be found on the Internet at: The National Black Republican Association supports this effort and urges all concerned citizens to join the cause and help ensure a better, brighter future for all of America's children, especially the disadvantaged.

Those on the Left are so quick to accuse conservatives, particularly tea partiers like Governor Palin, of being racists. So where are they on this issue? We know exactly where they are: they continue to fight against those who stand to benefit most from parental choice in children's education, keeping them locked in failed institutions that promote failed futures. Meanwhile President Obama, whom they love to hail as the First Black President (those who haven't bestowed that honor on Bill Clinton, that is), sits idly by while choice--and opportunities--are snatched away from our children.

This is not the type of policy that America can afford to promote. The results are devastating to all Americans--the feeling of hopelessness leads to dropouts, which lead to unemployment, which leads to crime, which affects the family, which affects the next generations. It becomes an all-too-familiar sickening cycle. Bring on a leader who is not in bed with special interests or unions, who understands how to serve and who does it for the right reasons. Bring on Governor Palin. Our future depends on it.

** Read my earlier posts on how Governor Palin's policies would impact the issues of abortion and unemployment within the Black community here and here.


Back from Missouri, Back to the Grind

Winter break for the kids at school afforded me the opportunity to spend eight wonderful days in Missouri. I just returned last night, and it's back to the grind again--back to work, back to snow, and yes, back to the treadmill.

But before I get too far out of vacation mode, I thought I'd post a few pictures--in memory of my enjoyable no-work week :)! The first was taken at the birthday party Kristi threw for her dad. The next one is from praise and worship practice at her church where she's on the sax. (She also plays the guitar.) Then there's the cozy picture of the fireplace, in front of which we had a couple Scrabble battles, ending in Adrienne victories! I certainly wish I had that fireplace with me now because coming back to the New York cold has been chilling!

I love Missouri. It's peaceful, it's relaxing, and it's just plain cool. Thanks for making it so awesome, Kristi--and a special thank you to Kenton and Pam! God bless you all.

To hear some anointed music, check out Kristi on the saxophone as Cape First Worship ministers "Even Now" under the direction of Brent Anderson.


Governor Palin Headed to India; Updated

Thursday, February 24, 2011

It is reported that Governor Palin will be traveling to India to deliver the keynote address at the March 19th "India Today Conclave." Learn more here.

UPDATE: The Indian American Conservative Council issued the following statement:

Governor Palin has been a strong pro-business conservative voice," said IACC Chairman Dino Teppara. "It is only fitting that Governor Palin travel to New Delhi since India is an economic partner with the United States, with both nations benefiting from $50 billion in annual trade, along with mutual cooperation in the global war on terrorism.

"We appreciate Governor Palin's strong, pro-business positions and congratulate her for making India her first international destination, since our two nations share unique political and cultural synergies in our bilateral relationship."

(h/t C4P)


Ridiculousness of Frank Bailey

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

In the last several days, the news regarding Governor Palin has centered around Frank Bailey, a former aide turned traitor, who decided to link up with Jeanne Devon, a current and future anti-Palin extremist, to author what is being touted as a tell-all book. Said book supposedly will reveal who the Governor really is via emails they exchanged. Bailey claims excerpts of his manuscript were leaked as he shopped for someone crazy enough to publish this book by an obviously disgruntled ex-employee.

First of all, does he not lose all credibility by joining forces with a woman everyone knows despises Governor Palin? Who in the world would take him seriously? Second of all, the excerpts that were leaked seem to tell us only that the Governor is innocent of any corruption, cared about her image (who doesn't?), and was much displeased with attacks against her family. Hardly earth-shattering. We don't know all Bailey intends to say, but most rational, intelligent people wouldn't put up their lunch money, much less their faith, on his word.

Bailey's decision to write this book causes us to scratch our heads in wonder at why anyone would take emails intended to be private communication between people who work together--and supposedly trust each other--and share them with the world several years later. What's the motive? What does he stand to gain? The obvious answer appears to be cash. No wonder he's struggling to get anyone to publish his manuscript. His decision to engage in such low-life behavior is indeed questionable, to say the least, and certainly speaks more about him than it does about Governor Palin.

Robert Stacy McCain had this to say about Frank Bailey's "Cashing In":

OK, so you get hired to do a job and, when the job’s over, you try to hustle a buck by stabbing your former employer in the back.

Explain to me why anyone should ever trust you. Or better yet, explain to me why anyone should ever do anything except spit on the ground when your name is mentioned.

Must be nice to get your book proposal promoted by Politico, you worthless two-faced backstabbing crapweasel.

To read C4P's thorough coverage--all in one click--of the ridiculousness of Frank Bailey and his manuscript, go here.

(h/t Doug)


Governor Palin: Here's to Libya's Freedom

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

On Facebook, Governor Palin writes:

It’s a little perplexing looking at the White House today. There was a statement on the horrible earthquake in New Zealand, and certainly our hearts go out to all those affected by this horrible natural disaster. But nothing on the slaughter in Libya? The protests in many places in the Middle East affect regimes that have cooperated with the U.S. on issues from peace with Israel, fighting al Qaeda, hosting our military forces, or cooperating against Iran’s nuclear ambitions. Gaddafi’s Libya is different. For four decades, this tyrant has held power. Gaddafi was Osama before Osama hit the scene. He ordered the bombing of a disco in Germany to kill Americans. When he paid the price for that –after President Reagan rightly ordered retaliation –he directed his agents to blow up Pan Am Flight 103. They did, and more than 250 innocent people died. Gaddafi tried to come in from the cold in 2003 –scared by the demonstration effect of Iraq. But we should have no illusions. Gaddafi is a brutal killer and Libya –not to mention the world –would be better off if he were out of power. Now is the time to speak out. Speak out for the long-suffering Libyan people. Speak out for the victims of Gaddafi’s terror. NATO and our allies should look at establishing a no-fly zone so Libyan air forces cannot continue slaughtering the Libyan people. We should not be afraid of freedom, especially when it comes to people suffering under a brutal enemy of America. Here's to freedom from Gaddafi for the people of Libya.

- Sarah Palin


Governor Palin: Iron Dogs Roarin'

Governor Palin via Facebook:

It’s no secret I’m cheering for Team #11 in this year’s Iron Dog race! Todd and his racing partner Eric Quam are doing very well and helping lead the pack as they'll soon be near the 1000-mile half-way point in Nome. They’ve been breaking trail through three feet of new snow! All these athletes are rugged and tough. Please keep all the racers in your prayers.

On a side note, there’s always buzz about fake Sarah Palin Facebook and Twitter accounts. Please know that this is my only authentic Facebook account and SarahPalinUSA is my only authentic Twitter account. Pay no attention to the fake accounts and their fake messages.

- Sarah Palin

See Governor Palin's Iron Dog pictures here.


Video of Governor Palin's Q&A at LIA Meeting

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Via PalinTV, we now have access to Governor Palin's Question and Answer session at Thursday's annual meeting of the Long Island Association.

FYI: After Governor Palin is announced, there is no sound until she sits down. The sound begins when the Q&A begins. The only thing missing is the applause upon her announcement.


Governor Palin: Union Brothers and Sisters: Seize Opportunity to Show True Solidarity

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Governor Palin via Facebook:

The union-led school closures and demonstrations in Madison have left most ordinary Americans shaking their heads in disbelief. Months ago, I penned a message to my fellow union brothers and sisters when I found myself on the receiving end of union boss Richard Trumka’s wrath. Yesterday’s demonstrations reminded me of the full-page ads taken out against me when I put my foot down in dealing with union demands while I served as governor. My message then and now to good union brothers and sisters is that you have another option. You don’t have to kowtow to the union bosses who are not looking out for you, but instead are using you. You can join millions of other union members in a commonsense movement to help fight for the right causes in our great country – for budgets that share the burden in a truly fair way and for commonsense reforms that take power away from vested interests like union bosses and big business lobby groups, and put it back where it belongs – with “We the People.”

Here we are still struggling to get out of a deep recession and coping with high unemployment, record deficits, rapidly rising food prices, and a host of other economic problems; and Wisconsin union bosses want union members out in the streets demanding that taxpayers foot the bill for unsustainable benefits packages. I am a friend to hard working union members and to teachers. I come from a family of teachers; my grandparents, parents, brother, sister, aunt, and other relatives worked, or still work, in education. My own children attend public schools. I greatly admire good teachers and will always speak up in defense of the teaching profession. But Wisconsin teacher unions do themselves no favor by closing down classrooms and abandoning children’s needs in protest against the sort of belt-tightening that people everywhere are going through. Union brothers and sisters: this is the wrong fight at the wrong time. Solidarity doesn’t mean making Wisconsin taxpayers pay for benefits that are not sustainable and affordable at a time when many of these taxpayers struggle to hold on to their own jobs and homes. Real solidarity means everyone being willing to sacrifice and carry our share of the burden. It does no one any favors to dismiss the sacrifices others have already had to make—in wage cuts, unpaid vacations, and even job losses—to weather our economic storm.

Hard working, patriotic, and selfless union brothers and sisters: please don’t be taken in by the union bosses. At the end of the day, they’re not fighting for your pension or health care plan or even for the sustainability of Wisconsin’s education budget. They’re fighting to protect their own powerful privileges and their own political clout. The agenda for too many union bosses is a big government agenda that only serves the union bosses themselves – not union members, not union families, and certainly not the larger community. Everybody else is just there to foot the bill; and if that bill eventually takes the form of thousands of teachers and other public sector workers losing their jobs because the state of Wisconsin can no longer afford to keep them on the payroll, that’s a risk the union bosses are willing to take as long as their positions are secure. Union brothers and sisters: you are better than this and you deserve better. Don’t be led astray.

One final word of warning to my fellow Americans: back in 2009, I warned about what would happen if states accepted short-term unsustainable debt-ridden “Stimulus Package” funds. Accepting those funds allowed states to grow government, increase already unsustainable levels of spending, kick the can down the road on reforming entitlements, and create public expectations that they would continue financing these new mandates once the federal funds ran out. States were not in a position to grow government and take on new financial commitments then, and now the chickens have come home to roost. As goes Wisconsin today, so goes the country tomorrow.

- Sarah Palin


Meet Governor Palin's New Chief-of-Staff, Michael Glassner

Friday, February 18, 2011

ABC News has provided more information about Governor Palin's newly-hired SarahPAC chief-of-staff, Michael Glassner.

At a speaking appearance in Long Island, New York on Thursday Palin said she "hired a chief of staff because, to tell you the truth, Todd's getting kind of tired of doing it all for me." And her comment likely rings true for just about anyone who has seen the ad hoc nature of her political operation.

It now falls on the shoulders of Glassner, a veteran of Sen. John McCain's 2008 presidential campaign and a long-time aide to former Sen. Bob Dole, to professionalize Team Palin.


Glassner entered Palin's orbit on the heels of other former Dole associates like Rick Davis, McCain's 2008 national campaign manager, who previously served as deputy campaign manager for Dole's 1996 presidential bid.


Dole became a friend and mentor to Glassner, 47, who grew up in rural Marion County, Kansas. By his own account, Glassner developed an interest in politics from an early age. In 1974 -- when he was 11 years old -- he joined what he called the "bumper sticker squad" for Dole's Senate race in Peabody, Kan.

Later, as a student at the University of Kansas in the early 1980s, Glassner interned at Dole's Topeka field office. After graduating with a degree in political science in 1985, he moved to Washington to work full-time on the senator's staff.

He spent the next 15 years playing various roles for Dole, including a long stint as the Republican senator's executive assistant or "body man," and, in the late 1980s, running Dole's Kansas field offices. In 1992 Glassner managed Dole's final Senate campaign and then saw him through the 1996 presidential contest.

Sheila Burke, who served as Dole's chief of staff from 1986 to 1996, said that Glassner has a deep "knowledge of the Republican Party system and a knowledge of campaigns."

"He's remarkably detail-oriented, unbelievably well-organized, even-tempered, and able to manage lots of balls in the air at the same time," Burke said in an interview. "Mike was always discrete; he was never a person you would worry about repeating something he had seen or heard that undermined the person with whom he was working."


"Michael is not an ideologue; he does not come at a problem from the far left or from the far right or even from the far middle," Shiftan said, "Michael is someone who gets things done."

Shiftan said that Glassner "got to know the Palins well personally" during the 2008 campaign, adding that the bond runs deep enough that "he can, in fact, have an influence" over her political future.

Glassner declined ABC News' request for comment. He is spending his time settling into his new role.

Lewis M. Eisenberg, former chairman of the Port Authority, said that Glassner was his liaison to state and local politicians on a variety of transportation projects.

"His job was very political," Eisenberg said. "He was my go-to guy who always made sure things ran smoothly and you never saw him. The waters would be smooth after he left but you'd never know his boat was on those waters."


"Mike understands finance, understands compliance, understands scheduling and advance," said Burke, Dole's former top aide, "All the nuts and bolts of an infrastructure -- that is where his skills are so strong. He's the guy that's always three steps ahead."

Read more about Michael Glassner here.

(h/t Josh Painter)


Behind the Scenes of 'Mama Grizzlies'

Last week, I posted "Roar and Response Video," which was a compilation of media comments about Governor Palin's "Mama Grizzlies" SarahPAC video. Today, I offer you a behind-the-scenes look at the making of "Mama Grizzlies."

(CNN video retrieved from Texas for Sarah Palin)


Governor Palin in Long Island

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Governor Palin came to the great state of New York today to speak at a Long Island Association event in Woodbury. Kathy Trinko covered the event for the National Review Online. She writes:

Former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin isn’t ready to commit to a presidential run, but she indicated that she might decide soon, citing the need to connect with individual voters.

“Nothing is more effective than being actually there with the people in the diner, shaking hands,” Palin said during an interview today conducted by Long Island Association president Kevin Law at a luncheon sponsored by the group.

“I’d be the first to not necessarily recommend a short amount of time,” she remarked, citing the four days she had to prepare for the national scene as the vice presidential candidate. “Four days isn’t a whole lot of time to be prepared. It’s not even time enough to pack a bag. That’s why sometimes you have to borrow a wardrobe, and then you get crucified for borrowing a wardrobe for six weeks on the trail,” she wryly remarked, alluding to the uproar when it was discovered that clothes for Palin and her family during the campaign had cost $150,000.

But Palin cautioned that her recent decisions to appoint political strategist Michael Glassner as her PAC’s chief of staff shouldn’t be seen as a sign of presidential ambitions.

“I am still thinking about it [a presidential run], certainly haven’t made up my mind. Hired a chief of staff because, to tell you the truth, Todd’s getting kind of tired of doing it all for me,” Palin answered. “Just in the past couple of weeks we’ve been so doggone busy, that Todd has finally said look, I do have a few things I need to do . . . so we hired a chief of staff for practical, logistical reasons.”

Asked about her low poll numbers — a recent Gallup poll showed that over half of Americans viewed her unfavorably — Palin audibly sighed. “Yeah,” she said, later adding, “I get my butt kicked.”

“I look at those poll numbers and I say well, if I’m going to do this, then obviously I got to get out there and let people know who I am, what I stand for, and what my record is. I can’t rely on a liberal-leaning press,” she said.


Palin also indicated that a government shutdown, a possibility if a compromise cannot be reached on spending when the Continuing Resolution expires March 4, should not be seen as the nuclear option.

“I am so thankful for these strong congressmen and women who are saying no, we are not going to vote for the debt ceiling to be raised. To me, all that’s going to do is create this allowance for more big spenders,” she said.

“It [not raising debt ceiling] doesn’t necessarily have to result in a government shutdown,” Palin argued, talking about how debt payments could be the first priority when spending revenue. “There are a lot of people, though, who are saying shut her [the government] down if that’s what it takes. Let there be for a week or two there this message sent to our politicians. . . .What the people of America are saying is enough is enough, no more status quo, we don’t want to keep growing that debt and allow deficit spending.”

Palin rejects the idea that any government shutdown would have the same impact as it did in 1995. “There were mistakes made back then, even in technique,” she remarked.


Talking about Egypt, Palin said the U.S.’s priority should be ensuring that the Muslim Brotherhood did not gain political control of the country — and stressed that the U.S. should ensure that Israel wasn’t threatened.

She also made it clear that she has no patience with birther claims. “The faith, the birth certificate, others can engage in that kind of conversation. It’s distracting. It gets annoying. And let’s just stick with what really matters,” Palin urged, talking about Obama’s fiscal record.


Whether Palin opts to run or not, she thinks she has the qualifications to become president — and believes 2012 will be fascinating.

“What I would look for [in 2012] is . . . somebody who’s administered locally, state, interstate with energy issues, so maybe a mayor, a governor, an oil commissioner, maybe somebody who’s already run for something, vice president... ” she joked.

Read Trinko's full story here.

Josh Painter has a good roundup of coverage of Governor Palin's LIA appearance here.


Introducing DC Threads

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

On the right sidebar, I've included a link to the new, exciting DC Threads by the talented Camille of The Design Conservative. By way of introduction, she offers the following information about her new business:
The day has finally arrived! The process of going from concept ("I think I'll start a t-shirt company...") to reality ("Oh. I have to do that too...?") has been pretty hectic over the last few weeks. For those of you wondering, you cannot, in fact, simply hang up a shingle and announce to the world that you're in business. When it comes down to it, there is actually a bit more planning involved...

Nonetheless, bringing DC Threads to fruition has been fun and I look forward to sharing new designs and new products with all of you. If you haven't already, I invite you to join our Facebook fan page and the DCT Dispatch newsletter so you can be sure to stay updated on new products and share your thoughts with the DC Threads community.

Most of all, in the spirit of our mission, I hope you find this site worthy of sharing with your own community of friends, family, and fellow political fiends.

Finally, I want to thank all of you who have been so supportive throughout the process of launching this little venture. Your words of encouragement - and honest feedback - have been invaluable and much appreciated.

I happily share this grand opening with each of you!

- Camille

Camille not only designs clothing; she is also quite talented with the pen. See for yourself by going to her website, also called The Design Conservative--or simply TDC. Visit my pro-Palin sistuh's site by clicking here.

Be sure to order some clothing from DC Threads. Then tell your friends to do the same.


Governor Palin: The Truth Behind the White House’s Budget Spin

Monday, February 14, 2011

Governor Palin via Facebook:

Today the White House finally produced its proposal for the 2012 budget. Beware of the left’s attempt to sell this as “getting tough on the deficit,” because as an analysis from Americans for Tax Reform shows, the White House’s plans are more about raising taxes and growing more government than reducing budget shortfalls.

The fine print reveals a White House proposal to increase taxes by at least $1.5 trillion over the next decade. If you want to know how minuscule their proposed $775 million-a-year budget “cuts” really are, please look at this chart. The proposed cuts are so insignificant – less than 1/10 of 1% of this year’s $1.65 trillion budget deficit – that they are essentially invisible on the pie chart. That speaks volumes about today’s budget.

- Sarah Palin

UPDATE: As J.D. Foster of the Heritage Foundation points out: “...the President proposes a budget that keeps the federal government on a thoroughly irresponsible and unsustainable course.” Please read the Heritage Foundation article and understand the $775 million in proposed cuts noted above are what the White House’s budget director Jacob Lew identified as reflecting what they perceive as some “tough calls.” Yet, as noted, they are a drop in the bucket; and the White House’s total proposed cuts for this year are still not at all enough to make us solvent.


Gov. Palin Emails Time Demanding Retraction & Apology for 'Total Lies'

Sunday, February 13, 2011

If there's anything to learn from MSNBC's Rachel Maddow, as reported here, it's the necessity to fact-check. However, Time Magazine apparently didn't learn this valuable lesson.

Time, like US Weekly before them, fell for a satirical piece that stated Governor Palin came down hard on Christina Aguilera for messing up the National Anthem at the Super Bowl, calling for her deportation. No such thing occurred.

Governor Palin is apparently fed up with the gross incompetence of a lamestream media so thrilled to run with a Palin story that they don't even double-check the source of their "news." According to Fox Nation, this time the Governor responded to Time via email, writing:

Subject: Great job, MSM!

Jay - pls tell your bosses there at Time Magazine thank you for the invitations to attend the upcoming functions. I'll sure put a lot of thought into those invitations.

Then, have your editors retract Time's most recent ridiculous lies about me supposedly giving Sean Hannity a radio interview wherein I supposedly talked about Christina Aguilera (that I slammed her for her Nat'l Anthem mistake, and called for her deportation, etc). You guys were fooled into running a fake story that even US Weekly pulled and apologized for their blunder. Total lies - and you guys (once again) even put quotation marks around things I have never uttered. Then, Time needs to run an apology to Christina along with the retraction. (Add Hannity in your apology, too...those good folks don't deserve to be in a caustic, untrue story about me.) Thanks much - keep up the great work, Time Magazine.

It's a wonder these people manage to keep their jobs. Such sloppy journalism really shouldn't be tolerated.

C4P added this update to their story:

Please note that Jay Newton-Small is not the individual responsible for writing the original article at Time Magazine. She is the Editor at Time who Governor Palin contacted in order to ask for a retraction and the apologies to Aguilera and Hannity. She helped correct the record, and now the Time article states:
And you thought Sarah Palin went overboard by commenting that she wanted to deport the singer? (CLARIFICATION: Palin did not, in fact, say this. It was a tongue-in-cheek link to an article that was intended as a joke.)
Please do not go after Jay Newton-Small. She got the record corrected after another writer’s screw up. She has been very fair with Governor Palin, as you can see in this article she wrote about the speech at the Reagan Ranch last week.

(h/t Stacy Drake)


Governor Palin Hires Chief-of-Staff

Friday, February 11, 2011

CNN's Peter Hamby reports this interesting piece of news:

Sarah Palin has added a veteran Republican strategist to serve as chief-of-staff for her political action committee, Sarah PAC, CNN has learned.

Michael Glassner, an attorney and longtime adviser to former Kansas senator and presidential candidate Bob Dole, has signed on to steer the former Alaska governor's political operation as she considers a possible 2012 presidential bid.

During the 2008 presidential campaign, Glassner managed vice presidential operations during John McCain's unsuccessful White House bid.

"We are happy and excited that Mike is joining our team," Sarah PAC spokesman Tim Crawford told CNN.

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Whitney Pitcher: 47 Reasons Governor Palin Is Qualified to Be President

In honor of Governor Palin's 47th birthday, C4P's Whitney Pitcher put together a post that names 47 reasons, in no certain order, Governor Palin is qualified for the presidency.

She writes:

1) She won’t perjure herself by taking the Presidential oath of office like many of her potential opponents.

2) She has 9 years of executive experience, more than 3 times as much as the current President. As Governor, she held the 2nd most powerful gubernatorial office in the country.

3)She knows how to budget. In her years as Governor, she reduced the state budget 9.5% over her predecessor and put $5 billion in state savings.

4) She reduced federal earmark requests 80% as Governor over her predecessor, recognizing the need for fiscal responsibility at both state and national levels.

5) She’s a proven reformer. She strove to break the bonds between Alaskan politicians and oil companies and passed sweeping ethics reform.

6) She believes in true governmental transparency. As Governor, she put the state checkbook online to allow constituents to know how and where the state was spending revenue. During the negotiations of one of the cornerstones of her administration, the Alaska Gasline Inducement Act (AGIA), all proposals were made available for public consumption.

7) In signing the AGIA legislation and the progress that continues to this day, she brought a transcontinental pipeline project from Alaska to the Lower 48 further than 30 years of previous administrations. AGIA is the largest private sector infrastructure project in North American history.

8 ) She believes in oversight not over regulation for energy development. She opened an Petroleum Integrity Office to oversee energy development in Alaska.

9) She believes in an all-of-the-above approach to energy development, including opening up ANWR, on shore drilling, off shore drilling, natural gas, coal, nuclear, and renewables.

10) She understands the effects of quantitative easing will have on the economy in general and on commodity prices specifically.

11) She would have the intestinal fortitude to actually take on reformation of entitlement programs to help derail the bullet train to bankruptcy.

12) For the role of the presidency, the Constitution devotes the majority of its text to the role of commander-in-chief. Governor Palin would take this role seriously as displayed by her commitment to America’s military and her desire for a strong national defense.

13) As part of her commitment to strong national defense, she criticized the Obama administration for making cuts to missile defense, and she stands strongly against the START treaty between Russia and America.

14) She has been firmly against Obamacare from the beginning of legislative talks and strongly supports repeal.

15) She truly sees America as an exceptional nation because of its people. She praises what makes America unique; she doesn’t apologize.

16) She puts principles above party and political expediency.

17) She has stood strongly for securing America’s borders, as shown by her support of Arizona’s immigration law.

18) She is strongly pro-life–a welcomed far cry from the most pro-abortion president in history now occupying the White House.

19) She supports human rights, particularly speaking out against the human rights abuses in China, Iran, and amongst peoples who embrace Sharia law.

20) With regard to foreign policy, she has a far better grasp situation in Egypt with regard to the potential of the Muslim brotherhood’s involvement in a new government and Mubarak’s plans better than members of President Obama’s intelligence team, Leon Panetta and James Clapper.

Read all of Whitney's 47 qualifications here.


Support SarahPAC on Governor Palin's Birthday

The above image is a banner that was created for C4P and PalinTV both to wish Governor Palin a happy birthday and to encourage people to donate to SarahPAC today. On Wednesday, I shared an email from treasurer, Tim Crawford, in which he encouraged people to support the great work that Governor Palin's political action committee is doing. Please go here to read Tim Crawford's challenge, which highlights Governor Palin's positions, the attacks against her, and the reasons she is so despised by the Left--but loved by common sense Americans. Then consider going here to donate in honor of Governor Palin's birthday.

Happy Birthday, Governor!


Happy Birthday to Governor Palin


On my birthday, Governor Palin gave me a shout-out, which was both a joy and a complete surprise. Today, on her birthday, I offer my prayer that this year will be her best, most prosperous, most joyful one yet. I pray God continues to use her as a voice of patriotism, common sense, and unwavering faith in our beloved country. She is exactly what America needs.


Part II: Governor Palin's Policies and the Black Community

Thursday, February 10, 2011

This is Part II of highlighting how Governor Palin's policies positively impact the Black community. Last week, on the first day of Black History Month, I submitted Part I in which I discussed the issue of abortion and its lethal effect on Blacks in particular. It should now be quite obvious how Governor Palin's fight for the sanctity of life is not only a righteous position, but one that can help rescue the Black community from eventual extinction.

The economy is another issue of utmost importance to Americans. This is one reason why there was such heated debate over whether or not the Bush tax cuts would expire or be extended. The Obama administration insisted that it was time to terminate tax cuts for the rich. He defines the rich, mind you, as those making over $250,000. The reality is that in this number are small business owners--the very ones who drive 70% of our economy. The debate has been ongoing, with those on the Left speaking with disdain about the people who have not only managed to build businesses that benefit them and their families, but have built businesses that provide for the families of so many others. They can demonize the so-called rich if they choose, but they do so to the detriment of Americans. Common sense people like Governor Palin, however, understand that those who have more of their money taken away will have less money to invest in job creation.

At a time when unemployment is a scary reality for too many, why not encourage those who have power to hire to do just that? Why not give more breaks to people who can then hire more people? It seems easier, though, for our President to point fingers at the filthy rich who have, in his estimation, made enough money.

President Obama sat with Bill O'Reilly on Super Bowl Sunday and stated, "I’ve never raised taxes once," a statement that is easily revealed for the untruth that it is--as untrue as his assertion that he respects FOX News. The President boasted, too, that he has cut taxes. Granted, he agreed to temporarily extend the Bush tax cuts in what some called a good deal, and others called a measure that didn't go far enough because businesses don't readily make long-term decisions based on short-term promises. Bragging at all about extending these tax cuts is a disingenuous activity at best when he submitted to it only because he was, according to him, held "hostage" by Republicans.

The truth is he has indeed raised taxes, and he certainly didn't agree to the temporary tax cut extension, for which he applauded himself on Sunday, based on a respect for people's right to earn and keep money or for business owners' ability to employ more people. The truth is he feels he was a hostage, forced to allow people to keep more of their money, forced to allow business owners to hire more people and thus boost the economy. It's not in his DNA at all. It also isn't in his DNA to listen to the will of the people or the voice of experts. According to The New York Times (emphasis mine):
Martin Feldstein, who was economic adviser to President Ronald Reagan, said all the Bush tax cuts should be extended for two years because even letting those for the wealthy lapse would be “a blow to a very fragile economy.”

To the chagrin of the White House, Mr. Obama’s recently departed budget director, Peter R. Orszag, took the same stance on Tuesday in a column in The New York Times.

This is what we know: had President Obama gotten his way in November, he would have gone full-speed ahead with punishing those who create jobs in this country. His penchant for doing so is in part due to his lack of experience running a business or balancing a budget and his comfortability with government dipping into other people's pockets.

Governor Palin, on the other hand, gets what President Obama does not. She has, after all, run a city, a state, and a business. She knows how to spark business growth and make payroll. Time and time again she has taken a stand for our small businesses, speaking out against tax hikes on these job creators. This is who she is. This is what she's been relentlessly advocating. Unlike President Obama, she didn't require hostage takers to poke and prod her into this common sense understanding, and she has not flip-flopped on the issue. Over and over she has sounded the alarm.

In a Facebook note, the Governor wrote:
We’ll all be feeling the pinch, but the ones who will be hit hardest by this massive tax hike will be America’s small business owners – the businesses that create up to 70% of all jobs in this country. According to a recent report by the Congressional Joint Committee on Taxation, small business owners will pay over half the taxes raised when the Democrats increase the top two tax brackets. In an already anemic jobless recovery, the last thing government should do is to impose even higher tax burdens on job creators. Instead of hurting “the rich,” such measures would end up hurting the unemployed.

After President Obama's State of the Union address, she took him to task on Facebook:
Perhaps the most nonsensical bit of double-speak we heard last night was when the President said that hitting job-creators with a tax increase isn’t “punishing their success. It’s about promoting America’s success.” But government taking more money from the small business entrepreneurs who create up to 70% of all jobs in this country is not “promoting America’s success.” It’s a disincentive that will result in less job creation. It is, in fact, punishing the success of the very people who created the innovation that the President has supposedly been praising.

Sunshine State News reported:
“We need to remind people that tax cuts help everyone,” argued Palin late Tuesday. “And we should also remind the Democrats that many of the so-called ‘rich‘ they’re dismissing are our small-business owners who account for 70 percent of all job-creation in this country. At a time when we need job growth, we should not target job-creators with tax hikes. Closing our deficit gap requires us to cut spending, but we also need to spur economic growth. With that in mind, the last thing we should do is hamper our economic innovators and entrepreneurs with excessive taxes, overly burdensome regulation, and more uncertainty. This is not a difficult argument to make. It’s common sense.”

Last week, I highlighted that Governor Palin's support for life is a benefit to all Americans, but to Blacks in particular, while President Obama's unyielding support for Planned Parenthood is deadly. Today, I submit that Governor Palin's common sense political perspective in the area of the economy greatly impacts the Black community, but President Obama's lack of understanding is a blow to all Americans, hitting Black Americans in a way that we simply cannot afford. Many are suffering right now, businesses are laying off people, and unemployment has risen above the cap that the President promised. The Black community, mind you, is affected at levels well above and beyond others, and President Obama's philosophy won't help at all. The unemployment and poverty levels for Blacks are off the charts compared to others. The last thing we need is business owners clamping down on hiring because their money is being snatched by the big hand of government. We need more jobs, not less jobs. We need not buy into demonizing those who account for 70% of the economy. We need businesses who have the security of keeping their own money, as this will allow them to hire more workers.

How serious is this issue in the Black community? Let's look at the numbers for unemployment among Blacks as of January 2011:
For all Blacks, unemployment is 15.7%
For Black men, 20 years and over, unemployment is 16.5%
For Black women, 20 years and over, unemployment is 12.9%
For Blacks of both sexes, 16 to 19 years, unemployment is 45.4%

To get a good look at how dire the situation is, compare the above information to the numbers for unemployment among White Americans as of January 2011:
For all Whites, unemployment is 8.0%
For White men, 20 years and over, unemployment is 7.9%
For White women, 20 years and over, unemployment is 7.0%
For Whites of both sexes, 16 to 19 years, unemployment is 22.8%

Obviously, a large unemployment rate will lead to a large poverty rate. Such is the case in the Black community. National Poverty Center reports:
The poverty rate for all persons masks considerable variation between racial/ethnic subgroups. Poverty rates for blacks and Hispanics greatly exceed the national average. In 2009, 25.8 percent of blacks and 25.3 percent of Hispanics were poor, compared to 9.4 percent of non-Hispanic whites and 12.5 percent of Asians.

The numbers speak for themselves. I am not minimizing the impact unemployment and poverty has on all people--regardless of race. What I am saying is this problem is an absolute crisis of staggering proportions for the Black community. No doubt, we could have quite the discussion as to all that factors into why the numbers are so much higher than those of their White counterparts, and that's a discussion for another day. The bottom line, however, is that we simply cannot afford to make matters any worse. We clearly need to be working more, not less. We need more people encouraged to go into business, not less. And we don't need existing businesses being punished for their success by taking away the very resources they need to hire others.

Governor Palin doesn't take this stand because it's best for Blacks; she takes this stand because it's best--period. Nonetheless, her policies, when embraced, cannot help but benefit the Black community in particular. President Obama and his administration fail to recognize this. America--and Black America--simply cannot afford another term of this President who just doesn't get it, who snarkily comments he had to be made to do the economically advantageous thing. We need someone with the common sense and experience of Governor Palin who understands what the right thing is, and does it because it's right, not because she's been strong-armed.


Video - Governor Palin on Hannity

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Governor Palin made an appearance on Sean Hannity tonight. Here's what she had to say:

(Video retrieved from Texas4Palin)


SarahPAC Challenge for Governor Palin's Birthday

Email from SarahPAC treasurer, Tim Crawford:


I'm writing today in hopes that you will take just one minute right now to help me plan a special surprise for Governor Sarah Palin in honor of her birthday on Friday by giving a gift to SarahPAC today.

Your gift will be a welcome surprise on Sarah's birthday, especially in the wake of the increasingly vicious attacks from her enemies on the Left.

For example, Hollywood writer Aaron Sorkin recently wrote a column denouncing Governor Palin as "deranged," a "witless bully," and a "phony pioneer girl."

Talk-show host Oprah Winfrey said "the intelligence of the American public" will keep Sarah from ever being elected President.

And MSNBC's Chris Matthews called her a "balloon head" on national TV.

Just like Ronald Reagan before her, Governor Palin is despised by the Left because she freely admits her faith in God, is unabashedly proud of America, and fights to limit the long arm of the federal government when it comes to our freedoms and our families.

* Sarah Palin is proud of America - not ashamed of our greatness.
* She puts her trust in the U.S. Constitution - not in politicians.
* She thinks you should get to choose your own doctor, what kind of car you drive, and what kind of light bulbs you'll use in your house - not government bureaucrats.
* She's willing to fight the War on Terror - not surrender it to enemies abroad and Islamic radicals right here on our own soil who hate us.
* And she understands that cutting taxes and repealing ObamaCare will do more to strengthen our economy than handing out billions in "bail-out" dollars to businesses and people who didn't earn it.

Frankly, Sarah Palin is a threat to liberals who make their living off of a bloated, out-of-control federal government.

That's why they attack her. It's why they call her names. Why they want her to fail.

And it's why I'm counting on you to give a gift to SarahPAC for Governor Palin today to let her know that you are still standing by her side in the face of these relentless attacks.

Nothing is more important to Sarah right now than making sure SarahPAC has the funds it needs to help elect more common-sense conservatives in 2011, including candidates in critical state races, special elections, and run-offs.

Three crucial governor races alone will make this a key year for conservatives.

Can Sarah count on you to help her elect lawmakers who will obey the U.S. Constitution, not re-write it?

If so, please send your best gift possible to help SarahPAC continue the conservative revolution we started in 2010.

Yours truly,

Tim Crawford
Treasurer, SarahPAC


Roar and Response Video

Monday, February 7, 2011

Have you seen this yet?


Video Clips of Governor Palin's CBN Interview; Updated

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Governor Palin sat down to talk to CBN's David Brody Friday night after speaking at the Reagan Ranch Center. The full interview will air tomorrow, Monday, on The 700 Club. Here are some video snippets in the meantime. My personal favorite is the clip where she discusses her devotional life. Enjoy and be sure to tune in to watch the entire interview on The 700 Club tomorrow.

UPDATE: The several video clips I had previously retrieved from CBN/Brody File and posted here have been replaced with this one video, courtesy of PalinTV. This one has combined all the clips in which Governor Palin discusses the situation in Egypt, the mainstream media, what she'd do differently as President, not attending CPAC this year, and her devotional life.


Video - (Sarah Palin) & The Liberal Psyche

This is good--because it's true,!

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Gov. Palin at Ronald Reagan Ranch

Andrew Coffin at Big Government wrote an inspiring account of Governor Palin's visit to the Ronald Reagan Ranch prior to her speaking at his centennial birthday celebration Friday night. He included great pictures of her and her family riding horses, taking in the view, and simply walking in the 40th president's footsteps.

Coffin shares:

Our day with Governor Palin actually started much earlier than her arrival at the Reagan Ranch Center. We first greeted Governor Palin when she arrived at the Reagan Ranch itself, family in tow. Joined by Bristol, Willow, Trig, and grandson Tripp, the Governor visited Ronald Reagan’s favorite retreat for the sole purpose of walking in his footsteps, to better understand what motivated and inspired this great man. We had to ask her to let us chronicle the event in photos and video, to which she reluctantly agreed.

Governor Palin and her family spent hours at the Ranch on Friday. She met with Young America’s Foundation president Ron Robinson and Vice President Kate Obenshain. She heard personal accounts of the President’s life at Rancho del Cielo—the Ranch in the heavens—from trusted Reagan friend and confident Dennis LeBlanc and former Secret Service agent John Barletta. After touring the grounds, Governor Palin even mounted a horse—confident in the saddle—and road the very same trails the President loved with Agent Barletta. She had asked if it would be possible to ride, wanting to experience the Ranch as Ronald Reagan did.

Though it was clear the Governor enjoyed the experience, it was also clear that this was not just for her—this was an opportunity for her to share the life of her hero with her family. It was a way for her to impart her values, those she shares with Ronald Reagan, with Bristol, Willow, Trig, and Tripp, just as our organization does for hundreds of young people every year as they visit and are inspired by their opportunity to “meet” Ronald Reagan at his Ranch.

There was a moment late in the day that really sticks with me. It had been a full day–there was so much for us to share and the Governor to take in. As the tour wound down, we stopped at one of the highest points on the Ranch, where a spectacular view opens up to the Santa Ynez Valley. The day was crystal clear, and our small group could look out over the rolling hills of ranchland and wine country framed by the peaks of a distant mountain range. I shared with the Governor something the president told Barbara Walters in an interview at Rancho del Cielo in 1981. Why does this remote property mean so much to you, Walters wondered? The president’s answer was simple:
I suppose it’s the scriptural line, “I look to the hills from whence cometh my strength.” I understand it a little better when I’m up here.

We paused at this spot and Governor Palin walked a few feet away from the rest of the group, to take in more of this dramatic California Central Coast vista, and, I think, to reflect on the experiences she had at the Ranch that day.

Anyone who has visited Rancho del Cielo knows there is a remarkable simplicity to the property. It’s the ting [sic] that shocks most visitors now, as it did the world leaders who visited Reagan there. The president lived in a small, 1,800 square foot adobe with no central air or heat. He built much of the Ranch himself, including an impressive stretch of sturdy, telephone-pole fencing that surrounds the home site and pond. Everything about the Ranch reflects the great American, and, particularly, western ideals that Ronald Reagan cherished: hard work, responsibility, stewardship of the land, freedom, and opportunity.

It was clear on Friday that Governor Palin is a leader cut from the same cloth—it is these great western ideals, and the way they could be seen at the Ranch in small but telling details, that she viscerally connected with. And I have to admit, it was fun to see up close how genuine that connection was.

Governor Palin went out of the way in her speech to not lay claim to the mantle of Ronald Reagan. “Many people today are looking for the next Reagan. But he was one of a kind, and we won’t see his like again,” she said later in her speech, but it’s his principles and values to which we must lay claim.

Read Coffin's full article here. He went on to debunk The New York Times false claims, which I wrote about yesterday, that Governor Palin didn't mingle with supporters and that she left immediately after her speech. Click here to see pictures of Governor Palin at the ranch. Both the full article and the pictures are definitely worth a look.

(h/t C4P)


Celebrating Reagan's 100th Birthday

Happy Birthday, President Reagan. Your legacy lives on.

The following tribute will be played before kickoff of tonight's Super Bowl in Dallas featuring the Packers vs. the Steelers.

Will there ever be another? Indeed:


Threats Against Governor Palin Lead to Military Fundraiser Cancellation

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Governor Palin was slated to fundraise for military families on May 2nd, as was announced yesterday. The Denver Post reported:
The former Alaska governor and U.S. vice-presidential candidate will speak at the Patriots & Warriors Gala at the Infinity Park Events Center in Glendale, according to an announcement from the Sharon K. Pacheco Foundation.

The event time conflicts with the May 2 NBC/Politico Republican Presidential Candidates debate scheduled at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in California.

The Pacheco Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing resources to military families and at-risk youth. The event will serve both as an awards banquet and fundraiser, providing financial resources to military families in need and raising money for a grief camp for children who have lost loved ones in combat, the announcement said.

Since she'd have to miss a presidential debate to speak at the fundraiser, conversation once again centered around whether this indicates she isn't running for president. Truth be told, it indicates nothing except her well-known support for our military and that she'd miss that first media-established debate.

Today, everything changed. The Denver Post now reports:
Citing an "onslaught of personal attacks", a Colorado nonprofit today canceled a scheduled May appearance in Glendale by former Vice Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin, according to a press release.

Palin was to be the keynote speaker at the Patriots & Warriors Gala at the Infinity Park Events Center in Glendale.

The event sponsored by the Sharon K. Pacheco Foundation was announced Friday but was canceled today due to "safety concerns resulting from an onslaught of negative feedback received by the organization," the press release said [.]

"Due to an onslaught of personal attacks against Gov. Palin and others associated with her appearance, it is with deep sadness and disappointment that, in the best interest of all, we cancel the event for safety concerns," the release said.

What is with these people? Leftist nutcases are quick to falsely accuse Governor Palin and other conservatives of inciting violence and lacking civility, yet they love to throw around threats and intimidate people with their thuggish behavior. So instead of much-needed funds going to those who sacrifice so we may continue to live in comfort, this event has been canceled because of a bunch of whining, threatening liberals.

The Sharon K. Pacheco Foundation released this official statement:
Denver, CO – The Sharon K Pacheco Foundation (SKP Foundation) announced today the cancellation of the 2011 Patriots & Warriors Charity Gala, featuring former Alaska governor Sarah Palin, citing safety concerns resulting from an onslaught of negative feedback received by the organization after yesterdays announcement.

Due to an onslaught of personal attacks against Governor Palin and others associated with her appearance, it is with deep sadness and disappointment that, in the best interest of all, we cancel the event for safety concerns, says the Foundations Director.

He points out that no direct threats have been made against anyone, but the recent increase in negative rhetoric against the former Alaska governor raises concern for her safety and the safety of others despite the call for civility in America, following the tragic Tucson shooting.

The organization deeply respects Sarah Palin, and appreciates her willingness to come and honor our military.

The organization plans to host the event at some point in the future, featuring another speaker.

It comes down to this: our military has to pay the price because some cowards are fearful of Governor Palin's pro-freedom, pro-American exceptionalism, and pro-personal and fiscal responsibility message. They get to make threats, and the response is compliance? Just not right. But not much about the Left is.

(h/t C4P)


CBN Interviews Governor Palin at Reagan Ranch

While at the Reagan Ranch yesterday in preparation for the Reagan Centennial Celebration, Governor Palin had a sit-down with David Brody of CBN. The Brody File reports that video clips will be available shortly with full coverage to follow on Monday.

The Brody File has just completed a one on one interview with Sarah Palin at the Reagan Ranch Center in Santa Barbara California. Video clips will be on The Brody File in the next 24 hours. A full report on the interview with Sarah Palin will air Monday morning on The 700 Club.

We talked about her take on the situation in Egypt and President Obama's response, President Reagan's legacy, her faith, how she's trying to help the mainstream media and the CPAC Conference controversy.

(h/t Whitney)


New York Times Misrepresents Palin at Reagan Celebration

(photo use courtesy of Ron Devito)

We'd all like to know what Governor Palin's 2012 intentions are. But is that any reason to write lies and misrepresent people? If you're The New York Times the answer is yes, apparently.

In an article entitled "Palin Keeps Position Clear and Intentions Vague," Jeff Zeleny takes on her speech last night at the Reagan 100th birthday celebration given by the Young America's Foundation. His article is mostly just a thinly veiled complaint that Governor Palin hasn't yet filled him in on what road she will take in 2012. His title alone bespeaks his real beef, but he gives several other indications (emphasis mine).

There's this:
She did not, however, provide any fresh clues as to whether she will join the Republican fight to challenge President Obama or simply offer commentary from the sidelines.

Then this:
Before arriving here on Friday, Ms. Palin has been unusually out of public view in recent weeks, stoking curiosity about her political intentions. But to an audience of conservative leaders, along with several top-shelf Republican contributors, she did little to suggest that she is preparing for a presidential campaign.

And this:
There is, of course, outsized curiosity surrounding Ms. Palin. And in recent weeks there has [been] growing frustration from many Republican activists that she is not making any obvious moves toward deciding whether to run.

Even though none of the prospective presidential contenders have formally declared their candidacies, there is a robust amount of behind-the-scenes activity under way, particularly in the courtship of advisers, activists and contributors. Yet Ms. Palin stands alone in her approach, employing an unorthodox style that offers few clues as to whether she plans to enter the race.

Deal with it, Zeleny. You will find out what the Governor's intentions are when she chooses to reveal them. And let's be honest: had she made some grand announcement, the title of your article would have been "Palin Usurps Reagan Centennial to Promote Her Own Ambitions." He then would have gone on to excoriate her for being so self-indulged that she failed to recognize that the night's event wasn't about her but about Ronald Reagan. Come on; you know I speak the truth.

While crying over having to wait to find out what every one of us wants to know, he somehow misses parts of her speech. He writes:
For Ms. Palin, a speech on Friday evening to a conservative group that gathered to pay tribute to President Reagan offered an opportunity to connect herself to the most iconic figure of the Republican Party. Yet she did not use the appearance — one of the highest-profile Republican platforms in months — to move beyond familiar criticism or attempt to prescribe a new or specific remedy for what she sees as missteps in the Obama administration.

Stacy Drakes succintly addresses this:
Mr. Zeleny either didn’t listen to the speech, or he has a problem identifying anything outside of a new government program as a “specific remedy.” Governor Palin offered many remedies to ills that face our nation. She mentioned domestic energy production, for one. She mentioned cutting corporate tax rates. She also talked about cutting government “back down to size,” and cutting overall spending. She discussed reforming entitlement programs, reducing over-burdensome regulations, and ending the cronyism that is corrupting our system. Perhaps Mr. Zeleny should listen to the speech again, or learn that not every solution comes by way of more bureaucracy.

Finally, Mr. Zeleny's day's work wouldn't be complete if he didn't promote the diva meme. He does so by criticizing Governor Palin for not stooping so low as to actually mingle with the guests who attended the Reagan Centennial. He's wrong, however. He incorrectly reports:
Presidential contenders, regardless of their celebrity, are put through a gauntlet of rituals that require a delicate air of patience as they deal with their admirers. Prospective candidates, particularly if they are courting supporters, routinely sit through dinners and mingle with guests. But in her case, Ms. Palin entered the room only for her speech and left immediately after.

The appearance here was marked by tight security and rigid rules, with guests admonished to stay in their seats when she arrived.

Too bad he is annoyed by the level of security, but with haters threatening her life as they do, he'll just have to get over that. As for not taking time to court supporters, either he wasn't paying attention or he's blatantly lying to his readers. Governor Palin agreed to participate in a photo shoot after the speech, and that is exactly what she did, posing with each guest. She may have left the room, but she did not leave the building. She spent time availing herself to the people who came to hear her, see her, and spend time with her. As always, she was gracious to all who were in attendance. Kate Obenshain, vice president of Young America's Foundation, announced the photo shoot immediately after the Governor's speech, so I'm not quite sure how Jeff Zeleny missed it. Of course, he most likely didn't miss it. It's just that reporting, "After speaking to the crowd on issues vital to the future of America and shaking hands with attendees, Governor Palin then spent over an hour posing with people" wouldn't have fit his narrative, now would it?

I wonder if The New York Times will correct the record. I doubt it, but maybe they'll surprise me.


Governor Palin's Speech at Reagan's 100th Birthday Celebration - Live Stream; Updated with Video

Friday, February 4, 2011

Governor Palin is speaking tonight in Santa Barbara, California
at Ronald Reagan's 100th birthday celebration, a Young America's Foundation function.

According to YAF's website, the "Reagan 100 Opening Reception & Dinner with Sarah Palin" will be held from 6-9 p.m. PST (9-12 EST). YAF's agenda states that Governor Palin will speak at 8 p.m. PST (11:00 p.m. EST).

You can watch the live stream right here on MotivationTruth, although it is unclear at this time whether it will cover tonight's entire dinner or just the Governor's speech. You may also watch the speech live on C-SPAN.

UPDATE: As the live stream still reads "Off Air," it appears that only Governor Palin's speech will be streaming live and not the dinner. It looks as if C-SPAN will also begin covering the event when Governor Palin is scheduled to speak.

UPDATE 2: The live stream has now been replaced with the video of Governor Palin's speech.

(Video courtesy of PalinTV)


Here All Along, an O4P Video

Organize4Palin created this amazing, inspiring video. Watch, enjoy, and pass on to others.


Ignore Sarah Palin Month Doesn't Last a Day

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

As many already know, some in the lamestream media anointed February Ignore Sarah Palin Month. Let's not even talk about how pathetically sad it is to have to come face to face with your obsession and the need to get it under control.

When I first heard about it, I wished them well in their recovery and hoped they'd be seeking intensive therapy in the interim. Dana Milbank of The Washington Post is in need a whole lot of help. He recently confessed:

Though it is embarrassing to admit this in public, I can no longer hide the truth. I have a Sarah Palin problem.


I feel powerless to control my obsession, even though it cheapens and demeans me.

But today is the first day of the rest of my life. And so, I hereby pledge that, beginning on Feb. 1, 2011, I will not mention Sarah Palin -- in print, online or on television -- for one month. Furthermore, I call on others in the news media to join me in this pledge of a Palin-free February.

Today is only February 2nd, so how did our friend, Dana, do yesterday on Day 1? Andy Barr wrote an article published in Politico today which highlights Milbank's struggle to remain silent even on the first day of his self-imposed moratorium. Barr writes:
Dana Milbank is orchestrating a high-profile “moratorium” on covering Palin, kicking off his month-long fast yesterday by doing an interview all about it on ABC’s “Top Line” - and Sarah’s supporters are not amused.

“Do you hate clicks? Do you hate reading your stories?” ABC’s Rick Klein asked the Washington Post columnist, who declared he has “sworn off clicks and readership for the entire month of February, but I’m working about an extended opus about she who will not be named for March 1st.”

Milbank highlighted his lack of commentary by posting on the paper’s website a link of his interview – rife with allusions to and jokes about the former Alaska governor.

Palin’s supporters weren’t happy.

“Milbank couldn't even get through the first day of his bogus boycott,” wrote a blogger for Texas for Palin, one of a network of Palin-defending sites that dinged the columnist. “This afternoon on the Post Partisan blog, Milbank wrote: ‘I survived Day One of my February Sarah Palin moratorium...’ Sorry, Skippy, but you weren't even going to mention her name, remember?”

PalinTV – a site set up by Palin supporters to show the governor’s comments in full without the media filter – also smacked Milbank with a sarcastic tweet. “Dana Milbank on ABC today talking for 5 minutes about how he's not talking about Palin,” it read.

While Dana Milbank can't find the strength to honor his own Ignore Sarah Palin Month for a day, Rachel Maddow of MSNBC might want to get on board and give it a try. She embarrassed herself greatly yesterday as she reported as fact a satirical story about Governor Palin encouraging an attack on Egypt. One of the side effects of Palin Derangement Syndrome is jumping all over stories about her with no commitment to discovering facts. Another side effect is not taking responsibility afterwards but blaming others for your ridiculous errors.

Josh of Texas4Palin covered the story. He writes:
We posted Tuesday about how MSPDS host Rachel Maddow, whom the left touts as "brilliant" (like Bill Clinton, she's a Rhodes scholar), fell hook, line and sinker Monday for an internet spoof by a satirical website that Gov. Sarah Palin was advocating an attack on Egypt.

Maddow took 24 hours to come up with an excuse, and, as Noel Sheppard reports, on Tuesday's program explained that it was all conservatives' fault, in particular that diabolical Glenn Beck:
And that was Maddow’s explanation for getting duped by a satirical website: in her view, conservatives – especially Glenn Beck – are saying all kinds of crazy things. As a result, it’s become difficult for her to know what’s real and what’s a spoof.

If this is the case, then maybe she should stop reporting on what conservatives are saying.

If she can no longer discern between fact and fiction, serious commentary and satire, she can’t possibly be trusted or taken seriously about anything, for who knows what her next source will be and whether or not it’s actually legitimate.

Maybe more importantly, how can anyone on television – Rhodes scholar or not! – be deserving of the public’s trust if she blames her own mistakes on others not at all involved in her program?

Sadly, this is par for the course on MSNBC as well as other liberal media outlets.

These are the same people that disgustingly blamed conservatives for the shooting of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords (D-Ariz.) last month. They’re used to pointing fingers at others without merit.

I will conclude today by wishing the lamestream media well in their Get Off Sarah Palin's Back Month Ignore Sarah Palin Month and hoping MSNBC MSPDS will shut up long enough to fact-check their stories.

Just for the fun of it, take a look at how giddy Maddow is as she reports as fact this internet spoof. If it weren't so pathetic, it might be hilarious. Okay, it is hilarious.

(h/t Josh Painter)


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