Greta Interviews Governor Palin on "One Nation" Bus; Updated w/ Part II

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Greta Van Susteren interviewed Governor Palin aboard the "One Nation" bus. A portion of that interview aired tonight. Below is the full version.

UPDATE: Here's Part II:

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It's Impossible to Chase Someone Who Isn't Running

"It's physically impossible to chase someone who isn't running." This is my standard response to a student who comes barreling down the school hallway because so-and-so is chasing him. Today, I issued that same comment to a wildly running seventh grader, and I got the same look I always get, the lightbulb slowly coming on.

I had already intended to address the media's obsession with Governor Palin's "One Nation" bus tour, but no sooner had those words to the student come out of my mouth when a lightbulb came on for me.

It's impossible to chase someone who isn't running. I've uttered those words in reprimand to students for years. Have I been wrong all along? Well, if I believe the political talking heads, indeed I have. If I listen to the Bill O'Reillys, the Dick Morrises, the Charles Krauthammers of the world, Governor Palin isn't running for President, for she doesn't have what it takes. I reject that perspective, of course, as common sense Americans do. However, let's just say, for the sake of argument, that they are correct and she's not going to run. Why, then, is she being chased? Nay, why is the media literally stalking her as she and her family are enjoying the historical sites of this great country? They're checking into hotels she's staying at, they're engaging in what are essentially high speed chases down the highways, and they're lurking overhead in helicopters.

Governor Palin has repeatedly said this tour is not a campaign tour. She's proving wrong those who claim that she's simply looking for attention; she hasn't even released her travel schedule. She's not setting up a microphone and making prepared speeches to a plethora of gatherers. She's simply taking in the richness of America's history, and the media can't get enough. So here's a private citizen who's on a family vacation, one might say, and media members are underfoot--and overhead. Yet their narrative is that she's totally irrelevant, unable to lead this country, and has no intentions to run. Why don't they go chase the other people then, the ones who are running? Why not stick microphones in their faces, ask them if they're playing with their heads, and tweet incessantly about their next move?

If I believe some of these so-called experts and these masters of the lamestream media who, according to their own imaginations, know everything about everything, Governor Palin is simply a passing fad, unfit for leadership, and certainly not running for President. It seems after fifteen years of teaching, it might be time for me to find something new to respond when one student is running down the hallway, saying, "He's chasing me!" My traditional "It's physically impossible to chase someone who isn't running" has been flat-out debunked by those who, supposedly, know better than the rest of us.


Governor Palin: Reminding Reporters, too, of America’s Foundations

Governor Palin via SarahPAC:
It’s interesting when (for the 100th time) reporters shout out, “Why are you traveling to historical sites? What are you trying to accomplish?” I repeat my answer, “It’s so important for Americans to learn about our past so we can clearly see our way forward in challenging times; so, we’re bringing attention to our great nation’s foundation.” When that answer isn’t what the reporters want to hear, we’ve asked them if they’ve ever visited these sites like the National Archives, Gettysburg, etc. When they confirm that they haven’t, it’s good to say, “Well, there you go. You’ll learn a lot about America today.” (They usually don’t want to hear that either!)

Anyway, Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell are symbols of freedom that ALL of us – not just reporters – can appreciate as reminders of America’s unsurpassed freedoms! What a great visit to these awesome sites!

On July 2, 1776, a group of men in Philadelphia changed the world. They voted to declare their independence from Great Britain, and two days later they approved the wording of their Declaration of Independence.

Together our Founders pledged their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor to the cause of independence. We will never forget that our nation was founded with such courage, and we must not squander what they gave us.

Days later, the bells of Philadelphia rang during the public reading of the Declaration of Independence, and the Liberty Bell was probably among those heard throughout the city. The rich history here reminds us of the ideals espoused by the Founders who labored during a hot summer and changed history.

One of my previous summertime visits here was with a team of young hockey players who shared interesting insight in what they believed had to have been enormous physical challenges in forming the union. Physically being here allowed the Alaskan athletes an appreciation for the statesmen’s long travels on foot and horseback and the tedious days in sweltering heat crafting the documents; and of course the boys were interested in the bloody battles before and after 1776. After the trip from such a faraway western state, the kids had a greater appreciation of what our Founding Fathers went through as they dedicated their lives to America’s unity. I’d encourage all, especially those who live close by, to take advantage of opportunities to learn about these historical sites and find inspiration to keep up the fight for what is right in America.

Meeting up with Alaskan friends and their Somerset, PA family today was a treat. Philadelphia is beautiful and awe-inspiring! Philly's reporters, the police and the park staff were wonderful. Thank you PA!

Those first place Phillies aren’t bad either.

- Sarah Palin


Governor Palin: The Call at Gettysburg & Coffee Express - Dillsburg

Governor Palin's "One Nation" bus tour took her to Gettysburg today. I found this note she posted on SarahPAC particularly moving:
When I first visited Gettysburg years ago, I was overwhelmed with the sense of sacrifice made to secure our union, but my most recent visit this morning was even more significant as subsequent visits allow reflection on the state of our union today. Striking to me is how ready and willing troops and civilians were in 1863 to lay their lives on the line. Are we as ready and willing to accept the call for sacrifice today in order to keep our union secure?

Hopefully the kids on school field trips whom we met this morning grasped the poignant irony at the site we toured together: that such a beautiful stretch of the Pennsylvania countryside should have been the site of the bloodiest battle in the Civil War. But perhaps it’s fitting that such a sacred place should be so beautiful now in order to commemorate the terrible sacrifices made to bring about, in the words of Lincoln’s famous address, "a new birth of freedom."

But this "new birth of freedom" wasn’t fully realized by the generation that paid the price for it. Over 100 years after the battle, Martin Luther King, Jr. stood on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial and declared, "Now is the time to make justice a reality for all of God's children." It took the struggle for Civil Rights to truly complete what Lincoln called "the unfinished work" for which the heroes of Gettysburg "gave the last full measure of devotion."

Today, when we speak of "fundamentally restoring all that is good in America," we remember the debt of gratitude we owe to those who sacrificed to create and preserve our union. From the Civil War to the struggle for Civil Rights, generations of Americans have made great sacrifices necessary to pass on to us this great gift of freedom. It’s our duty to them to preserve it, cherish it, and pass it on to our children, so "that these dead shall not have died in vain…and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth."

When duty calls, are we willing to answer today? Please remember that freedom isn't free - the price paid for our liberty has been great.

The reminders of the past costs are seen at Gettysburg. The way forward in protecting our unified body is encapsulated in Lincoln's 2nd inaugural address: "...with firmness in the right as God gives us to see the right, let us strive on to finish the work we are in, to bind up the nation's wounds."

- Sarah Palin

See pictures of Gettysburg here.

You may also see pictures of the Governor at Coffee Express in Dillsburg here.


Governor Palin: New Afghanistan Development Dangerous to NATO

Governor Palin, via Facebook:

After learning this afternoon of Afghan President Karzai’s ultimatum to NATO concerning airstrikes, we need to consider how dangerous this new development is. While it's always devastating to hear about civilians killed in the fight against the Taliban, President Karzai surely knows that no one works harder to eliminate civilian casualties than NATO. His public ultimatum issued today to allies and supposed friends is dangerous. What President Karzai is saying is that if we don’t severely limit our air campaign he will take “unilateral action.” And he further says that if the airstrikes continue we will be seen as an “occupying” power. This is an indirect way of saying that American and NATO forces will be fair game, which is obviously an unacceptable situation that threatens our troops. His comments reflect the reality that there is a growing divide between NATO and the Karzai government. Let us be clear: we are in Afghanistan fighting for the Afghan people and for the security of our country and our allies. If President Karzai continues with these public ultimatums, we must consider our options about the immediate future of U.S. troops in his country. If he actually follows through on his claim that Afghan forces will take “unilateral action” against NATO forces who conduct such air raids to take out terrorists and terrorist positions, that should result in the immediate withdrawal of U.S. forces from Afghanistan and the suspension of U.S. aid. I still firmly support our mission in Afghanistan, but we must have the support of the host government. Our troops’ mission will be compromised and their safety endangered if the Afghan government threatens us.

- Sarah Palin


Video--Governor Palin in Gettysburg

Monday, May 30, 2011

Governor Palin and the "One Nation" tour team are in Gettysburg tonight. Here's video footage of the Governor talking to the press outside their hotel.


Governor Palin: Mount Vernon, USA

Governor Palin, via SarahPAC:

Happy Memorial Day, everyone. Check back with us tomorrow.


Governor Palin to Visit Iowa

Scott Conroy reports that Governor Palin is indeed making a stop in Iowa on the "One Nation" bus tour:

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin will travel to Iowa next month as part of her nationwide bus tour, two sources with direct knowledge of the plan told RealClearPolitics.

Palin's trip to the nation's first voting state -- where she has not yet set foot this year --will further escalate the already feverish speculation that she is leaning toward a White House run.

Though Palin has insisted that her "One Nation" bus tour -- being kicked off from Washington over the holiday weekend -- is intended merely to "highlight America's foundation," RCP has learned that the road trip was designed as a test run to find out whether she can execute a decidedly unconventional campaign game plan.

Palin -- and especially her husband, Todd -- is said to be leaning toward running. But multiple sources said that their foremost remaining concern was whether it would be logistically feasible for their large family to hit the road together for the next several months in a prospective campaign that would rely heavily on bus travel.

The answer to that question will play a critical role in how the 2012 race develops.

Read more here.

What does Governor Palin say about Conroy's claim that she will visit Iowa? CNN writes:
"I'm sure at some point I will be going to Iowa," Palin said during a visit to Fort McHenry in Baltimore. "At some point."

What about 2012? CNN further reports:
Asked about her 2012 thinking, Palin said her family's concerns come first. But she also said the unsettled nature of the Republican presidential field has left the door open for other candidates, herself included, to join the nomination fight.

"It's going to be a changed-up field between now and when deadlines finally arrive for declaring," Palin told CNN.

While she said she is "satisfied" with the Republicans who are already in the process of campaigning, she predicted that the field "is going to change up a lot."

"I believe that there are many more out there who have much more to add," she said. "Competition breeds success. I hope there is going to be vigorous debate and a lot of good aggressive competition even in the primary so our voters have a good choice."

Unprompted, Palin brought up Texas Gov. Rick Perry, who said last week that he plans to consider a presidential bid.

"I think he would be a fine candidate," she said. "We have a lot in common. I really like him. But there are so many candidates and potential candidates out there who have so much to offer."

Read the full article here.

Hang on, everyone. This is going to be quite a ride.


Governor Palin: The National Archives, etc.

In "The National Archives - Washington, DC 5/30/11," Governor Palin posted several pictures. Click here to see them all, but you can see a couple below.

Read more notes and see more pictures from Governor Palin by going to the SarahPAC website.


Governor Palin: Our Charters of Liberty at the National Archives

Governor Palin on SarahPAC today:

On this tour, when I speak of "fundamentally restoring our country," that means restoring it to the ideals found in our charters of liberty. What a great morning we just had seeing the collection of these founding documents at the National Archives!

Seeing America's most historic documents is inspiring, and speaking with staff members who pour their hearts into educating visitors gives us great hope that our nation's history will be accurately passed on to future generations. Many of the artifacts, recordings, and documents on display at the National Archives are evidence of the patriotism and hard work poured into our foundation. These are nonpartisan, valuable historical tools we all need to see, read, and absorb to learn the truth about our past, so we can move forward successfully.

Too often our leaders today behave as if our charters of liberty are outdated, flawed documents from a distant and irrelevant past. They treat our Declaration of Independence and our Constitution as if they aren't much more than old pieces of parchment with pretty words that can be twisted or ignored when it’s convenient. But these can’t be ignored! They point the way forward, like a needed compass that can guide us through the heady times we face as a country. These documents unite us! We ARE one nation under God, and we're indivisible if we follow the blueprints our Founders drew for us.

Amazing visit! Thank you, National Archives.

- Sarah Palin


Sneak Peek of Governor Palin-Greta Van Susteren Interview; UPDATED

Greta Van Susteren catches a ride on the "One Nation" tour bus and interviews Governor Palin. I'm not sure if this will air on On the Record tonight or tomorrow night, but here are a couple sneak peeks:

(h/t C4P)

UPDATE: The interview will air tomorrow night.


Memorial Day

Join me today in honoring those who have paid the ultimate price in service to our country. America is a place of hope because of the mighty hand of God upon her--and because people have been willing to give all to defend her and the principles upon which she stands.

We pay tribute to the fallen, and we offer our sincerest thanks to those military members currently serving.

Happy Memorial Day. May God bless America, and may America bless God.


Photos of Gov. Palin on "One Nation" Tour

Governor Palin posted some awesome pictures of the Rolling Thunder motorcycle rally today. You can see them all here, but here's one of my favorites: the Governor with Representative Allen West:

Governor Palin also posted pictures in a note she entitled "National Monuments - Washington, DC 5/29/11." See them here.

Be sure to stay in tune with SarahPAC. The Governor is doing quite a lot and posting pictures and notes very quickly. As I choose to operate MotivationTruth alone, and am busy at work all day, I may not be able to keep up with the fast-paced Palin, so be sure to follow her on Twitter and check into SarahPAC often.


Governor Palin: Of the People, By the People, For the People

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Governor Palin, via SarahPAC:
Took an incognito tour of our beautiful national monuments tonight. We met some great everyday citizens who were also "taking it all in" in honor of the greatest nation on earth. One couple we met traveled from Michigan to celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary in our nation's capital, and they expressed how thankful they were to live in this land of great opportunity. We were also privileged tonight to get to thank a member of the greatest generation for his service in WWII. This fine patriot was surrounded by his large, extended family that had pooled together to send their patriarch from Oklahoma to DC this Memorial Day weekend to see the breathtaking WWII memorial built to honor that generation's tremendous sacrifice. Meeting him and his caring family made my heart soar with pride for the honor so many show our military vets.

Tonight, as the sun set and we gathered to read the eternal words of President Lincoln at the majestic memorial in his honor, we were shown more reasons why Americans can feel great pride in our exceptional nation. The Lincoln Memorial reminds us that ours is to be a government “of the people, by the people and for the people” and it’s with gratefulness for past generations that we can commit ourselves to living out the promises and values etched on those memorial walls.

And that’s what this tour is all about.

- Sarah Palin


Governor Palin: Roll On, Rolling Thunder!

A note from Governor Palin regarding the Rolling Thunder event today, via SarahPAC:
There’s no better way to see D.C. than on the back of a Harley! My family may be used to snowmachines more so than motorcycles (though you couldn’t tell it with Todd driving a hog today with Piper on the back and with Bristol riding on the back of another bike). But whether you’re riding the open road or the frozen tundra, you’re celebrating a free spirit. What could be more American than that?

Today’s Rolling Thunder rally in DC is all about freedom. And it’s about duty and loyalty and service. The message heard loud and clear through the roar of tens of thousands of bike engines declared, “We will never forget our heroes left behind!” Truly, our POWs and MIAs honored today are America’s real heroes.

In addition to drawing special attention to POWs and MIAs, Rolling Thunders works to help all veterans, active duty service men and women, and military families in so many ways. Riding with these patriots today reinforced that we must do all we can to remind all Americans that we owe our freedom to our vets and to those missing and to those who made the ultimate sacrifice to make this the greatest country on earth. They deserve our debt of gratitude. It’s not the politician or the reporter who makes us free; it is the veteran.

One man who clearly understands this is Rep. Allen West, who was there today to honor our military. I really appreciated meeting him. Thank you for spending your day with the troops, Lt. Colonel West!

Meeting with Blue Star and Gold Star mothers this afternoon puts much into perspective. These beautiful families sacrifice so much for our freedom. This is what Memorial Day weekend is all about. Many of us this weekend are firing up the grill and enjoying time with our loved ones. Remember that we’re able to do that because someone else’s loved one is willing to lay it all on the line to defend our freedom. Someone is willing to re-deploy again and again far from home. Someone is willing to endure the blistering heat of Iraq’s deserts or the brutal cold of Afghanistan’s mountains. Someone is willing to put his or her own life on hold to make sure we’re safe. We never hear them complain, do we? And we never hear their families complain either. That’s what duty and service means. And Rolling Thunder’s commitment to them is what loyalty means.

I’m thankful Rolling Thunder keeps the mission of honoring our vets alive! For in doing so, they remind us what is good and free and worthy in America. So roll on, Rolling Thunder! Like Martin Luther King, Jr. said about the great struggle for civil rights, “we will not be satisfied until justice rolls down like waters and righteousness like a mighty stream…”

Let’s roll on to honor our vets, to secure our blessings of liberty, and to fundamentally restore our proud America!

- Sarah Palin


Pic of Governor Palin Geared Up at Rolling Thunder Motorcycle Ride; UPDATED

Update: Here's another photo (h/t Stacy):

As the Rolling Thunder motorcycle ride gets underway, the Palins have arrived. It appears the rumors are true and Governor Palin and family will be on motorcycles. They have always supported our vets, so there's no surprise they'd want to participate in this annual event.

(Photo retrieved from Free Republic).


Riding My Harley in Rolling Thunder Rally?

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Tomorrow Governor Palin, family, and SarahPAC staff head out on their "One Nation" bus tour. They will start out in the nation's capital at the Rolling Thunder motorcycle ride in honor of our vets.

"So will Adrienne Ross be there in D.C. on her Harley-Davidson?" some people have tweeted, emailed, or Facebooked to ask. Good question. The answer, unfortunately, is no. But it would be fun, I'm sure. I won't be on my bike, but it's possible Governor Palin will be on one. According to The Washington Post:
The former Alaska governor, who is the subject of a lot of overheated speculation about whether she will run for president in 2012, has accepted an invitation to participate in the annual Rolling Thunder memorial ride this Sunday, an official says.

“As far as I know, she is trying to rent a motorcycle, so she can ride with her husband,” said Nancy Regg, a spokeswoman for Rolling Thunder.

Gregg says the tentative plan is for Palin to join up with the ride at the Pentagon at 7 a.m. The ride kicks off at noon, and hundreds of bikers will snake through D.C. to the event’s main stage, which will be between the Reflecting Pool and the Korean War Veterans Memorial on the Mall. The program is scheduled to kick off at 1 p.m.


The Rolling Thunder appearance is Palin’s first stop on a nationwide bus tour she’s dubbed “One Nation.” Here’s Palin on why she’s getting on the bus:
“We'll celebrate the good things that bring Americans together; those things that will give us the needed strength to meet the heady challenges ahead. I’ve said many times that America doesn’t need a ‘fundamental transformation,’ instead we need a restoration of all that is good and strong and free in America! So, together let’s prepare ourselves for the days ahead by reminding ourselves who we are and what Americans stand for.”

Follow the "One Nation" bus tour here.


Dana Loesch Interviews Frank Bailey, Questions Him About My Tara Jollie Interview

Friday, May 27, 2011

Dana Loesch interviewed Frank Bailey on her radio show today. The subject, of course, was his hit piece book about Governor Palin. Dana gives Bailey another opportunity to show himself to be the disloyal, disgruntled former employee he certainly appears to be. At 14:40 of the audio, she referred to my interview with former Palin staffer, Tara Jollie:

(h/t C4P)


Governor Palin: Obama’s Strange Strategy: Borrow Foreign Money to Give to Foreign Countries

Governor Palin via Facebook:

Should we be borrowing money from China to turn around and give it to the Muslim Brotherhood?

Given that we are running massive deficits and are drowning in more than $14 trillion in debt, and despite not knowing who will rule Egypt until its election this fall, this strange strategy may be the end result given President Obama’s announcement that he is committing $2 billion to Egypt’s “new government.” It’s part of a $20 billion foreign aid package laid out with the Group of 8 countries in Europe today.

Now, given that Egypt has a history of corruption when it comes to utilizing American aid, it is doubtful that the money will really help needy Egyptian people. Couple that with the fact that the Muslim Brotherhood is organized to have a real shot at taking control of Egypt’s government, and one has to ask why we would send money (that we don’t have) into unknown Egyptian hands?

Throwing borrowed money around is not sound economic policy. And throwing borrowed money around the developing world is not sound foreign policy. Foreign assistance should go to American allies that need it and appreciate it, and for humanitarian purposes when it can truly make a difference.

Considering the Obama Administration’s continued strange strategies on the economy and foreign policy has us counting down the days to the next election. November 2012 can’t come soon enough.

- Sarah Palin


"One Nation" Bus Tour Video

Governor Palin tweeted the following today:

Watch the "One Nation" bus tour video

Here's the video:


Exclusive Interview: Former Palin Staffer Calls Out Frank Bailey's Lies

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Frank Bailey, author of Blind Allegiance, which is being touted as a tell-all book about Governor Palin, is doing a good job of making a clown of himself. As I noted here, no one with an ounce of common sense or integrity would believe a word he--or Jeanne Devon--has written. As written here, his book reveals nothing credible about Governor Palin. Rather, it reveals much more about himself, namely his dishonesty, disloyalty, and shady motives. Sean Hannity certainly put these characteristics on display here and here.

Bailey paints an ugly picture of Governor Palin. His goal, he says, is to save the country from her, for he would never be able to forgive himself if she became President. She is, he asserts, not only unethical but encourages the same behavior from her employees. On the other hand, he paints himself as the trusted staffer who sheepishly went along with what she asked of him, has now seen the error of his ways, has made things right with God, and, as all truly repentant people do (not!), has thrown his boss under the bus. These actions, we are to believe, are not a result of bitterness or personal ambition, but pure good will. Well, we don't believe--and with good reason.

Tara Jollie, a former member of Governor Palin's staff, has provided me with the inside scoop on Frank Bailey--who he is, what made him tick as a member of the Governor's staff, and what is most likely driving his current actions. She also shared with me who Governor Palin really is, discussed her own relationship with her, and described how the Governor conducted herself professionally.

Here's the interview:

Adrienne Ross: What exactly is or was your relationship with Governor Palin, and how does this uniquely qualify you to speak of her character and work ethic?
Tara Jollie: Then and now I consider myself a friend of the family. I volunteered to help with the campaign May 1, 2006. That date followed my first retirement from the state in 2006 and preceded the primary election. I worked closely with Sarah usually on a daily basis. I worked primarily on policy statements, brainstorming issues and coordinated the occasional fundraiser. I helped in any other way I could. In the course of the daily work I soon discovered Sarah worked longer and harder than anyone I’ve ever worked with. I especially liked her work ethic because it mirrors my own. She is free-spirited, generous of heart, funny, spontaneous and, most importantly, fearless.

Adrienne Ross: During your time working for Governor Palin, how much contact did you have with Frank Bailey, and how would you assess his relationship then with the Governor?
Tara Jollie: I had full access to Frank, sometimes daily contact via telephone, email or in person as needed. The best way I can describe him is star-struck, you know - gaga. Like a high school boy with a big-time crush. He worked very hard on organizing volunteers for sign waving, getting yard signs made and circulated, getting Sarah set up for trips, etc. He traveled with her a lot to do rallies and such. It seemed to me he just loved being near her and seemed to glow in that role. He was her go-to guy for all that.

AR: Bailey was apparently a loyal employee of Governor Palin at one point. When did you notice a change, if at all? What do you think precipitated the change?
TJ: After the election, I saw much less of Frank as we both had our jobs to do, so I did not witness any change. I did get an email from him more than a year ago briefly saying he was now an "ex-Palin bot," citing some kind of revelation he had on the Yukon. I never heard from him after that message.

AR: You are clearly quite annoyed with his decision to write this book. What annoys you most about Bailey's actions?
TJ: I think he is abusing a friendship. I think it is a complete betrayal of friendship. The campaign is a story for our grandchildren. What better gift can there be? I am so annoyed at his attack on Todd Palin. Todd is a fine person who didn’t ask for and doesn’t deserve any of this! I have no idea what brought that on. And, the tone of his book is so pious – give me a break. Last time I checked, the only thing I had to do to get right with my God was ask for forgiveness. I don’t buy any of that righteous diatribe.

AR: During your tenure with Governor Palin, were you ever required or requested to behave unethically?
TJ: Never. Sarah liked my directness and often asked for my opinion on issues. I was always honest with Sarah. I certainly didn’t fit the role of a "cheerleader" as Frank has said Sarah surrounded herself with. For the record, I would never do anything I thought to be unethical no matter who asked me to do it. I would quit first.

AR: Bailey says he wrote the book and is going to the media to tell his story because if Governor Palin ever becomes President of the United States, he wouldn't be able to forgive himself. What do you think is motivating his actions?
TJ: I think the motivation is money. How could he think his opinion would affect a national election? That is just strange.

AR: What would you say to those who are considering looking to Bailey--or have already looked to him--for information regarding Governor Palin?
TJ: You mean tabloids? Seriously, it is all very sad, I think.

AR: Bailey claims that Governor Palin is not the person she is presenting to the country. From your experience with her, who exactly is Governor Palin, the person and the employer?
TJ: Sarah, the person, is a workhorse. She is all about her family and very grounded in who she is. She is an athlete who plays to win. She has incredible charisma and touches the hearts of people. She is very intuitive, self-confident, and very, very strong. I think she is a great role model for young women everywhere. She is fearless, doesn’t back down, and calls a spade a spade.

She is much the same as an employer. She is not a micromanager – she gives you a job and expects you to do it. She is a team leader. Many staffers didn’t get that or welcome it. I think that comes from her background in sports. She does not coddle people, so anyone working for her better be up for the task. She won’t be holding your hand. I really like that leadership style.

AR: When asked if she would make a good President, Bailey told the media that she'd be horrible. Having seen her leadership skills from the inside, what kind of President would she make?
TJ: She’s got all the right stuff. Sarah isn’t a second-stringer, as in the VP run, so if she runs in 2012, it will be a whole new ball game.

Tara Jollie, who was up close and personal with Governor Palin, has flat-out debunked Bailey's claims, revealing his book, as well as his poorly-crafted media narrative, as nonsense. It's becoming clearer every day that all he has succeeded in doing is humiliating himself. Those who have listened to his story see the handwriting on the wall.

My advice to Frank Bailey is simple: Enough already. Go home before you embarrass yourself further. Better yet, give Governor Palin and her family the apology they deserve; then go home.

Here's more information about Tara Jollie, in her own words:
I worked in the Department of Labor and Workforce Development as Deputy Commissioner after the election [of Governor Palin]. After seven or eight months, the Governor reassigned me to the Department of Commerce, Director of Community and Regional Affairs, a division serving all of rural Alaska. In other words, most of was a request of mine, and it suited the Governor’s desire to have me on rural affairs, as I had filled that role in the campaign...It also put me physically down the hall from the Governor.


Governor Palin Embarks on "One Nation" Bus Tour

SarahPAC has released the following:
Starting this weekend, Sarah Palin will embark on a One Nation Tour of historical sites that were key to the formation, survival, and growth of the United States of America. The tour will originate in Washington DC and will proceed north up the east coast. More information will follow. Please follow the tour on

SarahPAC has added:
Our nation is at a critical turning point. As we look to the future, we are propelled by America's past. It's imperative that we connect with our founders, our patriots, our challenges and victories to clearly see our way forward. A good way to do this is to appreciate the significance of our nation's historic sites, patriotic events and diverse cultures, which we'll do in the coming weeks on our "One Nation" tour.

We'll celebrate the good things that bring Americans together; those things that will give us the needed strength to meet the heady challenges ahead. I’ve said many times that America doesn’t need a "fundamental transformation," instead we need a restoration of all that is good and strong and free in America! So, together let’s prepare ourselves for the days ahead by reminding ourselves who we are and what Americans stand for.

We'll celebrate the meaning of our nation's blueprints, our Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution, which are the threads that weave our past into the fabric necessary for the survival of American exceptionalism. Our founders declared "we were born the heirs of freedom", and despite our difficulties and disagreements, we remain one nation under God in freedom, indivisible. Through visits to historical sites and patriotic events, we'll share the importance of America's foundation.

We encourage you to support the pro-America events we'll be privileged to participate in during these coming weeks. Discover the ties that bind Americans, our history, our traditions, and the exceptional nature of our country!

Follow the One Nation tour at

-Sarah Palin

On Real Clear Politics, Scott Conroy reports:
In a move designed to propel her closer to a presidential run, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin will set out on a bus tour of the country on Sunday, making stops at symbolic sites along the way.


Details were still being hammered out on Thursday, but sources indicated to RCP that the bus tour is expected to last several weeks and will be divided into separate geographical stretches for logistical reasons.

Members of Palin's immediate family are expected to join her on the trip, which will eventually take her through key early-voting states.

Coming on the heels of the revelation that a documentary extolling Palin's accomplishments as governor is set to premiere in Iowa next month, the impending nationwide voyage is yet another strong indicator that she is leaning toward jumping into the 2012 race.


Palin will do just that on the first day of her tour on Sunday when she participates in Rolling Thunder -- an annual Memorial Day weekend motorcycle rally held in Washington, D.C. Participants at this year's event will gather outside the Pentagon before parading down Constitution Avenue on their way to the National Mall near the Lincoln Memorial.

Read more here.

Governor Palin's bus tour news is also at the top of the page at Drudge with the headline "It's On: Palin Hits Trail."

Stay tuned for further information that becomes available. Be sure to follow the tour yourself at SarahPAC.


Governor Palin Reaches 3 Million on Facebook

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Congratulations to Governor Palin who has reached 3 million Facebook supporters! It seems like just yesterday we were celebrating reaching the 2 million mark. So much is happening--so very quickly. 2012 is right around the corner. Speaking of 2012, consider donating at least $20.12 to SarahPAC in honor of what looks like a 2012 run for the presidency. Or consider donating at least $30.00 in honor of her hitting the 3 million mark.

Click here to donate.

Game On!


Governor Palin Buys Home in Arizona

News emerged in recent days that Governor Palin purchased a home in Arizona, but this had not yet been confirmed. The Wall Street Journal has now reported that it's true. Of course, popular opinion is that she will run a 2012 campaign from Arizona. She has not yet announced that she's running, but it's looking more and more like she is. Last night's news that a film about her record in Alaska will premiere in Iowa next month also seems to point in that direction.

The Wall Street Journal:

Former Alaska governor and vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin has bought a roughly 8,000-square-foot home in North Scottsdale, Ariz. for $1.695 million, according to sources familiar with the deal.

Put on the market in February for $1.75 million, the walled-and-gated house sits on 4.4 acres and has a home theater, a billiard room, a walk-in wine room and a “resort style backyard” with a gazebo and pool, according to the listing and listing photographs. The brown, stucco-and-stone house, which was renovated this year, has several fireplaces, a six-car garage and mountain views. The property has a circular driveway and desert landscaping. According to the Maricopa County assessor’s office, the home was appraised this year at just over $1 million. A spokesman for Ms. Palin didn’t return a call seeking comment.

The neighborhood is “as rural as Scottsdale gets,” says broker Bob Hassett of Russ Lyon Sotheby’s International Realty, who was not involved in the deal but said he was approached in 2007 by a previous owner about listing the home, which he described a “Southwest in feel.” Within a square mile of the home, he said, houses are priced between $500,000 and $5 million. Real-estate agent Jeff Sibbach of John Hall & Associates described the area as “low-profile; most of the stuff in there is horse property.”

Rumors have swirled for months that Ms. Palin, whom some GOP factions are urging to run for president, has been looking to be based out of Arizona. On Saturday, the Arizona Republic reported that Ms. Palin had possibly purchased the home. She purchased through a limited-liability company that bought the property from Ian Whitmore, who Wednesday identified himself as a real-estate investor.

“It was always my intention to sell the home,” he said, and declined to elaborate on the work he’d done on the home. Mr. Whitmore bought the property from JPMorgan Chase Bank last year for about $800,000, according to tax records.

Dana Bloom and Jeff Bloom of Prudential Arizona Properties shared the listing, and Nate Martinez of Re/Max represented the limited-liability company.


"The Undefeated" Film Premieres in June

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

There's breaking news tonight. A new film about Governor Palin will premiere in June. This certainly appears to indicate Game On. While those intent on doing the Governor harm further embarrass themselves with disloyalty, mischaracterizations, and outright lies, she has put her stamp of approval on a film that will shed more light on the truth about her political career, her record, and her credentials, you know--the things that matter.

Scott Conroy of Real Clear Politics reports:
Shortly after Republicans swept last November to a historic victory in which Sarah Palin was credited with playing a central role, the former Alaska governor pulled aside her close aide, Rebecca Mansour, to discuss a hush-hush assignment: Reach out to conservative filmmaker Stephen K. Bannon with a request. Ask him if he would make a series of videos extolling Palin's governorship and laying to rest lingering questions about her controversial decision to resign from office with a year-and-a-half left in her first term. It was this abdication, Palin knew, that had made her damaged goods in the eyes of some Republicans who once were eager to get behind her potential 2012 presidential campaign.

The response was more positive than Palin could have hoped for. He'd make a feature-length movie, Bannon told Mansour, and he insisted upon taking complete control and financing it himself -- to the tune of $1 million.

The fruits of that initial conversation are now complete. The result is a two-hour-long, sweeping epic, a rough cut of which Bannon screened privately for Sarah and Todd Palin last Wednesday in Arizona, where Alaska's most famous couple has been rumored to have purchased a new home. When it premieres in Iowa next month, the film is poised to serve as a galvanizing prelude to Palin's prospective presidential campaign -- an unconventional reintroduction to the nation that she and her political team have spent months eagerly anticipating, even as Beltway Republicans have largely concluded that she won't run.

Bannon, a former naval officer and ex-Goldman Sachs banker, sees his documentary as the first step in Palin's effort to rebuild her image in the eyes of voters who may have soured on her, yet might reconsider if old caricatures begin to fade. The film will also appeal to staunch Palin supporters who have long celebrated her biting rhetoric and conservative populism yet know little about her record in Alaska and have perhaps written her off as presidential material.

"This film is a call to action for a campaign like 1976: Reagan vs. the establishment," Bannon told RealClearPolitics. "Let's have a good old-fashioned brouhaha."

RealClearPolitics was recently given an exclusive screening of a rough cut of the now finished film, which Bannon designed, in part, to help catapult Palin from the presidential afterthought she has become in the eyes of many pundits directly to the front lines of the 2012 GOP conversation.


Although Palin is not interviewed directly, the film features on-camera interviews and commentaries from 10 Alaskans who played different roles in her political rise, as well as six Lower 48 denizens who defend her in more visceral terms, including prominent conservative firebrands Mark Levin, Andrew Breitbart and Tammy Bruce.

Divided into three acts, the film makes the case that despite the now cliched label, Palin was indeed a maverick who confronted the powerful forces lined up against her to achieve wide-ranging success in a short period of time. The second part of the film's message is just as clear, if more subjective: that Sarah Palin is the only conservative leader who can both build on the legacy of the Reagan Revolution and bring the ideals of the tea party movement to the Oval Office.


In the last couple of months, Palin has delivered major policy speeches, hired a chief of staff, made a well-publicized foreign trip that included a visit with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, all the while remaining consistent about her vow -- first made just days after the 2008 campaign ended -- that she would "crash through" any of the "open doors" that might lead to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

Bannon intends to premiere the film in Iowa late next month before expanding the release to New Hampshire, South Carolina, and Nevada. After the initial rollout in the four early voting states, the filmmaker will eventually release it to somewhere between 50 and 100 markets nationwide.


If she does decide to run, "The Undefeated" will be the key element to her initial coming-out party. The film's impending release -- and the frenzied media attention that it is sure to generate -- will serve as a vivid wake-up call that despite the many obstacles in front of her, Palin's entry into the race would turn the campaign on its head in an instant, just as it did in 2008.

As she mulls her decision in the coming weeks, the other Republican candidates in the field will be left to prepare for a hibernating grizzly who appears poised to rise up once again.

Read the full article here--very, very interesting.

It just might be that time!


Who Would Believe Frank Bailey?

Frank Bailey's book, Blind Allegiance, a so-called tell-all about Governor Palin, came out today. As I noted here, I esteem the book a tell-nothing. Who can believe anything this guy has to say? He worked for her, and if she is truly the monster he makes her out to be, why didn't he leave? Why did he seek further employment with SarahPAC? If he wants to be taken seriously, why did he go to two known anti-Palin bloggers to write his book? What, no reputable people to choose from for his hit piece? I wonder why. If he's not in this for the money or fame, why has he been doing his rounds today, going on MSNBC and The View, of all places? Tonight I'm sure he's regretting his stop into the Fox News studio; Hannity just handed him his tail on a plate.

Frank Bailey has himself been chastised for a lack of ethical behavior, yet he wants us to see Governor Palin as unethical. She, of course, was cleared again and again of bogus ethics complaints. His track record is not so stellar.

SarahPAC employees have pushed back against Bailey's book. Via Politico:

The book won’t be out until Tuesday, but Sarah Palin’s team is already pushing back hard against former aide Frank Bailey’s “Blind Allegiance to Sarah Palin,” telling POLITICO that the purported tell-all “belongs on the fiction shelves.”

In their first comments about the book since several media outlets obtained a leaked manuscript in February, two sources close to Palin disputed several of the anecdotes in the book, including his claims of illegal coordination with the Republican Governors Association and that he has seen Palin’s deposition in the so-called “Troopergate” case, which is sealed. Palin’s camp also insists that some of the Palin emails printed in the manuscript are framed to distort events — for example, the emails Bailey includes to show the former Alaska governor’s reaction to her oldest daughter’s pregnancy are about rumors that circulated before Bristol actually became pregnant.

Palin aides also pointed to previous ethics charges against Bailey during his service to the ex-governor’s administration, as well as an ongoing investigation by the state attorney general’s office over the emails Bailey included in the book. Additionally, SarahPAC spokesman Tim Crawford highlighted Bailey’s book cover, which is a modified image. The original photo was of Palin standing next to other governors at an RGA event, not next to Bailey.

“Frank Bailey was the only member of the Palin administration to be found to have acted unethically – twice,” Crawford said. “He is currently under investigation again by the state attorney general. Then, as the administrator of certain email accounts, he acted unethically by appropriating account information he was entrusted to protect.”

“Gov. Palin suspended Bailey and refused to hire Bailey when he sought a position on her vice presidential campaign staff and later with SarahPAC. Mr. Bailey has an axe to grind and abandoned truth in his book. The cover of the book tells this story, two completely different photos twisted and Photoshopped to create a fraudulent image. The book belongs on the fiction shelves.”

Bailey based much of his book on emails between Palin and her aides from during her time as governor. Palin’s team did not provide any evidence that the emails Bailey pointed to in the leaked manuscripts are doctored or inaccurate, saying that the former governor did not hang on to roughly 60,000 emails that Bailey had access to as a member of her staff. But they contend that Bailey is a disgruntled former staffer with an axe to grind and motivated by the ability to make money.

Both Crawford and another Palin source told POLITICO that Bailey tried unsuccessfully to secure a job with SarahPAC.

Bailey co-wrote the book with two bloggers from the anti-Palin site Mudflats and struggled to get the 456-page manuscript published before it was leaked to the media. Prior to writing the book with bloggers Ken Morris and Jeanne Devon, Bailey approached now-Palin aide Rebecca Mansour about writing what [sic] book. Mansour, then a blogger for the Palin fan site conservatives4Palin, turned him down — though she says at that point, Bailey pitched it as a positive account of the former governor.

Frank Bailey simply isn't believable. His actions don't add up. No one with an ounce of integrity would believe him, especially since no one with an ounce of integrity would do what he's doing, the way he's doing it. My final note is this: Frank Bailey professes to be a Christian, yet he says he hasn't spoken to Governor Palin since 2009. What happened to the Scripture that says if one has a problem with a brother or sister, he should go to that person to discuss it? I obviously missed the verse about securing a book deal and embarking on the media circuit.


Frank Bailey's Tell-Nothing Book

Frank Bailey, former trusted aide to Governor Palin, has some tell-nothing book out today. I will deal more with this later--how nothing he says is worth trusting. In the meantime, I'm copying below what I wrote about this guy back in February when news first emerged that he was shopping a book deal. It merits repeating. More later:

"Ridiculousness of Frank Bailey"

In the last several days, the news regarding Governor Palin has centered around Frank Bailey, a former aide turned traitor, who decided to link up with Jeanne Devon, a current and future anti-Palin extremist, to author what is being touted as a tell-all book. Said book supposedly will reveal who the Governor really is via emails they exchanged. Bailey claims excerpts of his manuscript were leaked as he shopped for someone crazy enough to publish this book by an obviously disgruntled ex-employee.

First of all, does he not lose all credibility by joining forces with a woman everyone knows despises Governor Palin? Who in the world would take him seriously? Second of all, the excerpts that were leaked seem to tell us only that the Governor is innocent of any corruption, cared about her image (who doesn't?), and was much displeased with attacks against her family. Hardly earth-shattering. We don't know all Bailey intends to say, but most rational, intelligent people wouldn't put up their lunch money, much less their faith, on his word.

Bailey's decision to write this book causes us to scratch our heads in wonder at why anyone would take emails intended to be private communication between people who work together--and supposedly trust each other--and share them with the world several years later. What's the motive? What does he stand to gain? The obvious answer appears to be cash. No wonder he's struggling to get anyone to publish his manuscript. His decision to engage in such low-life behavior is indeed questionable, to say the least, and certainly speaks more about him than it does about Governor Palin.

Robert Stacy McCain had this to say about Frank Bailey's "Cashing In":
OK, so you get hired to do a job and, when the job’s over, you try to hustle a buck by stabbing your former employer in the back.

Explain to me why anyone should ever trust you. Or better yet, explain to me why anyone should ever do anything except spit on the ground when your name is mentioned.

Must be nice to get your book proposal promoted by Politico, you worthless two-faced backstabbing crapweasel.

To read C4P's thorough coverage--all in one click--of the ridiculousness of Frank Bailey and his manuscript, go here.


Governor Palin: Barack Obama’s Disregard for Ally’s Security Begs Clarity

Monday, May 23, 2011

Via Facebook, Governor Palin writes:

As I noted on Judge Jeanine Pirro’s show this weekend, I reject President Obama’s idea that Israel must cede back its territories to the 1967 line. Will we now be in the habit of telling our allies what their borders should be? Should Prime Minister Netanyahu suggest we return to our 1845 borders before the annexation of the southwest of the United States during the Mexican-American War? Should we give back parts of Texas, New Mexico, and California?

But the problem is even deeper. In both his State Department speech and his speech yesterday at AIPAC, President Obama made some seemingly specific comments about the Palestinian state that he wants to see created. He either misspoke or he has even more dangerous plans for our friends in Israel than he is publicly admitting.

In the State Department speech, President Obama said that he wants the borders of Palestine and Israel to “be based on the 1967 lines” (in other words, with both the West Bank and the Gaza Strip as part of the new Palestinian state) and that he wants a Palestine that is a “sovereign and contiguous state” (emphasis added). The Merriam–Webster dictionary defines “contiguous” as “being in actual contact: touching along a boundary or at a point; of angles, adjacent; next or near in time or sequence; touching or connected throughout in an unbroken sequence,” like the “contiguous United States” which obviously excludes Alaska and Hawaii.

But the 1967 lines do not include a “contiguous” Palestine. (See the map here.) So what does he mean? The President proposes “mutually agreed [land] swaps, so that secure and recognized borders are established for both states.” Is linking Gaza and the West Bank with a road the “secured border” he has in mind? Or is he suggesting something more? Is it not possible he’s suggesting that the only way you can create a “contiguous” Palestinian state with “secured” borders is by carving Israel in half? Clarification on this point is of paramount importance, Mr. President.

In fact, that leads me to another even bigger geographic problem with the President’s remarks. As the British newspaper The Independent points out, there is further confusion because President Obama said, “The United States believes that negotiations should result in two states, with permanent Palestinian borders with Israel, Jordan, and Egypt, and permanent Israeli borders with Palestine.” As The Independent asks: “How does that square with the pre-1967 borders? Was the President implying that the new improved Israel will border neither Jordan nor Egypt, as it does now? Would Palestine’s contiguous territory come at the expense of Israel’s? Would Israel get the Gaza Strip and the Mediterranean and Palestine get the Negev and a Red Sea port?”

Is that what you have in mind, Mr. President? Do you not want an Israeli border with Egypt? You need to clarify what you mean. Diplomacy requires precision and you are causing enormous anxiety for some and making commitments to others that you might not be able to keep.

It has long been the dream of radicals like Noam Chomsky to create a “contiguous Palestine.” True, President George W. Bush spoke ambiguously of a “contiguous” Palestinian state, but he never defined it geographically with borders the way President Obama has, and he had the security of our ally Israel in mind more than our current President. President Obama has in essence boxed Israel in without regard for the facts on the ground and without appreciating the fact that Israel looks across the negotiating table and sees the terrorist organization Hamas in alliance with Fatah. Israel has demonstrated in the past that it is willing to negotiate fairly with a genuine partner in peace. Just look at the treaty it maintains to this day with Egypt. All of this should have been considered and the President’s words should have been carefully measured so as to help and not hinder the peace process. Unfortunately, his words have caused confusion and distressed our ally.

- Sarah Palin


Governor Palin's Goal: Oust Our "Temporary Leader"

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Judge Pirro interviewed Governor Palin last night. The Governor called President Obama a "temporary leader" and said it was her goal to make sure he was not re-elected in 2012. Among other things, she discussed President Obama's throwing Israel under the bus, Newt Gingrich, Herman Cain, and where she stands in deciding whether or not to run in 2012. Good interview. Check it out:

(Video retrieved from US4Palin)


Keep the Tums; We'll Take the Fire in Her Belly

Friday, May 20, 2011

My students were all running around today saying the world will end tomorrow. Supposedly, we're all going to turn into zombies, be taken over by zombies, or something of that nature. After reading the article Anna Good published at The Daily Caller today, I'm starting to think those promoting this belief are a day late. Surely, the zombies have already manifested.

In reference to Governor Palin answering in the affirmative when Greta Van Susteren asked her if she had the fire in her belly to run for President in 2012, Good offers the Governor a Tums. After reading this piece, I think I need the Tums.

Here's what Governor Palin said to Greta:

I do have the fire in my belly. I am so adamantly supportive of the good, traditional things about America and our free enterprise system. And I want to make sure that America is put back on the right track, and we only do that by defeating Obama in 2012. I have that fire in my belly...It's such a roaring fire in my belly to preserve and restore all that's good about America...

Read what Anna Good wrote about Governor Palin:
Sarah Palin recently told Greta Van Susteren that she feels a “fire in her belly” about 2012.

Let me be the first to offer her a Tums for that.


Now, I shutter at the thought of her being the GOP nominee in 2012. Palin is a likeable person to me, but as far as presidential material, please, GOP, I am begging you — don’t do this.

I am sure I will get scads of hate mail for saying I don’t want her to run, but she would be awful for the GOP’s chances of taking the White House back in 2012. If we put up a polarizing candidate like Palin, we are going to get destroyed.

Obama, for all his mistakes and faults, is still a far smoother politician than Palin. I know, her supporters like her down-home sense and that she isn’t polished, but that is not going to win an election and doesn’t even instill confidence in me about her ability to demand respect from the rest of the world. I don’t care if the rest of the world “likes” us, as Obama and his supporters did in 2008, but I do care that the rest of the world respects us.

First of all, since Ms. Good is so keen on smoothness, she might want to take note of the difference between "shutter" and "shudder"--but I digress.

Let me be clear: Good has every right to an opinion of who she wants and doesn't want to run this country. What I cannot abide, however, is when people make statements that they don't feel the need to back up with substance. The author gives not one iota of evidence to back up her claims about Governor Palin's presidential viability. She simply throws out her opinion, states it as fact, and expects we the people to follow along. We're not. She'll have to look to we the sheep for that response.

Her "don't do this" appeal to the GOP is wasted. What people don't want is the establishment choosing our candidate for us. The GOP elite has done everything in its power to derail a Governor Palin run. They have attacked her, they have ignored her, and now they have dismissed her as a formidable candidate--and still the people are determined to select our own candidate. And we will do so based on truth, not on talking points.

Anna Good uses the term "polarizing" to describe Governor Palin. I've heard the same adjective used as a beating stick against her too many times to count, so what exactly are people saying? It seems like the 'P' word gets tossed out there when people take umbrage at someone's refusal to sit down, shut up, roll over, or play dead. Women especially who have some fight in them are labeled "polarizing" because, of course, women aren't supposed to be so firm. Nonsense. If I were the Governor, I would wear "polarizing" as a badge of honor.

Look, there's supposed to be a difference between light and darkness, truth and lies, common sense and absurdity. Governor Palin personifies that difference, and some choose to call it polarizing. More power to them. In reality, she would better be termed galvanizing. But they fixate on the polarizing meme to promote the idea that she doesn't have it in her to bring people together, can't work across the aisle, and therefore can't win an election against President Obama. Lies, all of it. Perhaps that argument could be given credence if she didn't have a record we can examine. In Alaska, she was certainly not obsessively partisan. Her record indicates that she functioned with a clear commitment to ethics, transparency in government, and service. It was for this reason she was simultaneously loved by all who respected what was right and despised by those who were corrupt, at best--regardless of Party affiliation. It's that firm, fearless commitment to what's right for our country that America needs--and it's the only thing that will defeat President Obama in 2012.

Anna Good underestimates the multitudes of Americans who stand in Governor Palin's corner. This is clear in her faulty assessment of why she is our choice for President. She reduces our support to a simple infatuation with her "down-home sense" and the fact that she "isn't polished," and she seeks to educate us to the reality that those things won't win elections. As one of those supporters, let me take her to school: although we do find Governor Palin's genuineness and ability to connect with people a breath of fresh air, she certainly is not the candidate of our choice based on those qualities alone.

Here's why we support her: on the role of government, she says, "Less is more"; on the debt and deficit, she says, "Reign in spending"; on foreign relations, she says, "Stand with Israel"; on national security, she says, "Secure our borders"; on Obamacare, she says, "Repeal and replace"; on terrorism, she says, "We win, and they lose"; on the economy, she says, "Lower taxes"; on our military, she says, "If you love your freedom, thank a vet"; on American exceptionalism, she says, "That's nothing to apologize for"; on education, she says, "Allow school choice"; on abortion, she says, "Choose life"; and on energy, she says, "Drill, baby, drill."

Unlike those determined to discount her, often without any factual reasons, we have done our research. We have evaluated her record, we have read her writings, and we have paid attention to her interviews. In so doing, we recognize that on the issues, she receives an A+. We see that she espouses the common sense principles that Americans are crying out for now. Add to that the "down-home sense" that is admittedly Governor Palin, and we know we have the full package.

Anna Good's bad opinion that a Palin presidency would not garner respect from the world is misinformed at best. I submit that our allies would appreciate a Commander-in-Chief who wouldn't throw them under the bus, side with their enemies, or return their gifts. I also submit that our enemies would be far more concerned about President Palin than they are about President Obama. They certainly wouldn't expect her to bow before them. Please don't point out that Osama bin Laden was taken out on Obama's watch in an effort to make him into a force to be reckoned with. I, like everyone else with a shred of common sense, am elated that justice has been served, but the decision to kill bin Laden when he was there for the taking was a no-brainer. Does anyone think President Palin would not have made the same decision--without blinking? Then President Palin would have credited our military--as Private Citizen Palin did.

Isn't it telling that as the 2012 GOP field shapes up, people are becoming more and more desperate to make up our minds for us--and in such insulting ways--with no facts, no substance, no common sense? Americans are smart enough, however, to filter through the nonsense of the lamestream media, the GOP elite, Anna Good, and yes, even Fox News, which is behaving more and more strangely every day in their ignore-her-one-day-dismiss-her-the-next approach to Governor Palin.

Tomorrow is May 21st, but the zombies have indeed come out early, and I promise this much: the day Anna Good and her ilk ever convince me that Governor Palin is not a viable candidate for President, I'll see you on the other side, because it certainly would be the end of the world.


Video: Gov. Palin Talks to Greta

Here's Governor Palin's interview with Greta Van Susteren. It aired last night:


Track Palin Marries HS Sweetheart

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Picture retrieved from People Magazine

Congratulations to Track Palin, son of Governor and Todd Palin, who married his high school sweetheart, Britta Hanson.

People reports:
The Palin family is growing!

Sarah Palin's eldest son, Track, 22, recently married his high school sweetheart, Britta Hanson, 21, in a small ceremony in Hatcher Pass, Alaska.

"Our families couldn't be happier!" the Hansons and Palins tell PEOPLE in a joint statement. "These are two hard working, humble, active, studious young adults who grew up together. We're tickled that after two decades of friendship we proudly witnessed their marriage, knowing their new life together will be blessed."

The couple will have a larger wedding celebration this winter at Alaska's Alyeska Ski Resort "when extended family and friends from the Lower 48 can travel north for a long ski weekend," says the statement from Sarah and Todd Palin and the Rev. Duane and Elizabeth Hanson.

Britta and Track have been dating since high school. When Track was stationed overseas in 2008, Sarah Palin used to joke that she hadn't heard from her son since his deployment, though his girlfriend had.

Track is now an Army Reservist who spent a year deployed in Iraq with a Ft. Wainwright Stryker Brigade. He plans to study at the University of Alaska after the commercial fishing season. Britta is a nursing student at the University of Alaska.

"The Hanson and Palin families are ecstatic and proud that Britta and Track married in one of our favorite spots in America, spectacular Hatcher Pass, Alaska," says the statement. "It's a site we've all shared fun memories of skiing, snowboarding, hiking and snowmachining."

I wish the new couple all God's blessings, and as happy as they now are, I'm certain the best is yet to come.

Picture retrieved from People Magazine

(h/t Damian)


Sneak Peek of Governor Palin on Greta Tonight

Governor Palin will talk to Greta Van Susteren tonight at 10:00 p.m. Eastern. Here's a sneak peek of the On the Record interview.


Video: Gov. Palin Talks to Eric Bolling

Watch Governor Palin's interview with Eric Bolling on Follow the Money, where she talked about corrupt Obamacare waivers, Newt Gingrich, Arnold Schwartzenegger, and when she might announce her 2012 intentions.

Good interview:


Video: Gov. Palin Talks to Hannity

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Governor Palin certainly had a set jaw, and her demeanor was even more serious than usual, as she talked to Sean Hannity tonight about Newt Gingrich's apology for criticizing Rep. Ryan's plan, accusations of racism {{yawn}} made by the left, the current field of 2012 GOP candidates, and where she stands in making a decision about running.


(Video courtesy of The Right Scoop)


Governor Palin on Hannity and Bolling Tonight

In the wake of Mike Huckabee announcing he is not running for President, rumors that Mitch Daniels is running for President, and signs that Michele Bachmann is soon going to announce she, too, is running for President, I look forward to seeing what direction Governor Palin takes. Although reportedly there will be no major announcement from her tonight, could she possibly give us a clue during her interviews with Sean Hannity on Fox News at 9:00 p.m. Eastern and Eric Bolling on Fox Business at 10:00 Eastern? reports:

“Right now, it’s anyone’s race, so who does Sarah Palin think will lead the GOP to victory in 2012? Surprising insight from the former governor tonight on Hannity," a Fox advertisement sang out. And at 10 p.m. ET, according to a tweet by host Eric Bolling, Palin will appear on Fox Business Network's Follow the Money, where Bolling says they will discuss the GOP field.

Tune in.


Governor Palin Calls Out "Corrupt" Obamacare Waivers

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Obamacare corruption and back room deals...imagine that. The Daily Caller reports:

President Barack Obama’s administration approved 204 new Obamacare waivers in April. Thirty-eight of them went to upscale businesses including four-star hotels, gourmet restaurants, day spas and hip nightclubs in Pelosi’s district. That’s in addition to 27 new waivers for health care or drug companies and the 31 new union waivers Obama’s Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) approved.

Other common waiver recipients were labor union chapters, large corporations, financial firms and local governments. But Pelosi’s district’s waivers are the first major examples of upscale, gourmet restaurants and hotels getting a year-long pass from Obamacare.

How convenient. Governor Palin's response to this unconscionable conduct? Never one to hold back, here's what she said:
"Unflippingbelievable! No, wait, it is believable,” Palin said in an email to TheDC. “Seriously, this is corrupt. And anyone who still supports the Pelosi-Reid-Obama agenda of centralized government takeovers of the free market and the corresponding crony capitalism is, in my book, complicit."

Read more here.


Whose Baby is "Drill, Baby, Drill"?

Monday, May 16, 2011

Who comes to mind when we hear the term “Drill, baby, drill”? Lisa Murkowski? Mark Begich? No. How about President Obama? Certainly not, although to pay attention to the news the last few days, one would think he was all about that all along. Governor Palin is the one who has adopted and cried out that steady refrain, advocating for years the domestic drilling that is not only possible in Alaska, but necessary for America. She is as tied to “Drill, baby, drill” as Ronald Reagan is to "Tear down this wall!"

How is it, then, that her name is eerily absent from most of the news stories about President Obama’s sudden willingness to explore drilling? Well, there is this one story which, for all its PDS snarkiness, managed to point out:

The president’s announcement, which included plans for expanded drilling in Alaska demonstrate[s] his commitment to reducing oil imports by increasing domestic production.


In crediting Murkowski and Begich for the policy change, The New York Times omitted the name of Sarah Palin, who’s been screaming about this for at least as long and even more loudly than have Alaska’s two U.S. senators.

I agree that Governor Palin has been shouting from the rooftops that drilling here and drilling now would not only be a doable, sound, economically advantageous practice, but a matter of national security. How many times has she begged that we stop relying on foreign regimes that do not like us and certainly do not have our best interests at heart? How many times has she said that Alaska offers a solution to that reliance and a remedy for soaring energy prices?

More and more people are coming to agree with the Governor's insistence on tapping into domestic resources.

George Berkin of NJ Voices gives his take on it:
But might I suggest a simple step to help ease our dependence on foreign oil in New Jersey and across the nation. It is time – past time – to open ANWR in Alaska to active oil extraction.

The U.S. currently imports more than half its oil. More than 80 percent of New Jersey’s gas usage comes from foreign oil, according to one study.

Oil from the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge on the 49th state’s northern shore would boost the supply of domestic oil. That in turn would reduce the price of a barrel of oil and thereby lower the price of gasoline at the pump.

ANWR holds 10.4 billion barrels of recoverable oil, nearly half the total U.S. proven reserves of 21 billion barrels, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration. Put another way, the reserves add up to a million barrels a day for 30 years, a congresswoman says.


While not a panacea for all that ails the American economy, drilling for oil in Alaska would be a positive step toward easing gas prices that have been steadily rising over the past year. In the past few months, the price of regular gas has risen past $4 a gallon in much of the nation.

The author's concession that drilling won't bring immediate, on-the-spot results, is in line with Governor Palin's assertion that this is more of a reason why we need to get moving now since we haven't done so already. He continues:
But gas prices are going up today, and consumers want relief today. It is not surprising, then, that one commonly expressed objection to drilling in Alaska to solve today’s gas prices problem is the matter of time. Developing the Alaska fields and bringing that refined oil to the pump would likely take several years.

But opponents of drilling in Alaska have been raising that objection for years. We should have begun long ago. But as gas prices rise, it is time to get started. Drill, baby, drill -- as soon as possible.

Multitudes espouse this mantra, and a recent Gallup poll shows a majority supports exploration in ANWR.

So are we to believe that President Obama has joined the masses and has seen the light himself? Well, not everyone is convinced. In "Obama’s Latest Fake Plan for More Drilling," Conn Carroll writes:
First he promised to open up the Atlantic to exploration. Then he reneged. Then he said he’d lift his oil moratorium in the Gulf. Production has only decreased since.

Yesterday Obama again played Lucy to the American energy consumer’s Charlie Brown.


Will Obama ever allow actually drilling on ANWR? No. The exact same is true of the National Petroleum reserve. No new oil will ever be produced from the National Petroleum Reserve while Obama is still president.

Same with drilling in the Atlantic. Here all Obama has promised is to speed up the evaluation. If he follows through on this promise, all that means is we’ll get an ultimate ‘no’ quicker.

Read the full article here.

Again, not everyone is convinced. President Obama's record doesn't scream energy independence. Don't get me wrong: Americans who are paying more than $4.00 at the pump long to believe him. Those who understand the link between energy and security desire for him to follow through this time. We want our President to take the lead on this, but it's time for him to put up. Unfortunately, he has not given us anything to hang our hats on. So forgive us if we aren't yet buying into the idea that he will follow Governor Palin's advice and tap into our own resources, particularly in the Last Frontier. Excuse us if we don't feel quite assured of a Drill, baby, drill commitment on his part, but right now what's still ringing in our ears is his Drill, Brazil, drill support:
We want to help you with the technology and support to develop these oil reserves safely. And when you're ready to start selling, we want to be one of your best customers.

This, ladies and gentleman, came from the President of the United States of America--to Brazil.

The Governor recently wrote:
Is it really any surprise that oil and gas prices are surging toward the record highs we saw in 2008 just prior to the economic collapse? Despite the President’s strange assertions in his press conference last week, his Administration is not a passive observer to the trends that have inflated oil prices to dangerous levels. His war on domestic oil and gas exploration and production has caused us pain at the pump, endangered our already sluggish economic recovery, and threatened our national security.

I hope he's finally gotten her message. Look, I'm rooting for President Obama to do the right thing here, and so is America. No doubt, Governor Palin would rejoice to see Alaska take her place as a supplier of domestic resources once this administration gets out of the way. If President Obama does, in fact, tap into our resources and abandons his commitment to depending on foreign countries to supply what we have an abundance of ourselves, I'll be the first to say that my doubt in his follow-through abilities was wrong--right after I say, "It's about time!"

In the meantime, while we wait, let us not forget that Governor Palin has led the debate, forced the issue, and cried out for energy independence all along. "Drill, baby, drill" is her baby, and we join her in wanting to see the application of that common sense principle--and the sooner, the better.

Although this is not a complete list, you can read more of Governor Palin's domestic drilling article here, here, here, and here.


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