Bret Baier Interviews Governor Palin

Friday, April 29, 2011

Governor Palin was on "Special Report" with Bret Baier tonight:

(Video courtesy of Karen)


My Interview with The Michael Berry Show

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Last Thursday, I was contacted by The Michael Berry Show. They invited me to call in as a guest. I soon learned that this Texas conservative radio program has the largest listening audience in the state. They decided to touch base with me when one of their devoted listeners and researchers, Tania Percy, emailed them about my interview with "Sistah Talk TV" in which I engaged in a lively debate about Governor Palin with other women who are not supporters. After watching it and visiting MotivationTruth, they wanted to hear more from me personally, so I did the interview.

Topics included Governor Palin, race relations, the mindset some have regarding Black conservatives, and how I might defend conservatism in a room full of my peers who have not yet embraced this worldview. Enjoy:

Part I:

Part II:


Governor Palin Goes "On the Record"

Governor Palin was a guest on "On the Record" with Greta Van Susteren last night discussing President Obama's "befuddling" policies, Libya, rising gas prices, the economy, and her recent hard-hitting Facebook note--among other issues.

A very good interview. Check it out:


Governor Palin: America Deserves Libya Explanation

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Below is Governor Palin's most recent Facebook note. Warning: it's not for the faint of heart. She calls it like she sees it.

Please make up your mind, Mr. President. You can’t vacillate when spending America’s human and fiscal resources in yet another foreign country without good reason. You said that Libyan leader Gaddafi has got to go. Many of us heard that as your call to action and agreed, “Okay, you’re right. He’s an evil dictator who kills his own innocent people, so enforce a no-fly zone so he can’t continue an aerial slaughter.” But then you said our mission in Libya isn’t to oust Gaddafi after all. (Or vice versa on the order or your statements. Between you and your advisers the public has been given so many conflicting statements on why we’re intervening in Libya that I apologize if I can’t keep up with the timing and rationale of your murky foreign policy positions.)

At this point, to avoid further mission creep and involvement in a third war – one we certainly can’t afford – you need to step up and justify our Libyan involvement, or Americans are going to demand you pull out. Simply put, what are we doing there? You’ve put us in a strategic no man’s land. If Gaddafi’s got to go, then tell NATO our continued participation hinges on this: We strike hard and Gaddafi will be gone. If, as you and your spokesmen suggest, we’re not to tell Libya what to do when it comes to that country’s leadership, and if you can’t explain to Americans why we’re willing to protect Libyan resources and civilians but not Syria’s, Yemen’s, Bahrain’s, Egypt’s, Israel’s, etc., then there is no justification for U.S. human and fiscal resources to be spent.

I would also ask you to better explain your thinking on Libya. We can’t afford any actions that don’t take care of crucial U.S. needs and meet our own interests at this point. You are the Commander in Chief, so please explain what you believe is our “interest” there and not elsewhere.

Mr. President, your hesitation and vacillation in the Middle East breed uncertainty. It’s symptomatic of the puzzling way you govern. See, uncertainty is one of the factors over which you have control, and I would think you’d want to eliminate that additional element that helps breed problems like higher oil prices. Higher oil means exorbitant gas prices weighing down our economy. Consistency and strength – and greater domestic energy production – will help fix higher gas prices and help heal the economy. But only with leadership. These sorts of problems don’t fix themselves.

It’s unbelievable to me that you spent last week in campaign mode, gallivanting around the country to start raising the billion dollars for your reelection bid that is still 19 months away “while Rome burns.” Our economy is in the tank; jobs are as scarce as ever; you’re asking Congress to let you incur even more unsustainable, immoral, freedom-stealing government debt; and many of our brave men and women in uniform are shaking their heads in disbelief over your befuddled military directions. Yet instead of working with Congress and a wise multitude of advisers to fix some problems, you choose all this campaigning, already? As was recently asked: When do you ever just “roll up your sleeves, unplug the teleprompter” and do the job of governing and administrating for which voters hired you?

I know, I know, granted you will be even busier very soon. After all, golf season kicks into high gear shortly. NBA and NHL brackets await. Summer vacations and that all-consuming campaign whistle stop tour will no doubt slam you. But I would ask, while the rest of us are also busy working, saving, planning ahead, fighting to protect our Constitution, and trying to keep up with where and why you’re spending our Department of Defense funds – I’d ask that you find time to tell Americans the truth about the state of our union and what you are doing to find solutions to our challenges. Please start with explaining Libya.

- Sarah Palin


President Obama's Spread the Grade Philosophy

Monday, April 25, 2011

Joe the Plumber brought the whole spread the wealth issue to America's attention in 2008, and nothing has changed. President Obama is still committed to spreading the wealth around and even more committed to class warfare. The more he talks, the clearer it becomes that he definitely has no real interest in cutting spending. Rather, he's content to cut more out of people's income, particularly those people he deems filthy rich. It's obvious, too, that to him "filthy rich" isn't just an expression. In fact, he's already told the country that at a certain point people have made enough money.

President Obama learned nothing from the 2010 mid-term elections. Nothing's changed in his overall philosophy which cannot be disguised, even after the shellacking he received. It is what it is, obviously, because he is who he is. He says he's not interested in punishing success, but his actions speak differently--and so do his words. In a town hall speech last week, he spoke of those rich people who cannot be allowed to just relax and "count [their] money." First of all, does he not realize that people have the right to do whatever they want with their money? If they want to get naked and roll around in it, is that not their decision to make? Is it really government's business what a person does with the money that is rightfully his or hers to enjoy? Has President Obama and his tax and spend administration failed to understand that some of those he has coined rich are small business owners--job creators--who have been too busy to just count cash all day? Instead, they have been hard at work producing needed services and providing opportunities for others so they can then take care of their own families.

President Obama's belief in spreading the wealth is even more anti-common sense than it is anti-American. But then again, we already knew he was no Governor Palin. The utter ridiculousness of this spread the wealth mentality came to light quite clearly via a man who called in to Sean Hannity's radio show maybe a year ago.

The man's wife was a devout liberal and a student--an 'A' student. To drive home to her the insanity of spreading the wealth, he posed the following scenario to her:

Her university decided that because she was a stellar student, she needed to share her grade with others. Although she had worked hard for her 'A,' she must keep in mind that others weren't as fortunate. Maybe they weren't as smart as she was. Maybe she had worked harder. Whatever the reason, for the benefit of all, it was only right that she give up some of her grade to help boost the grades of others. After all, shouldn't everyone be equal? Shouldn't she do her part--share responsibility--by giving up some of her success so that others can have more too? The university decided that was best, so they took away the 'A' she earned to spread it around to those who had an 'F' or a 'D' or some other grade less than the ultimate goal. Under their plan, she could have a mediocre grade of maybe a 'C' so that the 'F' student could perhaps have a 'C-.'

Obviously his wife did not think that was a very fair system, and she knew it certainly defied common sense. It didn't take long for her to see that these exemplary students were not evil people who had been sitting around counting their 'A's but rather hard-working, successful people who had a right to the grades on their transcripts. Taking from them to give to others--spreading the grade around--makes zero sense. Most people would agree--even the caller's wife, liberal and all, agreed.

Why then do we expect the financially successful to play by a different set of rules? Why does the President--the Harvard professor--demonize those who, because of hard work, savviness, or whatever, have been able to reach the ultimate goal of success? Who is government to determine that these people already have made enough and should take up the slack? Not to mention that the rich are already paying an exorbitant amount of taxes while some people are paying none at all.

Now, the school system might consider allowing students to voluntarily sacrifice their high grade so someone producing much less could have more. But that should be that individual's decision, not the role of the university. Volunteering to give is a world apart from being robbed. Choosing to over-tax, rather than allowing people to keep more of what they earn, is just that: robbery--just as snatching away a student's grade to give it to another is robbery.

President Obama could learn a thing or two from that man who called into Sean Hannity's show, and he could certainly learn from Governor Palin. A President Palin would restore the mindset of exceptionalism so lacking in this current administration. As a business owner, she understands that punishing success with higher taxes disincentivizes employment growth. She knows how to balance a budget and prioritize. As a politician, she realizes the value of cutting spending in times of surplus and not just in times of lack. She recognizes that she must be a faithful steward of other people's money because it's the right thing to do. And as a public figure, she refuses to demonize the people who love their country and want to see her prosper. Dismissing their concerns and accusing them of not giving enough doesn't do justice to those who hired you to serve with their best interests in mind. Governor Palin's record shows that she knows how to serve effectively. As a community organizer, in contrast, President Obama knows how to engage in class warfare and to squeeze more out of evil rich people because, as far as he's concerned, they don't need it anyway.

America must not be fundamentally transformed into a one-size-fits-all culture where the American dream becomes a thing of the past, where everyone is the same, and no one is exceptional. We must resist becoming a place where we strive for mediocrity as we embrace some false interpretation of social justice or shared responsibility forced upon us by a morally corrupt, over-taxing, high-spending, future-killing big government.

To Kill a Mockingbird, as many know, remains my favorite novel. Atticus Finch, in his closing argument in the Tom Robinson trial, so eloquently knocks down the theory that we must all be equal in terms of outcome in life. Not so, he says. Equal in worth, yes, therefore equal in a court of law, but not equal in terms of where we'll all end up. President Obama's foolish commitment to spreading the wealth around is the equivalent of spreading the grade around. One is as ridiculous as the other. Taking from those who supply our jobs, help the economy, and simply have a right to keep what they earn does nothing to progress this nation and defies any semblance of common sense.

I agree with Governor Palin: 2012 can't come soon enough.

I'll leave you with these words:
One more thing, gentlemen, before I quit. Thomas Jefferson once said that all men are created equal, a phrase that the Yankees and the distaff side of the Executive branch in Washington are fond of hurling at us. There is a tendency in this year of grace, 1935, for certain people to use this phrase out of context, to satisfy all conditions. The most ridiculous example I can think of is that the people who run public education promote the stupid and idle along with the industrious -- because all men are created equal, educators will gravely tell you, the children left behind suffer terrible feelings of inferiority. We know all men are not created equal in the sense some people would have us believe -- some people are smarter than others, some people have more opportunity because they're born with it, some men make more money than others, some ladies make better cakes than others -- some people are born gifted beyond the normal scope of most men. But there is one way in this country in which all men are created equal -- there is one human institution which makes a pauper the equal of a Rockefeller, a stupid man the equal of an Einstein, and the ignorant man the equal of any college president. That institution, gentlemen, is a court.

-Atticus Finch,
To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee


Governor Palin: Happy Easter

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Here's a beautiful Easter message from Governor Palin. Via Facebook:

Easter is the celebration of what hope really means. In Jesus’ triumph over death through His Resurrection, we believe that death was defeated and hope became the expectation of eternal life with God.

Hope is the great driving force in many of our lives, and it has been the driving force in our country’s history. America has always had a strong sense that God’s providence is abundant, that no challenge can ever be too great and no enemy too strong. It was this hope that inspired us to carve a nation out of the wilderness, to appreciate opportunities to responsibly utilize nature’s resources, to engineer skyscrapers towering over our gleaming cities, and to fly to the moon.

As a country and as individuals, we can always have true hope to guide us. Our best days remain ahead of us. And working together we will leave this country to our children a better place than we received it from our parents.

On this blessed day let’s remember our Lord’s sacrifice that led to the Resurrection; and from the whole Palin family, have a wonderful Easter!

- Sarah Palin


Response to Resurrection Message

Today is Resurrection Day, and its message never grows old. The Good News is still the best news ever uttered and has never lost its power--nor will it.

Matthew 28:1-9 (emphasis mine):

1In the end of the sabbath, as it began to dawn toward the first day of the week, came Mary Magdalene and the other Mary to see the sepulchre.

2And, behold, there was a great earthquake: for the angel of the Lord descended from heaven, and came and rolled back the stone from the door, and sat upon it.

3His countenance was like lightning, and his raiment white as snow:

4And for fear of him the keepers did shake, and became as dead men.

5And the angel answered and said unto the women, Fear not ye: for I know that ye seek Jesus, which was crucified.

6He is not here: for he is risen, as he said. Come, see the place where the Lord lay.

7And go quickly, and tell his disciples that he is risen from the dead; and, behold, he goeth before you into Galilee; there shall ye see him: lo, I have told you.

8And they departed quickly from the sepulchre with fear and great joy; and did run to bring his disciples word.

9And as they went to tell his disciples, behold, Jesus met them, saying, All hail. And they came and held him by the feet, and worshipped him.

The response to recognizing that Jesus is alive and well-able to reign upon the throne of our lives elicits the same response today that it did then: worship. Worship is the only reasonable response to seeing Jesus for Who He is, and while worship does involve going to church with other believers, it's so much more than that. It is complete and total surrender to the King of kings and the Lord of lords. We were created for this very purpose. And when we truly behold Him, in all His majesty, splendor, and power, there's nothing else we can do. Yes, He's that incredible--and He's alive!


Governor Palin's Women of Joy Video

Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday is a good time to see this short video clip of Governor Palin's recent speech at the Women of Joy Women's Conference in Oklahoma. She talks about focusing on God's purpose, listening to Jesus' voice, and embracing vision over victimhood.

I readily admit it: Governor Palin inspires me.

(h/t Kenton, and thanks to Ron for reconfiguring the video)


The Price of Taking on Trig Palin

Sometimes it's best to just sit tight and watch people self-destruct. I got to do just that this week.

Wonkette, the disgusting, vile, pro-abortion, Palin-hating rag of a website, decided to show how "courageous" it is by going after Trig Palin on Monday, his third birthday. This innocent young man, born with Down Syndrome, has done nothing to deserve this treatment. Of course, many on the far-left deem him the enemy simply because he's alive, because his mother didn't abort him, and mostly because they are plain evil. They went too far this time, and they're paying the price.

Wonkette writer, Jack Stuef, put up a doctored picture of Trig, and in an article called "Greatest Living American: A Children's Treasury of Trig Crap On His Birthday," wrote:
What’s he dreaming about? Nothing. He’s retarded.


His mom went to a lot of trouble to leak amniotic fluid over 8 states to make sure that he arrived in this world somewhat alive,”


Enjoy yourself today, Trig. Have fun! Get drunk (on purpose this time)! We can hardly wait for 15 years from now, when you will finally be able to vote and will be sent off by your mother’s junta to fight the Union in the Great Alaska War. It’ll be quite a loss. You’re the smartest one in that family.

You won't find that full post anymore because after the Internet community lit Wonkette's butt on fire, they had to walk back their "satire." They then issued some poor excuse of an apology and pulled the post. Prior to that, however, Governor Palin thanked those on Twitter who spoke up in defense of her little man. She tweeted her appreciation:
Big thanks from the Palin family to folks on Twitter today who took a stand for children w/special needs. Happy Easter!Thank you #TrigsCrew

I have great respect for how Governor Palin handled this. We all know that, like all mothers, she doesn't want people messing with her kids. Her mama grizzly instincts rise up. She would have been perfectly within her rights to lash out at Wonkette, but she was able to allow others to fight for her. All that was left for her to do was to offer her thanks to the army of people who not only have her back, but Trig's as well. Believe it or not, even intense leftists took a stand and denounced Wonkette's reprehensible behavior.

Palin-Derangement Syndrome is a serious illess, we know. But this is just over the top. Going after those who cannot defend themselves, who have done nothing wrong, and who only offer love and joy to those they come in contact with will not be tolerated. These people will pay a price.

I am glad that Mama Grizzly didn't have to rise up on her hind legs to defend her cub this time. Others did, much to the chagrin of Wonkette. Companies have pulled their ads from them, a long overdue exodus. M. Joseph Sheppard highlights the first sponsor to throw Wonkette under the bus, where it belongs:

Many have joined Papa John's. According to Josh Painter, at least 27 have now chosen to do the right thing. For an incomplete list of those companies who have pulled their support, go here.

Hopefully, the message has been sent loud and clear. Family members of public figures are off-limits. President Obama made it clear that his children were not to be touched, and everybody obliged. However, from Day 1, Governor Palin's children have been put on the chopping block to be smacked around at every little whim. And don't even come with that stupid meme that she used her children as props in 2008, so they're fair game. She did no such thing. She did only what every loving parent has done. She introduced us to her children, which is what President Obama did--which is what everyone does. Had she not allowed them to come on stage, she would have been accused of being ashamed of them. She's not ashamed of her children, and that includes Trig. This is what bugs people like those affiliated with Wonkette. They would rather she had done what 90% of Americans pregnant with a Down Syndrome child still do--abort him. Since she didn't, they'd like her to tuck him away somewhere so they don't have to see him, so they're not reminded of their own lack of humanity. How dare she love him so much? Doesn't she know he has special needs? This is how these people think.

I sure hope Wonkette and Jack Stuef's despicable attempt to mock Trig Palin and hurt his family was worth the price they're now paying because now they're the ones who have been hurt. Good!

We love Trig Palin and the Palin family--and we stand with them.


Feisty Palin v. Fouled Up Obama

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Jack Kelly of Jewish World Review has made some astute observations when juxtaposing President Barack Obama and Governor Sarah Palin. In an article dedicated to comparing what he deems the difference between fouled up and feisty, he writes:

The contrast between the speeches they gave last week suggests that when the 2012 presidential campaign begins in earnest, the news media will have difficulty maintaining the story lines they've been pushing about President Barack Obama and Sarah Palin.

Mr. Obama is a great leader in the mold of Abraham Lincoln and Franklin D. Roosevelt, we were told during the last presidential campaign.

The journalists who assured us of this based their assessment on Mr. Obama's oratorical skills rather than upon his actual accomplishments, which were meager.

His opponents agree Mr. Obama is a better speaker than he is a president. But the speech he made at George Washington University last Wednesday (4/13) -- during which Vice President Joe Biden nodded off -- indicates he's not that terrific an orator, either.

The speech "was not just weak, but pitiful,' a "waste of breath," said Clive Crook, editor of the Atlantic magazine.

Comedian Stephen Colbert thought the speech was "boring." Comedian Jon Stewart mocked the tortured manner in which Mr. Obama tried to avoid describing the tax increases he was proposing as tax increases.

And these are supporters of the president.


Barack Obama these days speaks only before friendly audiences. On Saturday (4/16), Sarah Palin journeyed to Madison, Wisconsin where she braved snow, cold, and union protesters who tried to disrupt her speech by beating drums and blowing whistles.

"Sarah Palin rides to the sound of the guns," noted Reuters columnist James Pethokoukis.

After her surprise selection as John McCain's running mate and subsequently, many in the news media have described the former Alaska governor as an ignorant bumpkin with extreme views.

Ms. Palin sure didn't sound that way in Madison. In a 15-minute speech Mr. Pethokoukis described as "powerful, pugnacious and presidential," Ms. Palin vigorously defended Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker in his battle with public employee unions; slammed President Obama for his attack on Paul Ryan, and criticized Congressional Republicans for being too timid in opposing Mr. Obama's spending.

"She was feisty. She was bold. She was gutsy," said Jedediah Bila in the Daily Caller.


"If Sarah Palin's not running for president, what a terrible waste that would be of the best stump speech I've heard since, well, Palin's 08 convention speech," said John Nolte of Big Government.

No worries, Mr. Nolte. In my gut I feel certain that it really is "Game On," and Governor Palin is suited up.

Read the full article here.


Governor Palin on Hannity Tonight; Updated with Video

Governor Palin will be on Sean Hannity's television show tonight at 9 p.m. Eastern. He tweeted the following, which can be nothing but Sean Hannity's way of drawing even more attention to his show:

Could a Palin-Trump alliance be forming? @SarahPalinUSA weighs in tonight at 9 pm on @hannityshow!

A Palin-Trump alliance? Hannity has a way--both on his radio and television shows--of producing teasers that last forever and attempt to attract attention. I don't know anything about any alliance between the Governor and The Donald, and I'm sure that as entertaining as Trump is, he can't seriously be compared to Governor Palin in terms of substance, record, and experience. However, if Hannity will do us a favor and simply discuss the issues that are actually important to the American people, Governor Palin will have plenty of insight to share.

UPDATE: Here's video of the interview (via The Right Scoop):


Governor Palin: Happy Passover

Monday, April 18, 2011

Governor Palin acknowledges the significance of Passover via Facebook:

Tonight is Passover, the Jewish people’s celebration of their deliverance from bondage and their Exodus to the Land of Israel. Passover contains poignant spiritual and historical meaning for Jews, but it also reminds all of us of mankind’s universal aspiration to be free from bondage and oppression. Today, in the same region where the story of Exodus took place, Arabs suffering under despotic regimes are seeking their own freedom and self-determination. As Jews in Israel, the Middle East’s only liberal democracy, gather for Passover, we hope for the spread of freedom and peace throughout the region. On this Passover holiday, our family sends our best wishes to the Jewish community. Chag kasher V'Sameach. Happy Passover. And next year in Jerusalem.

-Sarah Palin


SarahPAC Unveils New Website

SarahPAC, Governor Palin's official political action committee, unveiled their new website today. You can take a look at the impressive new site at

The site captured the attention of Politico:
Sarah Palin rolled out a new website for her PAC on Monday with significantly more content and features, along with a vehicle for Palin to start gathering email addresses and information from her supporters.

The new site,, is a necessary step if Palin intends to run for president and for the first time gives her organization the ability to interact with her supporters by providing a centralized location to collect data and solicit donations. Though Palin maintains a staff of several seasoned political hands, she had yet to build out some of the basic needs of a political organization — including an email list.

SarahPAC Treasurer Tim Crawford told POLITICO that the new site has been in the work for some time and was designed to engage more directly with Palin supporters.

“We needed a new website, one that was more interactive,” Crawford said. “We’re certainly engaging with Sarah’s supporters.”

The site was led midday Monday by video of Palin’s Saturday speech in Madison, Wis., and features of her recently television interviews under the headline “Setting the Record Straight.”

The website includes a sign-up for email updates and several links steering supporters to a contribution page.


The new site, in conjunction with the speech, is the first move in sometime that will give oxygen to speculation that Palin is planning a presidential run.

Read more here, and don't forget to visit, take a look around, and donate.


Happy Birthday, Trig Palin

Today Trig Palin turns three years old. Happy Birthday, little man!

Governor Palin wished Trig a happy birthday via Twitter. Her tweet includes a precious picture of son and Mommy:

Awww...growing up to be a fisherman! Happy Birthday!

I wish Trig Palin all of God's blessings this year and always.


Governor Palin: Video and Transcript of the Tax Day Tea Party Speech in Madison, Wisconsin

Sunday, April 17, 2011

I posted about Governor Palin's knockout Wisconsin Tea Party Rally speech here. On Facebook today, she commented on the rally and posted the transcript of her speech:

I was honored to be in Madison, Wisconsin, yesterday with a group of strong patriots willing to rough the snow and cold to stand together in solidarity. You can see a video of the speech here and below is a transcript.

- Sarah Palin

Hello, Madison, Wisconsin! You look good. I feel like I’m at home. This is beautiful. Madison, I am proud to get to be with you today. Madison, these are the frontlines in the battle for the future of our country. This is where the line has been drawn in the sand. And I am proud to stand with you today in solidarity.

I am here today as a patriot, as a taxpayer, as a former union member, and as the wife of a union member. What I have to say today I say it to our good patriotic brothers and sisters who are in unions. I say this, too, proudly standing here as the daughter of a family full of school teachers. My parents, my grandparents, aunt, cousins, brother, sister – so many of these good folks are living on teachers’ pensions, having worked or are still working in education.

A pension is a promise that must be kept. Now, your Governor Scott Walker understands this. He understands that states must be solvent in order to keep their promises. And that’s what he’s trying to do. He’s not trying to hurt union members. Hey, folks, he’s trying to save your jobs and your pensions! But unfortunately some of your union bosses don’t understand this, and they don’t care if union members have to be laid off. No, they want to protect their own power, and if that means forcing a governor to lay off union workers, then so be it; they’ve proven that that is fine with them. But that’s not real solidarity! Real solidarity means coming together for the common good. This Tea Party movement is real solidarity!

Well, I am in Madison today because this is where real courage and real integrity can be found. Courage is your governor and your legislators standing strong in the face of death threats and thug tactics. Courage is you all standing strong with them! You saw the forces aligned against fiscal reform. You saw the obstruction and the destruction. You saw these violent rent-a-mobs trash your capital and vandalize businesses.

Madison, you held your ground. Your governor did the right thing. And you won. Your beautiful state won. And you know what – people still have their jobs because of it! That’s courage. And that’s integrity. And that’s something that’s sorely missing in the Beltway today.

Because let me tell you what isn’t courageous: It’s politicians promising the American voters that, as we drown in $14.5 trillion debt, that they’re going to cut $100 billion out of this year’s budget. But then they cave on that and they reduce it down to $61 billion after they get elected. Then they get in there and they strike a deal and decide, nah, they will reduce that down to $38 billion. And then after some politics-as-usual and accounting gimmicks, we find out it’s not $38 billion in cuts. You know that $38 billion – we don’t have it; we’re borrowing it. We borrow from foreign countries to give to foreign countries, and that’s insanity. We find out it’s not even $38 billion; it’s less than $1 billion in real cuts. Folks, that $352 million in real cuts – that’s no more than the federal government is going to spend in the time it takes us to hold this rally today! That is not courage; that’s capitulation!

Now, there’s a lesson here for the Beltway politicos, something they need to understand; the lesson comes from here in Madison. So, our lesson is to the GOP establishment first. And yeah, I’ll take on the GOP establishment. What more can they say about us, you know?

So, to the GOP establishment: if you stand on the platform, if you stand by your pledges, we will stand with you. We will fight with you, GOP. We have your back. Together we will win because America will win!

We didn’t elect you just to re-arrange the deck chairs on a sinking Titanic. We didn’t elect you to just stand back and watch Obama re-distribute those deck chairs. What we need is for you to stand up, GOP, and fight. Maybe I should ask some of the Badger women’s hockey team—those champions—maybe I should ask them if we should be suggesting to GOP leaders they need to learn how to fight like a girl!

And speaking of President Obama, I think we ought to pay tribute to him today at this Tax Day Tea Party because really he’s the inspiration for why we’re here today.

That’s right. The Tea Party Movement wouldn’t exist without Barack Obama.

You see, Candidate Obama didn’t have a record while he was in office; but President Obama certainly has a record, and that’s why we’re here. And hey, media, it’s not inciting violence and it’s not hateful rhetoric to call someone out on their record, so that’s what we’re going to do. We’re going to do it to be clear. That’s right: we’re here, we’re clear, get used to it!

Candidate Obama promised to be fiscally responsible. He promised to cut the deficit; but President Obama tripled it!

Candidate Obama promised that fiscal responsibility; but President Obama flushed a trillion dollars down the drain on a useless “stimulus” package and then he bragged about the jobs he “created” in congressional districts that don’t even exist! That’s right; on this, White House, you lie. The only thing that trillion-dollar travesty stimulated was a debt-crisis and a Tea Party!

Now, the left’s irresponsible and radical policies awakened a sleeping America so that we understood finally what it was that we were about to lose. We were about to lose the blessings of liberty and prosperity. They caused the working men and women of this country to get up off their sofas, to come down from the deer stand, get out of the duck blind, and hit the streets, come to the town halls, and finally to the ballot box. And Tea Party Americans won an electoral victory of historic proportions last November. We the people, we rose up and we decisively rejected the left’s big government agenda. We don’t want it. We can’t afford it. And we are unwilling to pay for it.

But what was the president’s reaction to this mandate for fiscal sanity?

Less than 90 days after the election, in his State of the Union address, President Obama told us, nah, the era of big government is here to stay, and we’re going to pay for it whether we want to or not. Instead of reducing spending, they’re going to “Win The Future” by “investing” more of your hard-earned money in some cockamamie harebrained ideas like more solar shingles, more really fast trains – some things that venture capitalists will tell you are non-starters. We’re flat broke, but he thinks these solar shingles and really fast trains will magically save us. So now he’s shouting “all aboard” his bullet train to bankruptcy. "Win The Future"? W.T.F. is about right.

And when Wisconsin’s own Paul Ryan presented a plan for fiscal reform, what was Obama’s response? He demonized the voices of responsibility with class warfare and with fearmongering. And I say personally to our president: Hey, parent to parent, Barack Obama, for shame for you to suggest that the heart of the commonsense conservative movement would do anything to harm our esteemed elders, to harm our children with Down syndrome, to harm those most in need. No, see, in our book, you prioritize appropriately and those who need the help will get the help. The only way we do that is to be wise and prudent and to budget according to the right priorities.

Now, our president isn’t leading, he’s punting on this debt crisis. The only future Barack Obama is trying to win is his own re-election! He’s willing to mortgage your children’s future to ensure his own. And that is not the audacity of hope. That’s cynicism!

Piling more debt onto our children and grandchildren is not courage. No, that’s cowardice!

But did you notice when he gave that polarizing speech last week there was a little gem in the speech. Maybe you missed it. But he spoke about the social contract and the “social compact.” Well, Mr. President, the most basic tenet in that social compact is adhering to the consent of the governed. That would be “We the People.” President Obama, you do not have our consent. You didn’t have it in November. And you certainly don’t have it now. You willfully ignored the will of the American people.

You ignored it when you rammed through Obamacare.

You ignored it when you drove up the debt to $14.5 trillion.

You ignored it when you misrepresented your deficit spending.

You ignored it when you proposed massive tax increases on the middle class and our job creators.

You ignored is when you went to bat for government-funded abortions and yet you threw our brave men and women in uniform under the bus, Mr. Commander in Chief.

You ignored it when you got us into a third war for fuzzy and inconsistent reasons, a third war that we cannot afford.

You ignore it when you apologize for America while you bow and kowtow to our enemies, and you snub our allies like Israel.

And you ignore when you manipulate the U.S. oil supply. You cut off oil development here and then you hypocritically praise foreign countries for their drilling.

And when hardworking families are hit with $4 and $5 a gallon gas and your skyrocketing energy and food prices as you set out to fundamentally transform America, you ignore our concerns and you tell us we just better get used to it.

Well, Mr. President, we’re not going to get used to it. Not now. Not ever. You ignored us in 2010. But you cannot ignore us in 2012.

Mr. President, you and your cohorts threw all the hatred and all the violence you could at these good folks in Madison, Wisconsin. But you lost here.

And Madison, you defended the 2010 electoral mandate. You are heroes, you are patriots, and when the history of this Tea Party Movement is written, what you accomplished here will not be forgotten.

Your historic stand brought down the curtain on the last election. And the 2012 election begins here.

We will take the courage and the integrity that you showed all of America. We will take it and we will win back our country!

God has shed His grace on thee, America. We will not squander what we have.

We will fight for America! And it starts here in Madison, Wisconsin!

It starts here! It starts now! What better place than the state that hosts the Super Bowl champs, to call out the liberal left and let them know: Mr. President, game on!

God bless you, Wisconsin, and God bless America!


Governor Palin to President Obama in WI: Game on!; Updated

Saturday, April 16, 2011

A blizzard awaited Governor Palin as she arrived at the Wisconsin Tea Party Rally today, which I just finished watching via livestream. She delivered her speech in weather that made icicles out of the WI attendees, but she was certainly in her element and obviously felt right at home. She wasn't the least bit distracted by cold conditions, and her speech certainly showed no signs of frostbite: As I tweeted:

There may be a blizzard in Wisconsin, but Gov. Palin is fired up! #palin

I have heard the Governor speak many times--both in person and on television and the internet. However, I have never heard her as fired up as she was today. She was bold, courageous, and clear on the direction America is going and the need to right the ship.

She directed the last part of her speech to President Obama himself, and she held back absolutely nothing. Granted, it may have been unofficial, but everything in me tells me that she made her 2012 intentions loud and clear at the end of her speech. She said, with a fire in her belly:
The 2012 election begins here. We will fight for America and it starts here in Madison, Wisconsin. Mr. President, game on!”

And she left the stage. I believe you get the picture.

UPDATE: You can watch the speech here at The Right Scoop. As soon as I'm able to embed it here, I will do so. Enjoy!

Update 2: Here's the video, via The Right Scoop:


Governor Palin's Saturday Speech at WI Tea Party will be Livestreamed; Updated

Wisconsin's Channel 3000 will livestream the Wisconsin Tea Party Rally starting at noon Saturday (1:00 p.m. Eastern), so you can catch Governor Palin's speech in real time at

See video below:

(h/t Josh Painter)

UPDATE (Via Lori): A link to a livestream with better audio is:


Governor Palin Shares Her Faith Testimony at Women of Joy Conference in Oklahoma City

The Oklahoman reports the following about Governor Palin's speech at the Women of Joy conference in Oklahoma City Friday night:

Former Alaska governor and Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin shared her faith testimony Friday, urging thousands of Oklahoma women to find their purpose in Christ, despite critics and “haters” in their midst.

Palin made her remarks at the Women of Joy Christian women's conference held at State Fair Park in Oklahoma City. The event, sponsored by Phil Waldrep Ministries based in Trinity, Ala., drew more than 9,000 women to the Jim Norick State Fair Arena.

“You talk about a woman who knows how to plant her feet firmly in the Word of God and to keep standing no matter what happens,” [Oklahoma Governor Mary] Fallin said of Palin.


The former governor told those gathered that being a woman of joy is “seeking and living out your purpose to be in service to our Creator, to God” even though there may be inconveniences, struggles and people — “haters” and critics — in their path.

She urged attendees to reject lives of selfishness and self-absorption for a life of seeking God's will.

Palin said the Lord has been her strength throughout difficult times in her life, particularly when she learned her son Trig would be born with Down syndrome.

“I can't even tell you what a blessing Trig has been to us. To us, he is perfect.”

She said Christ has been her internal compass and she encouraged conference participants to allow Him to guide them as well.

“Thank God His outstretched hand is there.”

Read the full piece here.

(h/t Ian Lazaran)


"Jokes" About Violence Against Governor Palin at WI Tea Party Rally Aren't Funny

Friday, April 15, 2011

Governor Palin is going to Madison, Wisconsin tomorrow to rally the tea party troops. This, of course, is a road not too many are brave enough to travel with all the union ruckus that has taken place there over the last couple months. Already, the wicked are encouraging violence as they "joke" about attacks against the Governor. These people simply don't get it: she is not going to sit down and shut up. What part of that don't they get? These are some of the same people, no doubt, who have blamed her for violence which she had absolutely nothing to do with, like the Tucson shooting. These are the same kinds of people whose brains concoct ideas and then follow through with signs like this one:

John Nolte, in a Big Government article, writes (emphasis mine):
Tomorrow, former Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin will speak at a Tea Party rally in Madison, Wisconsin. Unless you’ve been asleep for the past few months, you know that right now Madison is Ground Zero in the ongoing political battle to take our country back from corrupt public unions and the Democratic politicians corrupted by them. This battle represents the very heart of what the Tea Party is about, where the national spotlight should be, and yet I don’t see a long line of political types heading to my home state to take advantage of that spotlight.

Palin’s going, though, and so is the Wall Street Journal’s John Fund. And this is exactly where we should be going, and not just because this is where the heart of the fight for our country currently is, but also to make very clear to pro-union types that we will not be intimidated by their thuggishness.


This morning, predictably, I woke up to this
Sarah Palin To Be Pelted With Cheese Curds In Wisconsin Saturday

The Koch Brothers think it’s hilarious when their dumb puppets have to go face huge, angry crowds of political opponents. Remember the movie Trading Places? It’s the same idea: Incredibly rich old white creeps just torture their own lackeys whenever it gets dull oppressing the faceless poor and destroying the Earth to make Dixie Cups and Brawny paper douche towels. So the Koch Brothers are bringing Sarah Palin to Madison, right there at the State Capitol, for an “Americans For Prosperity” rally. Haha the union people and college kids are going to pelt her with a million pounds of Wisconsin’s famous Fried Cheese Turds. Or curds, whatever. Curdle Rain. Poor snowbilly grifter! …

It’s a shame this country has turned into such an evil socialist toilet that midwesterners would stoop so low as to stoop down and get a handful of cheese curds and hurl them at Sarah Palin, the Koch Brothers’ latest human prank on Wisconsin.


Because Palin just happens to be “dumb” enough to be right about everything, I have no doubt she knows what’s going on in Wisconsin at the hands of these despicable pro-union thugs. But she’s absolutely right to go there. This is the United States. Mobs don’t rule here, law and order does, and the brave confront the bullies, they don’t run from them.

Read Nolte's full piece here.

Governor Palin never speaks against union members. To do so, she'd have to speak against her own family. She does, however, take it to union thugs. Her stand for what's right is unwavering, whether taking on these union bosses, the lamestream media, or the President of the United States. I expect nothing less tomorrow as she addresses peaceful freedom-loving, fiscally responsible, Palin-supporting patriots who will gather to hear her speak at the Wisconsin Tea Party Rally.

Governor Palin will be in Wisconsin tomorrow, and she will exercise her First Amendment rights while there. I trust, by the power of prayer, that she and all assembled will be safe as they do so.


Sold-Out Crowd Lines up to Hear Governor Palin at Women of Joy

Governor Palin is in Oklahoma City tonight speaking at the Women of Joy conference, as I covered here. Click here to see a picture of the line of people waiting to enter the sold-out event.

Tomorrow, the Governor will be in Madison, Wisconsin speaking at their tea party rally.


Governor Palin to Speak at Oklahoma Women of Joy Friday Night

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Friday night, Governor Palin will be speaking at the Women of Joy conference in Oklahoma City, OK. The event is sold out. Learn more here.

Below is a video promo of the Governor's participation in the event.


Governor Palin Will Attend Wisconsin Tea Party Rally this Saturday; UPDATED

Governor Palin will be in Madison, Wisconsin this Saturday to participate in the Wisconsin Tea Party Rally which begins at noon.

Learn more here.

UPDATE (Via WisPolitics):

On Saturday, April 16th, Governor Palin will rally tea party patriots from throughout Wisconsin at the state Capitol in Madison to celebrate past victories and to protect Wisconsin's future.


The Wisconsin State Director of Americans for Prosperity, Matt Seaholm, says he is excited Governor Palin will be attending the tea party on Saturday.

"Governor Palin is a strong voice for taxpayers and for reforming government to make it more accountable," Seaholm said, "She doesn't pull punches and is one of the most influential and followed commentators in politics today."

Read the full press release here.

(h/t Josh Painter)


Tony Lee Gives 10 Reasons Gov. Palin is Running For President

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Tony Lee wrote a Human Events piece today in which he gives, as the title states, the "Top Ten Reasons Why Sarah Palin is Running For President." He writes:

Will she or won’t she run for President?

I once laid out the reasons why Sarah Palin has a better shot of becoming president than Barack Obama did before Obama announced his candidacy during the 2008 election cycle.

And while conventional wisdom among the chattering class continues to lean against Palin mounting a presidential run, Palin has been courting the conservative base while not alienating swing voters in swing states such as Ohio, Colorado, and Florida better than any potential GOP contender.

Too often, those who cover Palin do not listen to her words or read her statements, Facebook postings, or tweets. As a result, conventional wisdom holds that Palin is setting herself up to be an entertainer, a conservative money maker, or a right-wing flame thrower who seeks only to rouse up the conservative base and get rich quick off of it. If those who proffer these theories had listened to and read her words closely, they would know that Palin has been telling everyone that she is running for president in 2012. Here are ten reasons why.


4. The anti-Obama

From her maiden Facebook post opposing ObamaCare to her energy speech at the Southern Republican Leadership Conference in 2009 to her stands on foreign policy issues (most recently on Libya and Egypt), Palin has emerged as the most prominent opposer-in-chief, establishing herself as Obama's main foil.

With the GOP primary electorate staunchly against Obama, this allows Palin to cater to Republican primary voters while getting a head start on potentially becoming Obama's main opponent in the general election.

5. The anti-McCain

If Palin learned anything from John McCain's failed presidential campaign in 2008, it may have been that McCain probably lost the presidency because he wanted to be liked by the media, turned off conservatives who did not show up for him at the polls, and took Republican primary voters for granted by trying to run a pure general election campaign before winning the GOP primary. Palin has shown that she could care less about what the media -- left, mainstream and right of center --thinks of her. In addition, in backing Arizona's Governor Jan Brewer in support of Arizona's S.B. 1070 immigraiton law and standing behind conservative causes and candidates, such as recently elected Justice David Prosser of Wisconsin, Palin, the person who most likely could take the GOP primary base for granted, is the one who is least taking the GOP primary voters for granted.


10. She said she can beat Obama

A week after the 2008 election, Palin told Greta Van Sustern of Fox News, "if there is an open door in '12 or four years later, and if it is something that is going to be good for my family, for my state, for my nation, an opportunity for me, then I'll plow through that door."


Palin could not hide back her desire to run for the Presidency a week after Obama won the 2008 election, she implied to Runner's World that she could defeat Obama in a metaphorical race, and she told Walters that she could defeat Obama in a general election. And with her most recent statements to Van Sustern, Palin has set herself up as a candidate who can survey the current crop of potential GOP contenders that lacks a candidate that people are enamored with and use that as an excuse to enter the 2012 nominating contest with a "servant's heart" despite the great sacrifice she and her family would have to endure.

It is obvious that Palin has been telling everyone who would listen that she is running in 2012. It's just a matter of when she is going to make the announcement.

Tony Lee makes some good points in his piece, which you should read in its entirety here. I agree 100% with his last two sentences. I have pointed out the same more than once. Those with even the slightest discernment can read between the lines. As Governor Palin keeps reminding us, "2012 is just around the corner," and a new year with "a good old-fashioned election" is just what this country needs.


Joining Governor Palin and Jewish Americans for Sarah Palin at "Heroes Among Us"; UPDATED

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

UPDATE: See this flier in full size at Jews for Sarah Palin by clicking here.

As I reported here, Governor Palin will be speaking at Heroic Media's "Heroes Among Us" on April 30th in Bethesda, MD. She will discuss motherhood and empowering women to choose life.

Jewish Americans for Sarah Palin will be there and will host a shabbaton in conjunction with the Heroic Media Benefit Dinner. As the flier indicates, I will be joining them that weekend as one of their "special guests," and though it indicates my involvement in Conservatives4Palin, of course, I will be representing MotivationTruth first and foremost.

I look forward to hearing Governor Palin discuss respecting the sanctity of life and family, as she is a strong example of both; she's walked the walk. I also look forward to being in the company of my Jewish brothers and sisters as they enjoy shabbaton.

Visit Jews for Sarah Palin to get additional information about this event, including purchase of tickets. You may also email them at


Watch Governor Palin on "Justice With Judge Jeanine"; UPDATED with Video

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Governor Palin and Congressman Ron Paul will be on Justice With Judge Jeanine tonight at 9:00 Eastern to weigh in on the Washington budget talks that resulted in a "deal" at the eleventh hour last night, a deal which prevented a government shutdown. But at what cost? Hopefully, we'll get some answers.

Fox News Insider reports:
Now, get details behind the deal and what it really means for America’s bottom line! Ron Paul and Sarah Palin share insight with Judge Jeanine!

Tune in to Fox News.

UPDATE: Here's the video, retrieved from Texas4Palin:

Segment 1:

Segment 2:


Governor Palin to GOP: Don't Retreat!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Governor Palin ended today's Facebook note by saying,

2008 seems like such a long time ago, but 2012 is just around the corner. There is a leadership vacuum in the White House right now, but that’s nothing that another good old-fashioned election can’t fix.

The Governor is one of the few who will call it like she sees it--time and time again. The pressure comes, and she stands up underneath it. The waves of criticism come, and she rides them. The much weaker souls hide out, and she steps up strong and unbending. This is exactly why so many of us join her in looking forward to 2012 in hopes that she will be involved in that old-fashioned election.

While everyone is abuzz with talk about whether the GOP will cave and compromise their stand on ridding this country of wasteful spending--with a government shutdown looming large--no one wonders what Governor Palin is thinking. No one is uncertain about where she stands and what she stands for. Her track record is clear: Cut spending! Do the right thing! Don't retreat! In fact she tweeted as much:
GOP: don't retreat! The country is going broke. We can't AFFORD cowboy poetry & subsidizing abortion.

No offense to the good people of Nevada, but Harry Reid's cowboy poetry commitment has to go. Let's see: our children's future or cowboy poetry? Do we even need to ask? As for Planned Parenthood, where does one even begin? With all its current controversies, historic racism, moral implications, and immense price tag, why are we debating whether or not to defund them? It's a no-brainer, is it not? We simply cannot afford them--in more ways than one.

It's Governor Palin's propensity to call it like she sees it, to not back down in the face of adversity, to always place principles over party, that earn her the respect of so many Americans. Patriot Mark Levin couldn't help but applaud her unwavering support of our troops and fiscal sanity. Levin tweets:
Gov. Sarah Palin: Right on!

No one wants to see a government shutdown, as Governor Palin pointed out in her Facebook note, but we do want the right thing for this country--and the right thing is taking seriously our financial crisis and getting it under control. The time is now.

Governor Palin has called on both President Obama to muster up some leadership skills and the GOP to hold firm to their commitments. Not too many are as willing as she to call for the end of politicking in favor of practicing common sense. But that's what separates her from so many, and that's what makes us all the more anxious for an old-fashioned 2012 election.

I echo Mark Levin: Right on, Governor Palin.


Gov. Palin: Commander in Chief’s Appalling Action with Our Troops

Governor Palin takes on President Obama's poor attitude toward our military, politicking with our future, and overall lack of leadership in today's Facebook note. She also mentions 2012 again. So again, I say, read between the lines. She's dropping a hint and a half for those with eyes to see and ears to hear.

Yesterday the House passed H.R. 1363, which funds our Department of Defense and our military for the rest of the year at their current levels. It allows for the continuation of current military operations, which is pretty important when you’re fighting three wars. It also funds the government for another week and cuts $12 billion in wasteful spending. So why would the Commander in Chief declare that he will veto this? Why would he play politics at the expense of our troops who are putting everything on the line to protect us? Memo to the President: I doubt the insurgents will stop and wait for a government shutdown to end before resuming actions. You need to fund our troops, sir.

Like me, you might be asking yourself: Why on earth would he threaten to veto funding for the troops? What is his game plan? Basically, he’ll veto military funding because he wants the rest of the government funded too. And by the rest of the government, he means things like Harry Reid’s “Cowboy Poetry.” Essentially, he’s holding military funding hostage to NPR funding. This is a perfect analogy for what is wrong with this entire budget showdown. Our federal government has strayed so far from what is constitutionally mandated that they are blind to the fact that NPR funding is not a constitutional duty. Funding our military at a time of war is!

The House GOP does not want a shut down. They just want legitimate cuts (and I would argue not even enough!). If we can’t agree to cut a billion here and a billion there, we’ll never close this $1.5 trillion deficit.

Let’s look at the numbers. We have a $1.5 trillion deficit this year. We’re paying $200 billion a year on our interest alone. That’s half a billion dollars per day on interest. And our $1.5 trillion deficit means that we’re borrowing $4 billion per day just to keep afloat. So, we pat ourselves on the back if we cut a billion dollars here or a billion there in discretionary spending, as we borrow $4 billion a day and pay half a billion a day in interest. The deficit for the month of February alone was the highest in our history at $223 billion. That’s more than the entire deficit for the year 2007. And there’s no end in sight. We’re not heading towards the iceberg. We’ve already hit it. Now we’re taking on water. We must find a way to get back to harbor to repair our ship of state before it’s too late.

Where is President Obama in all of this? He just doesn’t get it. His 2012 budget was a signal of that. The President’s proposed budget offered higher taxes and higher spending. A budget is supposed to be more than just numbers crunched on a spreadsheet. It’s supposed to be a credible blueprint of a nation’s priorities and direction. The President’s budget was a political document. It was designed not to ruffle any feathers or take any decisive moves to deal with the deficit problem. Instead of cutting spending, he’s moving us in the opposite direction. The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office reported that the White House was not telling the truth when they claimed that their 2012 budget reduces the deficit. It actually increases it. Instead of dealing with the hard realities we face, he just kicked the can down the road. That’s not leadership. That’s politics.

Real leadership means leading by example. It means showing an “all-in” commitment to tackling complex issues and putting in the time and effort to educate the American public. Right now the American people have not been educated about this major challenge we face. Keep in mind that perception often becomes reality, and the perception President Obama has repeatedly given off is that he can’t be bothered to deal with our debt crisis.

This is profoundly unfair to the American people. Throughout our history, we have proven again and again that we are strong enough and wise enough to do the right thing when we are properly informed. We can judge and make the tough choices when we are not spun by the media or the financial class or the political class. We the People can decide – if our leaders level with us honestly.

It’s about time the President step up to the plate and lead responsibly. Our troops who are putting themselves in harm’s way deserve a Commander in Chief who is not AWOL from the debt debate. The American people deserve a president who will take on the tough challenges and understand that funding “Car Talk” is not as crucial as funding our troops at a time of three wars.

2008 seems like such a long time ago, but 2012 is just around the corner. There is a leadership vacuum in the White House right now, but that’s nothing that another good old-fashioned election can’t fix.

- Sarah Palin


An "Average American" Appeals to Governor Palin to "Save Our Ship"

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

George Rogers Clark, writing for The Patriot Post, expresses in detail why Governor Palin is the common sense choice in 2012. Not only does he lay out the reasons this is so, he appeals to the Governor to take her place as the official leader of the free world.
It is time for Sarah Palin. According to pollsters and pundits, she may not seem the obvious choice for 2012, but no "obvious" choice has been identified. So, allow me to enumerate my reasons; it will give my critics clear, concise targets to engage. Their criticism is welcomed, but it will only serve to strengthen the resolve of the grassroots who will elect Palin.

1) In his book, "The New Reagan Revolution," speaking to and about Sarah Palin (pages 84-85), Michael Reagan brings to clarity the forces opposing Sarah; the grassroots who elected his father and will also support Sarah; and what she must do to win. It looks like a plan for success.

2) In my perception, "The New Reagan Revolution" began in the ramp-up to the November 2010 elections. As yet, the revolution has no clear, singular leader. Perhaps more than any other individual, Sarah Palin has the Reagan-like qualities and presentation of her message to be that leader.

3) The Tea Party, with tireless support and efforts by Sarah, made the difference in November. If not for those hard won gains, America would have lost all hope of surviving the onslaught of the socialistic policies, unprecedented spending and debt creation of the Obama regime. Those bold and angry, grassroots Americans who are the Tea Party brought focus to the urgency of our problems. We also owe Sarah our gratitude; while contributing to the cause, she proved she could inspire and lead.

Click here to read the rest of his reasons.

Clark then pens a letter to Governor Palin:
Thank you, Sarah Palin, for all you have done for America. You have done more while not holding office than most with seats in government have done. It is clear: without the revolution beginning in 2010, our liberties as well as our money might all be gone by 2012.

But, as you know, Sarah, success in November has only purchased our nation a little time. The hope it engendered in the people, however, has already empowered our new leaders in Congress to take the fight to the enemy. Sure of the support of the people, they have already begun the difficult task of restoring the financial strength of America.

The handwriting is indeed on the wall: America must restore our financial strength or lose our liberty. Time is short.

Will you help us, Sarah?


Liberals, media, and even many Republicans underestimated and misjudged Ronald Reagan. More importantly, they misjudged the American people. They thought a moderate candidate, or even a progressive, would reel us in with more "bread and circuses." They thought that after Carter, we would want change, but not too much. A true conservative, like Reagan, was not to their liking. The people saw it differently.

We loved every word that Ronald Reagan breathed. The "experts" were wrong about him, and about us. He helped us find hope in ourselves and encouraged faith. The change he sought was a return to principles and values that would lift us out of the haze so that we could see the horizon and pilot the ship on a straight and true course.

We have considered the contrasts of the hope, change, and course set by Reagan and those of Obama; they are startling.

Sarah, the "experts" have missed the mark again. You have already helped to energize a new revolution. The situation is far more extreme, but the American people are ready to remove Obama, as we did Carter. Obama is an astute politician and a very good speaker; he was a formidable opponent in 2008. Voters allowed the media to successfully sell him. But, now we know where he really stands. He will be a one-term President.


Who will be our next President? I believe it should be Sarah Palin. I believe it can be Sarah Palin. I believe there is strong support for that result among the grassroots now, and that it will spread to a broader base soon enough.

Your love of this nation is clear. I appeal to you, Sarah, to lead.

Read more here.

(h/t Sheya)


Wisconsins, Vote for Justice Prosser

Today, April 5th, is the day for Wisconsins to re-elect Justice Prosser for Wisconsin Supreme Court, endorsed by Governor Palin last week. Visit his website here.

Don't forget, every vote counts.


Governor Palin's Statement on Defunding Planned Parenthood

Sunday, April 3, 2011

As those who have been paying attention are well-aware, Planned Parenthood has been one controversy after enough. The question remains, therefore, why do we continue to fund them with taxpayer dollars? Governor Palin addresses this very issue.

Via Team Sarah:
Governor Sarah Palin has released the following statement regarding the defunding of Planned Parenthood. Won't you stand with Governor Palin on this vital issue?
Governor Palin's statement:
The greatest fiscal challenge facing our country today is our government’s dangerously unsustainable debt and its practice of deficit spending. Whatever side you’re on in the abortion debate, surely you can see that our taxpayer dollars should not be used to fund abortion at any time, let alone these hard economic times. And yet that is what has been happening with the taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood – the nation’s largest abortion provider, which is awash in scandal after revelations of its dishonesty with the American public. They receive an average of $1 million taxpayer dollars per day; and regardless of what they had promised the public in their campaign ads, new investigative reporting shows that they are not really using our tax dollars to provide women with mammograms and other real health care services. It’s simply freeing up funds that they can then invest in their primary money-making endeavor: abortion. Planned Parenthood doesn’t really offer women who find themselves in less-than-ideal circumstances any real choice. They don’t show women that they have the power, capability, strength, and love within themselves to choose the blessing that is life. They don't explain the resources that are available to parents who want to give their child life. They don’t show them that adoption is a beautiful choice too. What they offer is not true empowerment or “choice” or women’s health care. I join Rep. Mike Pence and others of conscience and common sense who are leading the charge to end the taxpayer funding of the nation’s largest abortion provider. We recognize that not only is our country buried under Mt. McKinley-sized debt, but that the truest measure of any society is how it treats those who are least able to defend and speak for themselves. Surely the individual resources of a generous country can come to the aid of women in need without the taxpayer funding of abortion.

Governor Palin understands that empowering women means doing that which is best for women. Planned Parenthood seems more interested in continuing to get fat off of our money, rather than providing services and counseling that would truly empower women with necessary services and information to make real choices.


First GOP Presidential Debate Scrapped

Saturday, April 2, 2011

As reported here, Governor Palin was going to pass on the leftist media-run presidential debate anyway, the first GOP debate heading into 2012, scheduled for May 2nd. On that date, she's once again putting her support for our military into action. This decision caused pundits to speculate that she's not running for president. I said then that these talking heads knew not what they were talking about, and her participation in "Tribute to the Troops" said nothing about 2012 at all.

Those who were so quick to dismiss Governor Palin, of all people, from the 2012 campaign season, now have this to consider:

The first GOP presidential debate set for early May has been canceled due to lack of interest…from candidates.

The Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation announced that it’s moving its “Reagan Centennial GOP Presidential Primary Candidates Debate” from May 2 to Sept. 14, 2011. The reason? Not enough big names have declared their candidacy, and therefore the foundation is struggling to secure participation.

“Although there will be a long and impressive list of Republican candidates who eventually take the field, too few have made the commitment thus far for a debate to be worthwhile in early May,” said John Heubusch, executive director for the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation, in a statement. “The Reagan Foundation’s first Republican presidential primary debate will move to the fall, allowing enough time for the full slate of candidates to participate.”

Politico, NBC, and Telemundo are also sponsoring the foundation’s debate.

The first debate of the presidential season now belongs to Fox, which is sponsoring one on May 5 in South Carolina.

Read here.

So Governor Palin isn't the only potential candidate not to commit to this particular debate, is she? No doubt, however, she's the most important.


Gov. Palin Endorses Justice Prosser

Via Twitter, Governor Palin endorses Justice David Prosser for Wisconsin Supreme Court:
Wisconsin, please remember to vote for Justice Prosser on April 5. Visit his website here:

Wisconsin, get out there and vote this Tuesday.


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